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Pages- A Hermione Granger Fanfic


Violet has been disowned, replaced, and shoved her whole life, but one person has always stuck by her, Hermione Granger. Hermione has been hiding away, lying and struggling, yet nobody noticed. What will happen when this friendship goes a little farther?- DOES NOT FOLLOW ALL STORY LINES OF THE BOOKS OR MOVIES.- READ IF GAY

Romance / Erotica
Age Rating:

Chapter 1- A Train Ride

The snow made the sky look bright white, the end of the train tunnel now blinding due to the cold weather. Violet’s long hair just barely made her ears any warmer. For some reason the last cabin was always the coldest, but it was possible the temperature was affected by the lack of teens sitting inside of it. It was the fourth year, and Vye was waiting for Harry, Ron and Hermione. Christmas was just round the corner, and it was no better time for the school to go back later than supposed to. They had taken all precautions to search for Sirius black, but obviously they had no luck, as violet’s friends had helped whisk him somewhere far away.

Vye was in deep thought, thinking about that moonlit night, when she heard cackling coming from outside the door. In came Harry, chuckling and holding his stomach as he winced from joyous laughter. “Oh bloody hell, what did he do?” said Vye as she watched Ron run into the cabin. He was clutching his shoulder, bright red with the biggest grin on his face. Vye was in wonder until Hermione came running in behind him, holding a large book. She whacked him on the shoulder, multiple times, then continued to scream about her cat. “YOU BLIGHTER, HOW DARE YOU TRY AND LEAVE CROOKSHANKS-” Hermione continued to smack the orange haired boy with the heavy book.

Vye darted her eyes around, but when Hermione began to hit Ron on the head and not the shoulder, she stepped in. “WOW- RELAX BLOODY HELL.” Said Vye as her arms extended towards the flustered girl. “What did he do Mione?” Said Violet sternly. “HE- He tried leaving Crookshanks on the platform!” Vye sighed and turned round, facing Harry and Ron. “YOU EVIL LITTLE BOY, LEAVING AN ANIMAL ON THE PLATFORM LIKE THAT! IF SCABBERS WAS A REAL RAT I WOULD RIP HIS-” Vye was suddenly pulled away from Ron, who was now shaking as Violet pointed her finger at him. “Sorry,” She said as she sat down.

The boys chuckled as Hermione sat down, the tension breaking slightly when Hermione grabbed Vyes hand. “You don’t know how much i’ve missed talking to a female.” Violet nodded and gave her a hug, understanding the pain of the two boys across from them.

The girls continued to gossip as the boys tried to cut their voices out. “You should see my dress Mione,” said Violet. “Vye you don’t understand, remember that pink fabric you said you liked?” Giggles filled the cabn, as well as groans from the boys. “SO,” said Harry annoyed, “Is your dad still teaching at Hogwarts, I pray he is because we are not having another Voldy situation if you know what I mean-” Ron laughed and directed his eyes towards Vye. “That was pretty funny though “Is this your home?” and then bonk.” Hermione rolled her eyes and looked at Vye as well, “Yeah Vye, we really do love Lupin.” “No need to worry, my dad had decided to stay, and Dumbledore gave him a new place to go when he, you know, transforms,” said Vye. “Good, that tree was too old for its own good,” said Harry as he sniffed the air. “Do you- do you smell hair gel?” he said, confused.

Waiting at the cabin door was Draco, his silver hair reflecting the snow, making it look even more blonde. “Huh, I see Vye is still hanging out with the riff-raff.” Crabbe and Goyle chuckled, their heavy chests bouncing lightly. “Oh please Draco, you’re just jealous of us,” said Ron as he gave Harry a fistbump. “Like I’d be jealous of that mangy hair, Weasley.” Draco laughed once more. Rons hair was indeed longer, but nothing close to being mangey, sure you could say shaggy, but it was well tamed. “And you Hermione, I see you still haven’t given up on being a mudblood at Hogwarts.” Vye stood up, insulting her best friend was the last straw. “Like she could even give up Malfoy, she doing so well the school practically begs her to stay, but it seems, your daddy still has to pay to keep you well rounded.” The entire cabin went silent, Draco and Vye were staring at each other intently. Gasps were suddenly heard when Draco pulled out his wand.

Vye was up to a challenge, so she pulled out hers too, but quickly won the fight with a trick Ron’s brothers Fred and George taught her. Draco’s hair now covered the floor like a rug. It had to be at least five feet long.

Draco’s eyes were now wide, and he was getting pure pink. “Who has mangey hair now?” asked Violet with a smirk. Draco ran out of the cabin, whilst Crabbe and Goyle followed behind him. The four were dead silent, until a burst of laughter came from Ron. Now the entire cabin filled with joy and giggles as the train came to a halt.

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