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Chapter 25:

Yeah so...a couple weeks have passed my and Malfoy and I have barley talked. We fucked and he ditched me.

The only times we saw each other were during classes, and he was often silent

I was beginning to feel like he was avoiding me

Screw him. I don't need him anyways.

I angrily walked out of potions class, and felt a tap on my shoulder

"Trouble in paradise?" Fred's voice echoed through my ears

"What do you want, Fred?"

"You don't have your usual guard dog around you"

"He's not a guard dog. And you can't say shit, your puppy isn't with you either"

"Fire with fire?"

"Fuck off" I was going to walk away but he grabbed my wrist

"Look, I'm sorry. I was actually wanting to talk to you...will you come to the common room with me?"

I wanted to protest, but I'd get to see all of my friends...I missed them.

"Sure" I sighed in defeat

We walked shoulder to shoulder in silence. It was pretty fucking awkward.

"Happy early birthday, by the way" Fred said

I'd forgotten about my own birthday.

"Thank you" I said softly

He pulled me into a slight shoulder hug and smiled

We walked into the common room and everyone looked at me

"VICTORIA!!!" Ron said, running up to me wrapping my in a great big hug

"Hey" I smiled at him

All of my friends surrounded me and welcomed me back

"We missed you!" Hermione said

"I missed you guys too"

"Hey guys sorry I'm late! Is she here?" Luna said walking into the common room "oops"

"Was this planned?" I asked

"Sort of" Fred said "but first we gotta talk"

"Okay...." I said hesitantly

He pulled me to the side and wrapped me in a big hug

"I'm so sorry" he said and breathed out

Here comes the forgiveness

"It's okay, Freddie" I said hugging him back

"I miss my best friend" he said

"I miss my best friend too" I teared up

He pulled me closer and I rested my head on his chest

After a bit we went back to the group and we all talked and caught up

"So are you and Malfoy official" the girls asked, after we got some space

"I don't know, we've definitely done stuff but he's never asked" I said

"I think he should" Hermione said

"I always thought you and Fred were going to be together" Ginny said

"Me too" Luna agreed

"I never knew he liked me, and when he came out about it I'd just started to actually like someone..."

"I'm sorry you were put through that love triangle" said Hermione and wrapped me in a hug

"Do you like Malfoy?" Asked Luna

"Yeah..." I said softly

After an hour Fred said he would walk me back to my dorm

In front of my dorm we saw Draco, he was sitting with his back against the wall and his head was in his knees

"Draco..." I said

He looked up- and what seemed to be sadness quickly turned into anger when he saw Fred

"I'll talk to you tomorrow Vicky" he said and walked off

After a minute of standing there Draco broke the silence

"Are you two friends again?" He asked


"Ok" he nodded and got up "I'm sorry I haven't been around"

I stayed silent

He walked up to me and took my hand

"Death eater stuff?" I asked and he nodded "that's ok Draco...I understand"

He wrapped me in a hug "I gotta go" he said and I nodded

He kissed me softly and turned and walked away

I walked into my dorm shut the door.

Pansy was asleep with Blaise by her side

How adorable

I laid down and closed my eyes, drifting off into a nightmare filled sleep
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