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Chapter 23:

I woke up and got up

"Holy fuck" I said "this shit hurts"

"Got railed, didnt ya?" Pansy said

"I've got a story for you" I smiled wildly at her

I went into it. She wa slamming her hand to her mouth in shock.

"Jesus Christ Vic- that's hot"

"He was hot" I said

"I'm kind of upset about that shirt" she said

"I'll get you a new one" I giggled

"Okay, let's get to breakfast"


I was walking with a fucking limp.

A literal limp.


We walked into the Great Hall and the first person I saw was Draco

His hair wasn't combed back like it usually was, it was in fact super messy

Fuck me

He saw me staring and smirked at me, then walked up to me and grabbed me by the waste

"You're limping" he whispered in my ear

"Why thank you, captain obvious" I rolled me eyes

"Watch it" he said and pulled me closer "I can make you hurt worse"

"I bet you would" I said in a super sexy tone

"I mean we have time before class" he said and leaned into me

"Mm" I said "tempting" I planted a soft kiss on his lips and walked to the table to sit down

For as much as Draco and I did...we weren't official.

And I still had no idea if I wanted to be.

I yawned and put my head on the table

Draco rubbed circles on my back and whispered in my ear "let's skip today"

I slowly turned my head and looked at him

He looked at me for a response and I nodded

A day with Draco...

He took my hand and we snuck out of the great hall and snuck into his dorm.

He laid down on his bed and I laid next to him, cuddling into him

"Tired, love?" He asked and I nodded into his chest "sleep beautiful you deserve it"

I looked at Draco and smiled, then drifted off into a dreamless sleep.


When I woke up Draco was gone, I sat up and rubbed my eyes

"Draco?" I called out

"I'm in the bathroom" he said

I got up and adjusted to the light

"I'm cold" I said softly

"Come here love" he said and I walked to the bathroom

He was shirtless and in black sweats.

I looked at what he was doing, he seemed to be staring at his dark mark.

"Come give me a hug" he said and I nodded

I walked over to him and he wrapped me up in his arms and kissed the top of my head

"Youre hot" I whispered

"In what way?" I just knew he was smirking

I looked up and him and smiled "both"

He pressed his forehead against mine and chucked

"Are you feeling better?" He asked

"Yeah" I said

"Would you like a bath?"

"Yes please" I looked at him with baby eyes

Don't even. I can dominate the fuck out of him if I wanted to, I'm just baby today. Fuck off.

He ran me a bath, and then helped me to take my clothes off

Then I got into the bath and he sat on the side of the tub, talking with me

"I heard about your ex once" he said

Sensitive subject-


"He seems like a prick"

"He is" I said

"Tell me about him"

I launched into our story. Draco stayed silent the whole time, listening. And by the end of my little rent I was actually crying

"Don't cry" he said wiping away my tears "he's not worth it"

"I know" I said softly

I sank down into the bath and closed my eyes, taking in the bubbles

After a moment I opened my eyes again, Draco was watching me

"How are you feeling?"

"Much better" I said

"I have to go take care of some stuff, but I'll be back before dinner" he said

I nodded and he helped me out of the bath and back into bed

He kissed me and left the room

Draco Malfoy was babying me...

And I absolutely loved it


When Draco got back the sun was starting to set and I was laying in bed half-asleep

I felt so much better, but I was just too comfy to move

"I brought you something" he said

I looked at him and he showed me a black bag

"Open it" he said

Inside the back was lingerie

I looked up at him and he smirked

"Will you wear them for me?"

I got up and wrapped my arms around his neck

"Of course I will" I said

He kissed me roughly, wrapping his arms around my waste

"Let me go put them on" I said and walked to his bathroom

I closed the door and locked it, giggling at myself.

I put the lingerie on and holy fuck did I look hot

It was a black set of lingerie bra and underwear with a emerald green silk dress cover up thing.

It complimented my skin tone and my eyes, and it matched the Slytherin colors

After the bath I had put my hair in French braids, so I took them out and let my waves flow around my shoulders

Making sure I looked nice I stepped out of the bathroom

Draco took one look at me and his lips parted

"You look amazing"

I walked over to him and he grabbed my waste

"Where did you get this stuff?" I asked

"I have my ways" he said and kissed my neck

I tiled my head back and gave him a better angle and he began sucking on my neck

I let out a soft moan and he pulled me closer in response

"How good are you feeling?" Draco asked

"Let me show you" I said

This would be fun.
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