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Chapter 14:

A couple of weeks have gone by.

Malfoy and I were still at each others throats, and Fred and I were seemingly getting closer and closer.

He pulled me aside in potions earlier today and asked me if he could take me somewhere, just as friends and I said sure. So that's what I'm getting ready for.

I put on a pair of black jeans and an emerald green sweater. Keeping it casual.

I'm not one to dress out for many occasions, although I couldn't wait until the Yule Ball came around. I'd often wondered who'd take me, but with how my dating life has gone...which well, it hasn't, I'd be ok with going alone.

I was walking to the entrance of the Great Hall, just as Fred instructed me, when I ran into someone.

"Oh my-! I'm so sorry" I began

"Watch it you filthy-Winter?" Malfoy?

"Oh- great"

"What are you doing?"

"Why does it matter?" I said

"I suppose it doesn't" he said

We started at each-other.

Ok...I glared at him but does that really matter?

"Well I'm sorry for bumping into you, but I have to go"

"I'll see you tomorrow"

"Yeah see you then" I said shoving past him.

I ran the rest of the way to the great hall and saw Fred.

"I'm so sorry I'm late-" I began but he shushed me

"Stop- I wasn't waiting for long" he smiled and side hugged me "now let's go"

"Where are we going?" I asked

"I can't tell ya mate" he grabbed my hand and started running down the hall

"I- why not?"

"Just come on!!"

We ran for what felt like forever. Until we found ourselves in an empty field.

"Fred where are we?" I asked

"Close your eyes!"

I closed my eye "where are we"

"Shhhh..." he said

I felt him come up to me and put his hands on my waste.

"Fred you said just as friends-"

"It's not what you think" he assured me

"Are you sure cause your hands-"

"I solemnly swear"

"I don't trust that..."

"Just trust me, Vicky"

"I- ok fine..."

He left his hands lingering at my waste for a moment before telling me to open my eyes.

"Okay you can open"

I opened my eyes and to my surprise I saw a picnic!

"Wow Fred- did you do this"

"Yep" he said, patting himself on the shoulder.

I took a look around and smiled, then I jumped on Fred and gave him a big hug.

"Do you like it?" He asked

"Absolutely" I smiled


We sat and ate some food. Smiling and talking, typical friend stuff.

Then after eating we laid in the grass and stared up at the clouds, pointing out fun things we saw.

Then we sat up, well he did. I laid my head on his lap and he began to read me a book.

"You are sunlight through a window, which I stand in, warmed. My darling." He said and closed the book "I think we should finish this up"

I nodded but didn't lift my head.

"Tired, mate?"

I nodded again. He smiled down at me and lifted his hand and moved a strand of hair from my face, leaving his hand on the side. We met each others eyes...I smiled at him and he smiled at me. It was nice. Fred...was nice. It felt real, he felt real. Like it was all genuine.

He bent down a little bit, making sure it was okay with me...I didn't reject. When he got the signal he bent more until his lips were on mine. I didn't pull away, nor did I push him away.

I smiled and kissed him back, lifting my head up a little to where my lips were pressed harder into his.

He put a hand behind my head and pulled me closer.

I've never had a kiss like this before...but at the same time I've only ever dated one person...

After a bit of kissing, we pulled away from each other and smiled.

"Let's get back to the dorms" Fred said and I agreed.

We cleaned up the picnic and walked back to the dorms, talking as if nothing happened.


We got back and Fred walked me to my dorm, then left to go to his. I went inside and closed the door, pressing my back against it smiling.

"He kissed me" I whispered to myself

"Victoria?" I heard Pansy call out


"Oh good! Come here" she said and I walked to her, she was sitting in her bed looking at clothes

"Why are you so red?" She asked me

I smiled at her, a big cheeky grin.


"SHHHH!!!" I said

"You did?!"

"Yes now hush! I'll give you the details later" I said "what are the clothes for?"

"Blaise and I are gonna go on a date" she smiled at me

"AWWWWWW" I said loudly

"Ssshhhhh" she returned and we both burst into a fit of laughter.

Pansy is fun to be around, although we weren't the closest of friends shes always there, and I love her for that.

"I need help with picking out an outfit"

"I can help!"


We spent an hour picking her outfit and doing her makeup. Laughing and talking. I told her all of the details of Fred and I's "friend" hangout.

"That's so romantic" she said

"I don't know how to feel about him" I said applying blush on her face

"Who else could you possibly like?"

I didn't say anything, I just kept applying blush on her.

"Don't tell me..." she said and I nodded "DRACO MALFOY?!"

"Draco Malfoy what?" Said an all too familiar voice...but what was it doing in my dorm?

A/N: this was fun to write :))) I love writing romances when I'm going through a breakup. Coolest fact tho, I can relate to driver's license by Olivia Rodrigo I think that's how you spell it:)) anyways the quote was from the book The Miniaturist by Jessie Burton hope you like it
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