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Chapter 16:

(Restarting back from Victoria's dorm)

"What are you doing here Malfoy?!" I asked

"I walked here with Blaise"

"Wow Pansy you look...beautiful" Blaise said

"Thank you" Pansy said blushing Scarlett red


Not that I'm a hypocrite or anything but, I hate seeing other people's relationships.

"We should get going" Pansy said

They took each others hands and left the room. Leaving me and Malfoy staring at each other.

"What are you still doing here?" I asked

"I'm not going on the date with them" he said

"I'm not dumb, I know that. I mean why are you still in my room, go away"



"I wanna know what Pansy said about me"

"She didn't say anything Malfoy, it's none of your business"

"So it's not my business...but she didn't say anything? It kind of sounds like she said something"

"Seriously, nothing was said"

"I'm not leaving until you tell me" he said, sitting on my bed.

"No get up, that's my bed" I said attempting to shove him off

"It's not gonna work" he said and laid down

I got on the bed and began shaking him and making a whole bunch of movement.

"Winter stop, that's annoying"

"It's my room" I said and started jumping in the bed, being sure I didn't step on him.

"I swear if you don't stop"

"What are you gonna do?" I stopped jumping and glared down at him

He kicked at my feet, knocking me down and getting on top of me

"Malfoy what the fu-"

"Tell me what she said" he interrupted

"Nothing" I said

He leaned his face down. Our noses touching,

"I solemnly swear"

"I'm not dumb" he said

"I mean..."



"Don't change the subject"

"She didn't say anything"

"That's fine" he said getting off of me and sitting criss-cross apple sauce "I heard her anyways"

I shot up and stared at him

"What did you hear her say?" There was a panic in my voice

This got him to smirk

No no....why a smirk

"Cant say" he got up and ran out the door "I'll scream it to the whole school though"

"DRACO GET BACK HERE" I ran after him

I chased him down the hall and caught him at a wall

"Now" I said panting "tell me what she said"

"Wow you're willing to chase after me?" He asked "how cute"

"Stop messing around Draco tell me what she said"

"You have a crush on me" he said softly

Oh fuck.
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