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Chapter 3:

"You cannot expect me so sit by him." I scowled

"Excuse me, miss Winter" Snape said

"Yes sir"

"If you want a passing grade in my class, I suggest you take your seat next to Mr. Malfoy given you were late to class."

I began to interject but Malfoy spoke up first

"I'm not letting that ape sit next to me."

"Like I would wanna sit by you, ferret."

We gave eachother death glares as Snape continued to threaten our grades and more detention. I sat next to him and grumbled. This would not be fun.

Throughout the lesson Malfoy kept giving me dirty looks and glares. Any time we would attempt to work on the potion, we would get into little arguments.

"Crush, not slice, you idiot" he said

"No you slice. Look it says here in the boo-" I was wrong. Malfoy started laughing and I'd had enough. I lifted my hand and brought it to the side of his face. A loud slapping noise ripples across the classroom, bring a silence to the students. A couple gasps were heard out and Fred was staring.

"Did you just...slap me-" Malfoy said.

I ignored him and continued to work on the potion. The class seemed to be on pause. I turned to tell Malfoy off for not helping but as soon as I turned his wand was against my forehead. I didn't flinch, I didn't blink.

"Malfoy stop" came Freds voice "that's too far"

"Don't. Ever. Slap. Me. Again." Malfoy said

The tension in the room was rising. Fred got up to make a move but his partner stopped him. Malfoy didn't remove his was and I was beginning to panic. I looked at him, right into his grey eyes. I didn't want him to see how afraid I was. I could not be weak.

"Do something." I said, making sure my voice sounded venomous


"Since you were brave enough to get your wand out, do something with it." I spat at him, getting annoyed

"You've got a death wish, Winter"

"No, but since that thing is glued to your hand you might as well put it to use" he pressed the wand more against my skin and I gasped a bit. Shit. He heard it. Laughing at me, he put his wand away and stared at me.

"Scardey cat" he said mocking my face. I began to say something but before I could in a flash Fred was holding Malfoy by his collar.

"What's wrong with you Weasley?!" Malfoy barked

"What's wrong with me?! WHATS WRONG WITH YOU?"

"Let me go" Malfoy said trying to push him away

"If I ever see you wave your wand in Victoria's general direction again I'll hex you" Fred sounded angry.

"Freddie-" I began, but Snape interjected. Stupid Snape.

"Is there an issue?" Said Snape

"No sir" the three of us said in unison. Fred took his seat and glared at Malfoy.

Malfoy and I began working on our potion again. Continuing in with out bickering and whining towards eachother. Throughout all of the potions we ended up having the best of the class. In a rude tone Snape added "remember you have detention." Malfoy and I nodded and began to leave.

When I walked out of the class Fred was waiting for me. I smiled at him and walked up to him.

"Oy, Freddie. What's that look on your face for?"

"I hate Malfoy" he said and I giggled.

Fred and I walked to the great hall for lunch. He gave me a quick hug and kiss on the cheek before going off to find his brother.

"Winter." Came a familiar, cold voice. I turned around to see Malfoy.

"What do you want?" I said harshly

"You left a book in Snapes class and he told me to give it to you."

Without hesitation I walked up and snatched the book out of his hand. Without saying thank you I went to the table and sat beside Pansy. She was going on about something that happened in a class but I let my thoughts wander. I began to think about Snapes class. I hate Malfoy so much. He always acted so tough but underneath I'm sure he was hiding his stupid Malfoy feelings. I wanted to slap him so hard, just thinking about him made my blood boil.
My thoughts drifted some more and I began to think of Fred. Hed always stood up for me when people were treating me wrongly, but this time something about his defense seemed off. He looked like he would murder Malfoy just for looking at me.

I felt a small tap on my shoulder, jumping out of my thoughts. Turning around I see Luna Lovegood behind me. She was one of my dearest friends. She's so kind and absolutely brilliant. Her house is Ravenclaw.

"Hey Luna!" I said

"Hey! How have you been?" She asked taking the spare seat. I jumped right into how I've been recently, cracking jokes here and there. Luna has always been an amazing listener. And she's always been there for me.

It's been the other way around too. The first month of school and Luna was being bullied. When I first met her I thought of a strange little girl that was pathetic, but we were partnered up for a project and became closer. If anyone were to call her one rude name id jump to her defense. She was one of my first friends at Hogwarts.

"That Malfoy sure is rude" Luna said

"Yeah." I rolled my eyes. Her and Pansy started talking and I drifted off again. Before I got too far into thought someone whirled me around and to my surprise and joy, a smiling Fred Weasley was looking down at me.

"Oy mate, Malfoy can't keep his ferret eyes off of you. I ought to teach him a lesson"

I looked over at Malfoy who was talking to Blaise. He looked over and we made eye contact. He glared at me and muttered something before continuing his conversation.

"He's not worth the trouble" I said standing up

"So brave" Fred said sarcastically and I lightly punched him in the arm.

Fred raised his eyebrows and me and flashed me one of his brilliant smiles before picking me up and spinning me around.

"Fred! Stop it" I laughed and he put me down.

Things suddenly went quiet and I wasn't sure what to do. Fred and I stood, staring into one another's eyes. It was like the entire Great Hall disappeared and it was just us. Looking at each-other. Though the area seemed empty I couldn't look away from Fred. He took his hand and placed it on a side of my face. My heart started racing as Fred bent down and placed a kiss on my lips.

He just...kissed me. I didn't know how to react. He'd been my best friend for so long, I'd never thought of him in that manner before. He and I had our fair share of other people we romanticized. Not once did I ever think Fred might like me...

I stepped back and looked at Fred. Then I looked at Pansy and Luna. They were staring at us, mouths wide open. I looked the other way to the other table. Freds twin was staring with a big smile on his face. Ron's face was red as a beet. Hermione was smiling softly and Potter was staring.

"I- uhm" I said to Fred. Fred was looking at me hopefully and oh how it broke my heart. I couldn't determine whether I like the kiss or not. I backed away some more and turned and ran away.

My best friend kissed me and I wasn't sure what to make of it.
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