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Chapter 19:

My classes before lunch went by pretty quickly.

Malfoy, Pansy, Blaise, Crabbe, Goyle, and I all walked to the Great Hall together. Pansy and Blaise were holding hands, Crabbe and Goyle were talking about all the hot girls they saw, and Malfoy and I walked in silence shoulder to shoulder, watching as our friends did their thing.

It was weird to say friends.

I was so used to mainly having Luna.

We walked into the Great Hall and a lot of people looked at Malfoy and I next to eachother.

The one person I mad eye contact with was Fred. Boy did he look pissed.

Malfoy put his hand on my lower back and led me to the table.

"Dont look at him" he whispered in my ear and I nodded

We got to our table and sat down.

It was an unusual change in seat, but I sat next to Malfoy.

He and I were watching Crabbe and Goyle bicker over whoever's getting the last roll when Fred walked over to us.

"Hey guys" Fred said "hey Victoria"

"Hi Fred" I said

"Weasley" Malfoy nodded at him

"So are you two like...friends?"

"Yeah" Malfoy and I said in unison

"Vicky...I wanted to apologize about yesterday I-"

"Freddie come back!" I heard Angelina say

He looked at her and sighed, then walked over to her.

She wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him. Then she made eye contact with me.

This bitch.

This. Mother. Fucking. Bitch.

Fred was looking at me apologetically but I didn't care.

I looked down and huffed.

Malfoy took my hand and I looked at him.

"Trust me" he mouthed

He cupped my chin and pulled my face closer to his.

"May I?" He asked

I nodded

Then...you guessed it...Malfoy kissed me.

It wasn't no petty kiss either. This man held that kiss longer than 30 seconds, Angelina on the other hand had only pecked Fred.

And to make it better, I kissed Malfoy back.

Take that bitch.

He pulled back and smiled at me, I'm sure my face was blushing Scarlett.

I looked over at the Gryffindor table.

Fred was fuming. George was wide-eyed. Ron's face was red. Hermione looked very confused, I'd definitely be explaining this to her later. Ginnys mouth was wide open mid-bite staring. And Potter? Well he looked like Potter.

I smiled at the response and continued to eat my food.

"That was hot" Pansy said and I laughed

"Easy there Victoria" Blaise said "cant steal my girl just yet"

"She might have already" Pansy said staring

I burst into laughter and shook my head

"Victoria Winter" Malfoy said putting his hands up in emphasis "the lady stealer"

I nudged him and rolled my eyes, which made him chuckle.

Crabbe and Goyle were too busy bickering to notice anything.

We continued on lunch laughing and talking.

It was nice. I really liked it.


Draco and I walked to potions together, talking about Crabbe and Goyle

"Those two can be so dumb"

"They're your friends" I said

"They are, they're just annoying sometimes"

"I see that" I said and we laughed

We walked into class and took our seats. Fred walked by Draco and purposely bumped into him.

"Hey! Watch where your going Weasley or I'm gonna-"

"Draco don't" I put my hand on his shoulder "it's not worth it"

Draco fumed but after a moment he nodded

"No spit it out Ferret boy"

"What did you just call me" Draco said venomously

"You heard me"

"No I didn't" Draco said "I don't speak poor weasel"

"Draco don't..."

"Don't stop him Victoria" Fred said harshly

"Don't talk to her like that just because you can't have her" Malfoy spit

"Oh you see, I did have her" Fred said

"No you didn't" I retorted

"Oh right, because when you kiss people it means nothing....your just a whore"

"Hey! Don't call her that" A girl called out. Girl I don't need you defending me.

"Shut up Fred" I rolled my eyes

"You're mad because I'm right"

"No you're not" I said "you're mad because I said our kiss meant nothing, but you kissed me when you were dating someone. So of course it meant nothing"

"You did what..." I heard Angelinas voice from across the room

"Oh shit-" Draco whispered

"No Angie...it wasn't like that"

"Freddie?" She said with tears in her eyes

"Oh my god dry it up" I said "he didn't mean anything by it, I'm the one that provoked him" that wasn't true but you know

"You're so mean" Angelina said

"Okay and?" I asked

"Victoria just turn around and ignore them" Draco said to me

I nodded and turned around

And when I turned around I saw.....Snape

Snape was smiling.

Sir...what? Why is he smiling.

"Very good argument miss Winter, care to tell the class about it since you've interrupted?"

"I- no sir-" I began

"Tell the class please, we're all so interested"

I looked at Draco but he didn't say anything

"Uhm..." I said

"Go on"

"Well yesterday Fred and I went on a just friend date" I put my fingers in the air to quote

"Yes, how did this date go?"

"Uhm- pretty good...he took me to a field where we watched the clouds, ate, and he read me a book"

"I see, did anything romantic happen?"

"Well he was reading the book and my head was on his lap, he finished the book and said we should go but I complained because I was tired, uhm then things got quiet and he did one of those super cliche things where the boy moves hair from your face and kissed you"

"And that's it?" Snape asked

"No-I kissed him back" I said

This got Draco to look at me

"And what happened afterwards" Snape asked

"I went to my dorm and just chilled, and I woke up to Fred at like 3am saying he wanted to talk"

"What did he want to talk about?"

"He wanted to apologize for kissing me...I said I didn't mind and he said that he was seeing someone else. So I told him the kiss meant nothing"

"Is that true?"


"Is it true the kiss meant nothing" Snape asked

"N-no" I said

"I see..."

There was a long silence in the class. I turned around, Angelina was crying, Fred was staring at me and next to me Draco was fuming at Snape.

"Well let's continue on with class shall we?"

He went into the lesson, and everyone stayed quiet.

Draco and I made the potion without any talking or bickering. It was super awkward and I couldn't get out of there fast enough.

I hated it.

It made me seriously not want to be here. On this planet.
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