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Chapter 24:

A/N: heeeyyy this has some degrading in it so if your not into that pls skip this chapter

I kissed Draco roughly, slipping my tongue into his mouth

"On the bed, Malfoy"

"What are you gonna do"

"You'll see" I said

He sat on the bed and I climbed on top of his lap, immediately grinding against him

"I-oh" he grumbled

"Look at me" said and he did that

I grinded against him some more, feeling him grow hard

I let my hands trail down his shirt and stopped at the hem, then I began lifting it over his head

"Muffliato" I said and threw my wand on the other side of the bed

I kissed his neck and his jawline, sometimes nibbling on him

I continued to grind against him, slowly picking up my pace

"G-god" Draco moaned

I pushed him down onto the bed and kissed him some more

His hands found their way to my hair and he tugged some

"None of that" I looked at him "I'm in charge"

I told you I could dominate him.

I went down to his pants and unzipped them, revealing his length.

Starting at the bottom I licked it up to the tip and kissed it

Then I took the tip into my mouth and moved my tongue around it

"F-fuck yes" he breathed

I let my head go down on it as far as I could, gagging just a bit

I moved my head up and down in swift motions, Draco was moaning up a storm

I stopped right before he was going to climax

"What the fuck-" he began but I made my way up and kissed him before he could finish that sentence

"Shhhh" I said and got off of the bed

I slowly removed the emerald silk thing, letting Draco watch

He licked his lips as soon as it was off and I smirked at him

"Fuck this" Draco said and got up, still rock hard "get on the bed now" he said

I got on the bed and looked at him

"I'm in charge now, princess" he said and grabbed me by the throat, kissing me roughly

He pushed me back onto the bed and let his hands roam all over my body

He kissed my stomach all the way up to my law line

"Look at me" he said

I looked at him and he bit his lip

He let a hand lower down to my crotch, rubbing my sensitive spot

"Mmmmmmnnn" I let out a soft moan

"Like that" he asked and I nodded

With his other free hand he gripped my throat

God I wish he would stop teasing me and just fuck me

"You're mine" he said "nobody else is allowed to fuck you the way I do"

"I'm yours" I agreed

He slammed his lips into mine, rubbing my crotch faster before inserting a finger

He pushed his finger in and out of me, then inserted another

I was so close-

He removed his fingers then removed my underwear

Then he grabbed my hands and tied them above my head

He kissed my neck and rubbed his tip at my entrance

God yes

He pushed into me slowly and I let out a load moan

He didn't hesitate to being thrusting into me hardly

This would definitely be worse then yesterday's after sex pain, and that was completely ok.

He gripped my waste, leaving handprints on them as he slammed into me

I was moaning loudly and so was he

He pulled out and untied my hands, then flipped me over on my stomach and grabbed a handful of my hair

"Whos are you?" He asked, entering me from behind

"Y-yours" I moaned out

"That's right" he said pounding into me harder "your my little slut"

Yes I was

He let go of my hair and focused himself on my body again

He pounded harder and harder until I was screaming

"F-fuck yes Draco- right t-there!"

He slapped my ass hard and I moaned out

He kept going and going until it became too much for me, I scream-moaned and reached my climax

I just had the best orgasm ever

Draco didn't stop though, and I didn't mind one bit

He went on until he reached his climax, then he cleaned up and laid down next to me

"T-that was" I breathed

"Your fantastic" he whispered, rubbing circles on my shoulder

I smiled and him and closed my eyes

"Do you want to stay the night with me?" Draco asked

"Yes" I said and closed my eyes

Draco wrapped an arm around me and pulled me closer to him

He was like a human furnace

I fell asleep quickly, and it was some of the best sleep I ever had
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