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Chapter 4:

I often think about what if's in situations like these. What if I kissed Fred back? What if I liked it? What if?

I splashed cold water on my face and stared into the mirror. If Fred did like me, why didn't he tell me sooner? And if Fred did like me, he could have said it. A kiss was NOT needed.

I have nothing against kissing, but doing that as a sign you like someone? Cliche.

Call me old fashioned but flowers would be nice.

Or maybe a card. Not a kiss in front of the whole school.

I thought some more...did I like it? I mean my first and only boyfriend was in my third year, I'd dated someone who's name is NOT being shared. We dated up till fourth year then he left me. Harsh, I wasn't over him till the middle of fifth year.

If I remember correctly Fred was there for the entire breakup. Comforting me every night when I couldn't sleep. Sneaking around just to make sure I was ok. I guess I was so caught up in the pain I didn't realize him getting closer.

"Victoria..." came a familiar voice. Luna

"Hey lunes" I said

"Hey! How are you?"

"Uhm...I don't know" I said, honestly

"I know you haven't kissed anyone since-"

"Yeah." No need to remind me

"Did you like it?" She asked

"I'm not sure. I need some time to think on it" I said

"Well..classes resume soon we gotta go"

"I'll meet you in the hallway" I said and smiled at her.

I splashed some more water in my face and headed out. Luna, Pansy and Fred were all waiting for me. Fred and I made eye contact

"Hey.." he said and I smiled at him and nodded. He moved slightly towards me and I looked down a bit. He sighed and backed away. Boy, I felt bad.

I grabbed his hand and pretended everything was a-ok. For the sake of him being happy, of course.

"What's the sigh for mate?"

"I- nothin'" he smiled and me and I bumped into him playfully.

I'd determine how I felt about the kiss later. For right now I had classes then detention. Detention with Malfoy.


Classes went by pretty quickly. Fred would meet me after one class then walk me to the next. He met me after my History of Magic class to give me a quick hug and go onto socializing/break time in the Gryffindor common room while I headed off to detention.

When I got there Malfoy was already sitting, quietly reading a book. I took a spot as far away from him as possible and began reading about charms and such.

Snape came in and looked at us.

"I see you both found your way without getting lost" he said. Malfoy and I looked at each-other than at Snape.

"As a further punishment I want you two to work on community service every Saturday for the rest of the year as a way to learn to get along"

"WHAT?!" I said standing up quickly

"I'm not working with that ape!" Malfoy barked

"Stop calling me and ape!" I fumed stop him

"Well don't call me a ferret then"

"You started all of this"

"Oh look at you! Third grader blaming!"

"ENOUGH" Snape said and Malfoy and I sat back down.

Snape went over the rest of the details of community service while Malfoy and I were quietly fuming at each-other. I would hate every bit of this.

"Starting this Saturday, 2pm to 3pm" Snape said and dismissed us.

I grabbed my books and left without a word. I skipped dinner to go to the Astronomy Tower. I used it as a quiet place to get my thoughts out.

I began to ponder whether or not I liked the kiss with Fred. I remember having a small crush on him my first year at Hogwarts, but then I met...you know...and I completely forgot about it. I'd known him as my best friend so long. Could I like him? I was staring off for about thirty minutes until I heard noises.

"What are you doing up here, Winter?" A cold voice said. Malfoy? I turned around quickly ready to get angry..but Malfoy looked...distressed.

"I was uhm- thinking- what are you doing up here?"

"I came to think."

"Oh." I said

"Well, I'll leave-"

"No-" I cut it "I was just about to leave anyways you can stay" I'm sorry am I...being nice? I began to walk down but he stopped me


"Uhm..yes?" I asked

"You left this in detention" he said and held out a necklace my way. I gasped and felt my neck. A necklace my father gave me had appeared to be missing.

My father had died when I was younger due to a sickness and that was the last thing he'd given me. My eyes teared up at the memory and I chocked back my tears. I reached out and grabbed the necklace.

"I-uhm. Thank you, Draco"

"You're welco- wait. Did you just call me Draco" he said with a evil smirk on his face

"Don't ruin the moment" I said ruthlessly

"You did" he chuckled

"Whatever I'll be going now" I said and rolled my eyes.

"I'll see you in class, Victoria" he said. I'm not quite sure why but it made me smile..but just a little. Maybe tomorrow wouldn't be so bad.

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