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Pages- A Hermione Granger Fanfic

Chapter 2- The Sorting Hat

The train began to shake as teens from every cabin poured out of it. The four shuffled slowly, eventually making it to the boarding platform. The castle looked huge, as always. It never failed to amaze Vye that Dumbledore had the capability to hide it so well. The air was filled with loud chatter, each student very excited to begin another year at Hogwarts.

As Vye looked around she saw green, blue, orange and yellow placed upon each teen, but some had only black, the first years. “I can’t believe we were that small at some point,” said Ron as one knocked into him. The black of night was consuming the blue sky fast, and soon enough, it was completely dark. The train ride had lasted all day, which was rather usual for the train.

Vye jumped as some began to tug on her sleeve. When she looked down she saw a bright eyed girl with short curly brown hair. “Hello misses, where do I go?” She said kindly. Hermione smiled and kneeled down to her level. “See that large man holding the lantern, over there past the slytherins?” The girl shook her head yes and began to run that direction. Harry laughed and nodded towards Hermione. “Looked kinda like you that one,” he said as he walked away. “Just means that kids gonna grow up and be beautiful, huh Ron,” said Vye. Ron widened his eyes and made a gagging noise.

Hemrione grabbed Vyes hand and started to walk towards the carriages. First in was Harry, then Ron, then Mione and Vye. “The thestrals look even bonier than usual,” said Harry looking away. Hermione looked forward and saw nothing. “No wonder they look spooky, only people who have seen death can see them, I remember reading about it in Magical Creatures to make you Shiver.”

Vye looked forward, and instead of seeing nothing but the air she did indeed see the horse like beasts. “I mean Vye and I have seen drawings whilst studying, but we can’t actually see them, right Vye?” Vye shivered from the cold and nodded her head, explaining her past was something she would rather not do in the carriage towards her favorite place in the world.

The castle steps were covered in a sheet of snow and ice, and every teen was huddled together. “Bloody hell it’s cold, do you hear- AH!” Ron screamed as he fell down. Above them was Peeves, holding several snowballs. “Oh Ron, get up,” said Vye as she pulled the whimpering boy up from the ground. “Pull yourself together!”

The four walked into the castle. A wave of warmth washed over them. The air smelled like pine and peppermint, and the night sky on the ceiling was filled with snowflakes. The great hall was barely lit, and a huge Christmas tree sat behind Dumbledore. Baubles the color of each house sat on the branches. Hermione and Vye sat at the gryffindor table-- Harry and Ron sitting across from them shortly after. “How many slytherins do you think?” said Hermione fearfully. “I’m guessing at least ten, last year was a little short,” said Ron as he tugged at his robes. “Are you still wearing last year’s robes?” said Harry. Ron choked as he tugged on the collar. “I meant to wear Fred’s old robe, I accidentally grabbed my old one.” Hermione scoffed at Ron’s incapability of caring for himself and turned to look at the doors of the great hall.

In came about forty small children, all wearing bitch black robes with a pointy hat. “Thank god I don’t have to wear those anymore,” said Ron as he set his fork on his plate. The kids walked up to the front of the hall. Mcgongall started to do her whole speech about how the sorting hat works, but Vye zoned out as she looked at who was sitting next to Hagrid. Her dad. He smiled and waved and she did the same, then turning back to the kids. Mcgongall looked at her list and yelled a name. “Lexi Kerrington!” said the old lady. The child walking up the steps was the young girl from earlier. She happily sat on the stool as the sorting hat was placed upon her head. It took about half a second for the hat to make a decision. “HUFFLEPUFF!” The small girl then hopped off the stool and skipped to the yellow and black themed table.

Vye thought about the joy on the young girl’s face, how happy she was to be sorted into Hufflepuff, and it didn’t even have to think. When Vye was sorted she was so nervous, because nobody knew that Lupin was not her real father, and nobody knew who her real parents were. She was from a long line of pure blood slytherins, and convincing the hat to place her anywhere but slytherin was one of the hardest things in her life. Finally the hat understood and placed her in gryffindor, where she met Hermione.

Out of everybody she could tell not even Hermione knew. What if she hated her, what if she found out that her parents were evil, what if she found out why she was taken from home to home. She couldn’t risk it. When Vye came back to the real world, her eyes were filled with tears. Her face had become a deep red and her hands were shaking. Sorting was ending so Vye stood quickly. “Vye- Are you ok?” said Hermione worried. “No yeah im- im just tired,” said Vye as she began to walk away.

Violet bolted past painting on the walls, all appearing to be slytherin descendants. No matter where she went she couldn’t escape it. Eventually she stopped at the moving staircases and spotted a painting looking down on her. Salazar himself. Now soft sobs were coming from her, and her pace picked up.

She finally made it to the gryffindor common room and met the fat lady. “P-Peppermint Pastels,” said Vye as she wiped the tears from her eyes. The fat lady looked worried and opened the door quickly. Vye rushed past the fireplace and up the stairs, heading to her dorm as quick as possible.

She slammed the door, her back against it. She was crying loudly, and tears were hitting the floor. Her back slid down the door and her knees came up to her chest. From there she crawled to her bed, pulling a chest out from under it. When she opened it she saw pictures in frames, old clothes, and finally a small blanket, like one made for a baby.

Vye buried her face in the cloth, snot dripping from her nose. She pulled it away, looking at the pattern, then the tag. There she read a last name, her last name. “Lestrange”.

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