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Chapter 6:

I opened my eyes and blinked a couple times. Looking around me. I saw that I was in the nurses office. What happened?

Next to me was Malfoy. Wait what? Malfoy?

"Well good morning" he said

"Why am I here?" I said coldly

"Well two days ago, a student accidentally hit you with a knock out charm, and I carried you here, you're welcome by the way, and you slept"

I stopped to think about what he said and all of the memories came back to me. Wait- two days?!

"Two days?!" I said and sat up quickly, feeling lightheaded

"Whoa calm down, you just woke up" Malfoy said

"Shut it. I need to get out of here" I said

"Well as soon as the nurse gets back and gets informed that your awake you can be discharged, but for now I'm going to class"

"Kay, whatever" I said as he left

I spent a good hour waiting for the nurse to get back. Which was extremely boring, like seriously. I could die of boredom, and have fun in hell.

As soon as I was discharged I went and took a shower. It was already dinner time so I didn't have to go to any classes. I went to dinner and right when I walked into the Great Hall, Fred jumped up and ran to me.

"Bloody hell mate! I was worried sick" he said, wrapping me in a warm hug

"I'm sorry Freddie" I said

"Aw it's not your fault silly, your ok though right?"

"Perfectly fine!" I said with a smile.

The rest of my friends came to give me hugs and then I went off to sit with Pansy. She caught me up on all I needed to know on any class then we went to our room.

It was the middle of the night and I couldn't sleep. I snuck out of my room and went to the astronomy Tower to clear my mind. To my surprise when I got there, Malfoy was there. I was very suddenly self conscious of my pajamas. Shorts and an oversized t-shirt. A girl likes to be comfortable.

"Malfoy it's almost 1am what are you doing here?" I asked. He turned around sharply after doing a motion that seemed like he was wiping his face.

"I could ask you the same question" he said

"I came here to think.." I said

"Oh-" he said

We stood in silence. Which was super awkward.

"You can stay...if you'd like" he said

"Uhm, sure" I said and walked to stand next to him.

We both put our arms on the ledge and stared out into the open nothingness of the night. The dark is truly beautiful if you ask me. Something about it is so mesmerizing to the eye. I could stare at it for all eternity and never once get bored. It's captivating beauty drew me in and helped me to feel free. I put my face into the wind and took a deep breath, feeling relieved as I let all of the stress of today's previous troubles go.

The beautiful moment was quickly ruined by Malfoy saying

"This isn't a movie Winter, chill"

"Oh my gosh Malfoy, I was just breathing"

He started to laugh and began to run a hang through his hair. The sleeve of his shirt slipped down and revealed a mark on his arm..could it be?

I took his arm and lifted the sleeve the rest of the way to show the mark.

A dark mark.

"You're a-" I began to say and Malfoy ran off.
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