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Chapter 21:

I walked in my room and relaxed against the door

"Vic?" Pansy said


I walked in and smiled widely at her

She patted her bed and said "spill"

I jumped into everything and when I was finished her jaw dropped



"You're gonna get murdered oh my god"

We bursts into fits of laughter and fell backwards

"That's such a bad bitch move" she said

"God. Part of me regrets it" I said and turned to her

"Tell me about it"

"He's such a good kisser Pan you have no idea"

"Ewwwww" she laughed "is he you know...freaky?"

"I'm not sure, I mean he kinda grabbed my neck in a super sexy way but because I didn't let him go down on me I'm not sure"

"Would you let him go down on you"

I didn't say shut it , I just blushed


"I don't know! Maybe....yes..."


"Stttoooppp" I giggled

"Girl we HAVE to get you super hot on Saturday, like we gotta go all out"

We sat up and brainstormed

"What about a hot grunge look?" I asked


"We should put purple highlights in my hair" I said


"We gotta do that tomorrow night, for now...bed" I smiled and she nodded.

This would be fun.

I woke up early to shower.

Then, I got ready.

I put a small strand of hair in a braid and let the rest hang loose. Then I put my robes on, then eyeliner and mascara.

Pansy and I walked to the great hall for breakfast together. Draco was no-where to be seen.

We sat down and Pansy and Blaise were being all cuddly and talkative.


I was staring at my food when someone slammed down at the table next to me.

"Good-morning, Winter"


"Oh fuck" Pansy said and I glared at her

"Morning'" I said as if nothing happened

I felt a hand grip my thigh, so I looked at Draco

"Can I help you"

"After school, I'm gonna need to have a private conversation with you" he said then leaned into my ear and whispered "you might need crutches when I'm done"

My face turned a bright shade of red and Pansy stared.

I looked over to the Gryffindor table

Fred was staring, and Angelina was nowhere to be seen

"Fred staring at you" Pansy said

"I noticed"

Draco kissed my neck and looked at me

"I may be totally pissed" he whispered to me "but I don't regret giving you those marks"

Fuck- I'd forgotten about those

"I hate you"

"You made that very clear last night, Winter"

Fred continued to stare.

I could tell it made him so mad to see me with Draco

I smiled to myself and put my hand on Dracos thigh

"Don't you dare" he whispered harshly

"Draco" I whispered softly


"I want you to kiss me like you did when you had me up against the wall"

"Right here?"


"Because he's staring?"


"Partially?" He questioned

"Just do it-"

He grabbed my face and turned me towards him, then harshly pressed his lips against mine and kissed me roughly and passionately.

We kissed for a good two minutes before Blaise chimed in

"Jesus get a room" he said and I laughed against Dracos lips

"I'll get you later" he whispered to me

I continued to eat my breakfast. Not once looking up to Fred's table.

After a little bit Draco got up and I looked at him

"I have some business to take care of" he said to me and looked down at the arm where his dark mark was....death eater business

He kissed my forehead and left the table

"That was cute-" Pansy said "Blaise why don't you kiss my forehead"

I laughed loudly and she pouted

"Awwww- pan" I giggled "Blaise i think you should make it up to her...y'all have a bit before class starts"

They looked at eachother and Blaise winked. They got up and ran off together.

I sat alone before someone came and sat in front of me

"Since when are you and Malfoy a thing?" George said

I looked up


"You and my brother might not me on good terms, but your still one of my best friends" he said

I smiled at him sadly

"We're not a thing" I said honestly


I went on to tell George about how I was lowkey using Draco. Of course I left out the fact that I actually like him.

"You're a terrible person Vicky" he laughed and I rolled me eyes

"I mean...in all honesty he's a good kisser"

"That's disgusting" he said and I giggled

"I gotta get to class" I said

"I'll see ya later, loser" he said and I rolled my eyes, walking away

I missed talking to George. Ever since Fred and I had gotten closer, George and I drifted apart.

They were so different aside from the fact that they were twins.

George used to always be my go-to, then he just...wasn't.

I missed him.
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