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Chapter 18:

I laid down on my bed and drifted off to sleep.
"Vicky..." I heard a voice say "come on Vicky..."

I turned over and opened my eyes to see....Fred?!

I freaked out and went to scream but he put his hand over my mouth

"Fred what the fuck-" I said tiredly

"I wanted to talk to you"

"What time is it?"



"Sssshhh..." he said "Blaise and Pansy are asleep"

"Oh they ar- wait Blaise is here?" I looked over to pansy's bed and smiled for her

"Can we talk?" He asked

"About what"

"Not here, let's go to my dorm"

"But I'm tired"

"You can sleep after we talk"

"I- fine" I said getting up then feeling a sudden breeze and shivering

"Can I at least put on some warm clothes"

"Nope it's urgent" he said

He got up and took my hand and ran out of the room. Once we were out of the room he showed me Potters invisibility cloak and smiled at me. He put the cloak on me and him and started walking to his and George's dorm. Once we got there he let me inside and took the cloak off.

"Isn't George asleep?"

"He's not here" he said

"Where is he?"

"With some girl" he smiled and rolled his eyes

He turned on the lights and I sat on his bed

"What do you want to talk about"

"Our date thing" he said

"Go on...." I said

"I shouldn't have kissed you..." he said "I'm sorry"

"I didn't mind it" I said

"I did though....I'm...well I'm seeing someone" he said



"Who?" I asked

"Angelina Johnson..." he said

"Oh" I said

"I'm sorry- you weren't showing any interest and her and I got closer I-"

"Fred you don't need to explain yourself. I wasn't showing interest for a reason. I'm not interested" yeah I said that, but I was upset. Leave me alone.

"Then what was the kissing?"

"The kissing....it was nothing. It meant nothing to me" I said

It killed me to see the pained expression on his face, but this is the only way I know how to handle things

"Well sorry for waking you then" he said "you should go back to sleep. We have classes soon"

"Yeah. Bye." I said

I didn't bother taking the invisibility cloak.

I just walked.

I was walking down one of the halls when I heard a voice call out my name "Winter?"

I turned around and saw Draco

"God what do you want Malfoy?"

"What are you doing awake it's 3:30am"

"What are YOU doing awake?"

"Don't answer a question with a question"

"It's none of your business leave me alone" I said and walked quickly back to my dorm.

When I returned Blaise was gone and I got back into bed. I got little sleep before I was woke by Pansy telling me to get ready for school.


I got ready.

Literally every little thing was annoying me.

Every. Little. Thing.

My hair wouldn't cooperate so I literally cut some of it off.

It went from mid back to shoulders.

I hated it.

I did it on impulse because I was angry, and I regret it.

Pansy looked at me when I did it and asked if I was ok.

I just broke down. I told her everything.

"So...you and Malfoy kissed. Fred told you he was seeing someone else, and now you don't know how to feel, because Fred not being interested makes you interested?"


"Oh hun" she said and hugged me

"This is sucky" I laughed

"Well talk about it some more later Kay? We gotta get to class...and personal opinion...the hair changes everything and it's actually super hot...you should dye it" she smiled at me

Hey I might just do that.

We smiled and walked to class.

I walked in and saw Malfoy, he looked at me and to my surprise his jaw dropped.

"Close your mouth Malfoy" I said and took my seat at the top row.

We were practicing charms, and Malfoy came over to me.

"We're partnered up again"

"Ok." I said

We got up and went outside, right by the place where I got hit by the battle charm.

"So why did you cut your hair?" Malfoy asked

"It was making me mad" I said


"I cut it because it made me mad"

"For real?"

"Yes" I said and casted a charm



"Are you ok" he asked

No don't ask that.

You ever have that moment when you hold it together. You hold it together for the sake of not bothering other people. You hold it because deep down you feel like everyone hates you and nobody truly cares. And when someone shows the smallest hint of empathy or love you break down because your not used to it. Like you've gotten so used to being alone, you didn't have friends as a kid. You didn't have a good family home. You grew dependent on yourself and lost all trust in humanity.

Because honestly, same.

So I broke.

Because Malfoy showed a small stupid hit of care.

I looked at Malfoy and cried

"Whoa hey...come here"

I walked over to Malfoy and he hugged me as I cried into his chest.

"What happened"

I shook my head.

"C'mon something had to have happened"

"Literally nothing did" I sniffed "all that happened was Fred said he was dating Angelina"

"That's why your crying?"

"No" I said "I don't really care who he's dating, I didn't really like him...I think this year is just stressful"

"You've got a long time to go Winter"

"Yeah" I said and looked down

"Welp...consider me here for you"

"This is weird" I said

"Yeah I'm extremely uncomfortable"


We stood in silence.

I punched him in the arm.

"Ow-what the fuck?!" Malfoy said

"Get back to work, blondie" I smiled

He smirked at me and shook his head laughing.

I'd like this.
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