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Chapter 7:

Malfoy didn't come to classes the next day.

I couldn't stop thinking about the mark. It was a Death Eater mark. Maybe it wasn't actually that.. maybe it was a big glob of....dirt.

Oh who am I kidding? I know what I saw. Draco Malfoy was a Death Eater.

I wasn't scared, no, not even a bit disgusted. Honestly, I have nothing against Muggles or muggle borns. And I definitely don't think they should be killed, but maybe Malfoy couldn't help that he was a Death Eater.

Classes went by pretty quickly as I was alone. It was super boring, I'd gotten used to bickering with Malfoy so it was a change not to.

But I'd be seeing him tomorrow, we have community service. If he shows.

I went to the astronomy tower again, hoping to see Malfoy. But I had no such luck.

I sat in the edge, legs dangling off into the night.

Part of me wanted to just fall. Falling seems so peaceful. So free.

"Victoria?!" Came Freds voice. Just lovely. I turned my head around and looked at him

"What are you doing out here?"

"I was out looking for you and Malfoy said you came here sometimes. How does he know that?" Fred asked

"You spoke to Malfoy?" Where did he see him? I want to talk to him.

"Don't answer a question with a question-"

"He knows that because I've bumped into him up here before" I said honestly and Fred nodded.

"Are you...gonna jump?"

"NO!" I said quickly "I was just sitting thats all"

"Oh! I'm sorry" he said.

After a minute of silence he came and joined me. We just sat in silence, like me and Dra- Malfoy had. It wasn't as peaceful though. There seemed to be some sort of tension.

Fred slowly made his hand cover mine.

"If you wanna hold my hand Weasley just say something" I said and he smiled

"I wanna hold your hand" oh that was a joke-

I held my hand out and he took it.

We sat there in silence, he was looking at me and I was looking out into the night.

"I'm sorry about the kiss the other day" he said suddenly

"It's fine" I smiled

"I should have told you I liked you instead of kissing you, I know how you are"

"It's really ok Freddie" I said, looking at him.

He smiled at me and put an arm around me. We sat there for a while before Fred walked me back to my dorm. He gave me a quick hug and I went to sleep.

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