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Chapter 8:

I woke up early. Even though I went to sleep late, I was up at 10am. Not early like ready for class early, but early enough to where I had time to hang out with my friends before community service. Plus it was a Saturday, I didn't have classes.

Pansy and I went to the library to hang out and study some spells. Studying on a Saturday. How exciting.

We walked in an sat down, being completely absorbed in the books. Not noticing someone sat down that the table and stared at us. I looked up and to my surprise I saw Malfoy and Blaise.

"Hi?" I said

"I need to talk to you" Malfoy said and I stared at him. He got up and began walking to the door. It took me a moment, but eventually I looked at Pansy and nodded towards Malfoy. She nodded back and I got up and followed him. I followed Malfoy to astronomy tower. How familiar this place has become is wonderful.

He gazed out and stared for a moment before saying "please don't tell anyone about the mark.."

"I won't." I said and he looked at me

"Seriously, I mean it Winter, don't say anything"

"You're acting like I've told the whole school already" I said and his eyes went wide

"Have you?!" He said and pulled out his want

"No!" I exclaimed "Jesus Malfoy, lighten up"

"I'm sorry-I-" he said

"Drop it- nobody's gonna know" I said and he nodded. (A:n: TikTok keeps making me think and "they're gonna know")

We stood there for a moment. Awkwardly.

Then of course, all moments are ruined. Except this time it was ruined by...Fred-

"Hey Victoria- I've been looking for you everywhere...I was wondering if- what are you doing with Malfoy?"

"He and I were just talking" I said

"Then why is his wand out?" Fred asked angrily

"Calm down Weasley, she just wanted to see it" Malfoy said with a devilish smirk on his face

"Right. She wanted to see your want?" Malfoy burst into laughter "damnit Malfoy I've had it with you" Fred said charging at him.

"Freddie stop!" I said placing my hands on his chest "just stop...I didn't want to see his wand, I just frightened him when I came up here" I said quickly

"Oh" Fred said looking at me.

Malfoy laughed harshly and started to walk away

"Don't go too far Malfoy we have community service-"

"I'll meet you in Snapes classroom at 1:30 sharp. Don't be late"

"I- you cant just tell me what to do you stupid fer-" he was gone.

I let out a harsh breath of air and anger and stomped.

"Maybe you should be called Pansy-" Fred said and I glared at him.
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