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Chapter 22:

Classes went by pretty quickly.

In potions class I saw Angelina and Fred talking and smiling, it looks as if they've made up. Yay them.

Draco kept slipping a hand to my thigh, and every time Fred would throw paper at him.

It had me annoyed as fuck.

After potions class Draco skipped dinner, in the hall he looked at me and tapped his arm.

I'm assuming that's Death Eater stuff. Again.

I ate dinner and went to my dorm.

I had told Pansy what Draco told me at breakfast, so she gave me a long sleeved, skin tight, crop top and a plaid mini-skirt to wear.

Then she made sure her and Blaise would be in his dorm all night.

I loved Pansy for that.

Pansy and I have been getting closer, the more I think about it the more we become alike. I'd think of her as my best friend now more than Luna.


I'd been sitting in my dorm for a good two hours when there was a knock at it

I opened it but no-one was there. Just a note saying

"Astronomy tower. Now. -D.M"

This bitch did nothing just d e m a n d me. I'll fuck his shit up.

I walked to the Astronomy tower. Draco was waiting there for me.

"Draco it's cold as fuck out here" I complained

"Dont start."

"Moody much"

"Shut up"

"Draco..." I softened my tone

"Yes?" He asked

"Would you stop being such a prick" I said in a cute voice

"I swear, Winter" he said angrily

"Oohhh you swear"

"Do you really wanna provoke me?" He turned to me "ill- what the fuck are you wearing?"


"I- you look" he stopped "back on topic"

"You should see your face right now"


"Yes?" I asked

"Come here."

Okay so any other day I would happily fight him on this. But he looked so pissed off right now it was actually kind of scary.

So, I walked over to him.

He took some of my hair in his hand and twirled it around, then he tugged on some of it, pulling my head back and looked me in the eyes

"I'm not in the mood for your games"

"I-okay" I said

He kissed my neck and put a hand on my waste

"Come to my room with me"

"Okay" I said

He led me to his room and shut and locked the door behind us.

Then he pushed me up against the wall and glared at me

"You have no idea what I want to do to you" he said and I gulped



"Do whatever you want" I said bravely

"Are you sure?"


I had no fucking idea what I just got myself into. But that's ok.

He gripped my chin and made me look at him

"Get on the bed, now" he said and I did

He got on top of me and stared at me. I felt myself shrink under his glare.

He bent down and kissed me softly, then casted a muffliato spell

"I'm gonna make you scream my name" he said while kissing me

I put my hands around his neck and pulled him closer

"None of that" he said and pulled away

He took my hands and casted a spell to where they were tied up above me

I'm so gonna tell Pansy about this

"Whos shirt is this" he asked


"Not anymore" he said and ripped it off of me

I smiled at him

I had worn a crimson color lace bra that fit my boobs just right

"Holy shit-" he said

He kissed my neck and down my breasts, leaving marks literally everywhere

His lips made his way down my stomach and stopped at my skirt

"Dont move" he said and I looked at

He ran his hand up my thigh and I jerked- his hands were cold ask fuck

He gripped onto my thigh and looked at me "I said don't move"

He kissed up my thigh and let his hands wander up my skirt

Then his fingers lightly touched my crotch and I squirmed

He looked up at me angrily and got face to face with me

"If you move again I'll stop"

No don't


He went back down and put his hand up my skirt, touching me.

I bit my lip and closed my eyes.

No-ones ever touched me like this before.

He went on with just touching for what felt like forever.

Then he went on to pull the matching lace underwear down along with the skirt

"Just look at you" he said devilishly

He kissed my crotch lightly before inserting his tongue

I let out a moan when he did so and he smiled against me

God this feels so good

He went on with his tongue for a short period of time before coming back up to my face

"Do you want me?" He asked and I nodded "I need to hear it, love"


"Yes what?" He asked tapping my chin

"Yes I want you, Draco" I said his name in the best sexy voice I could manage and he smirked

He grabbed me by my throat and kissed me roughly, slipping his tongue into my mouth

He let my hands out of the ropes and began massaging my wrists while kissing me

Also while kissing my he was pressing up against me

At one point he hit just the right spot and I moaned into his mouth making him grip my throat tighter

This was the hottest shit ever

He pulled away and took his shirt off

My eyes went to his dark mark

"Don't look at it" he said "look at me"

I did just that.

I looked at him as he began to take his pants off

When he got them all the way off I observed that he was rock hard

I wanted him so badly

He got on top of me again and kissed my neck before rubbing his tip at my entrance

I looked at him as he pushed himself inside of me

"O-oh fuck" I moaned leaning my head back

It took me a good while to get used to his length, but once I got it there was no stopping him.

He was thrusting in and out of me oh so fast

I was making all sorts of incoherent noises

"G-god you feel so good" he said and I moaned in response

He was gripping my waste and thrusting

He started to slow down and I looked at him

"D-don't stop" I begged

"Victoria I'll hurt you" he said

Since when did he care?

I sure as hell didn't

"I don't care Draco" I pleaded "don't stop"

"You asked for it" he said picking up speed again

"Oh g-god Draco!" I cried out, biting my lip in pleasure

He grabbed a handful of my hair and pulled at it, in response I moaned loudly

"You like that?" He asked breathlessly

I nodded in response, I couldn't manage words at this point

He was pounding into me and I could feel myself getting closer

"Draco- i-I'm gonna-" I said

"Dont do it, don't you fucking dare" he said slamming into me

I held on for as long as I could.

That was long enough for him to reach his climax before I did

I looked at him while panting and he came up to me and kissed me roughly

"You're gonna feel that in the morning" he said in between kisses

Little did he know I felt it now

He sank down on the bed and laid next to me

I want sure if he wanted me near or not so I stayed still

"C'mere" he said still panting

I scooted over to him and he wrapped an arm around me and kissed my neck

I closed my eyes and smiled

I just has sex with Draco Malfoy

"Want me to walk you back to your dorm?" He asked after a while and I nodded "you can borrow a shirt"

He got up and got dressed before I did

When I went to get my my knees gave out

God help me my legs hurt so bad...and so did my crotch

"Whoa" Draco said taking me into his arms

"I asked for it" I said looking at him

I managed the best I could to get dressed and eventually the pain wasn't as bad and I could walk

He walked me to my dorm and while we were walking we ran into Fred

"Hey Victoria I was just looking for y- Malfoy."

"Weasley" Malfoy said in response

"Can I talk to you, Victoria?"

"Not right now Fred, I'm tired" I said

I grabbed Dracos hand and went past him

I think Fred could tell what Draco and I did because he looked absolutely mortified

And I loved that.

Draco stopped at my door and smiled down at me

"Goodnight, Victoria" he said and kissed my forehead

"Goodnight, Draco"

"I hate you" he whispered in my ear

I went in my room and sat on my bed

I was in a lot of fucking pain, and it felt so good

I laid down and closed my eyes

Draco Malfoy was kind of a freak.
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