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Chapter 2

Classes start today and I'm most definitely not looking forward to it. After my encounter with Malfoy and Snape my spirits had gone down. That boy sure knew how to ruin someone's mood. Contrary to how I was feeling inside I managed to keep a smile on my face and continue on. I saw all of my friends and had lots of fun.

Just as I finished getting ready a small knock was heard on Pansy and I's dorm. I gave her a questioning look and she shrugged. I opened the door to find a wide-awake Fred looking at me.

"Mornin' mate!" He said cheerfully

"Morning Freddie, what brings you here this morning?"

"I completely forgot to ask. What is your schedule like?"

We exchanged schedules and looked over them. It looked as though we would be having potions class together!

"Let me walk you to your first class." Fred said

"Sure" I said

Pansy and I said our goodbyes. Sure we would see eachother soon I left the room with Fred and we walked to my first class, which was charms.

"I'll see you later!" Fred said with a quick hug. I smiled at him and walked into the classroom. To my disappointment Malfoy was in the front row. He looked up and we made brief eye contact. I rolled my eyes and went to the very top of the rows and sat. Distancing myself from Malfoy was for the best. How I hated him.

Students began filling the classroom and to my surprise Blaise Zabini took a seat next to me.

"Zabini!" Came Malfoy's cold voice in a bark.

"What?" said Blaise

"What are you doing sitting with that ape?" Excuse me?

"I wanted to sit by her" Blaise said and I raised my eyebrows

"She's disgusting get down here."

"I think she's pretty" Blaise said

"Please get away." I said.

Look, I have nothing against Blaise, but something in my gut told me Malfoy had something to actually do with his sitting here. Some secret plan that I wasn't going to let be carried through. Respecting my requests Blaise went back down with Malfoy. The two were having a secret conversation. I didn't pay too much mind to it though, after all we were in class.

"Alright students" Flitwick began "as you are all in your sixth year of Hogwarts, today's class shall be a refresher for the brain. Starting with easy charms"

Flitwick had us start with the basics, Expelliarmus, Alohomora, Wingardium Leviosa, Lumos...so on and so forth.

One time around, I was casting Lumos and Malfoy decided to disarm me. My wand dropped to the front and he and his slimey snake boi friends laughed. I scowled and went to the front to retrieve my wand.

"Please pay better attention Miss Winter" Flitwick said. Malfoy and his goons bursts into silent fits of silent laughter.

As class went on they continued to mess with me and I'd had it. One particular event got my blood boiling, though.

I was casting Evanesco on some plastic fruit Flitwick handed out and one of Malfoys friends casted a Incendio my way, almost hitting me. Next to me a book engulfed in flames and I shrieked. Flitwick was quick to put it out though.

"What the hell Malfoy?!" I said angrily towards him

"That wasn't me, stupid"

"Stop calling me that! Stupid ferret."

"What did you call me?" He said defensively.

"You heard me." I said, the memory of yesterday in The Great Hall flooding my mind.

"That's it." Malfoy said getting up and walking towards me. I quickly pointed my wand to his face and dared him to come closer.

"That's enough! Both of you!" Flitwick "do you need more detention?!"

"No sir." I said

"No." Malfoy scoffed

"Take your seats and leave eachother alone!"

I took my seat and angrily glared at Malfoy. Immature, I know. But he deserved it.

Once class was over I rushed out of the door. I was already so done and half of the day was barley over.

———————— ** ————————- ** ———————

Potions class came by quickly and I was excited to see Fred. As soon as I saw him in class I smiled, to my disappointment he already had a partner. The only seat left was next to......


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