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Chapter 3- Library Mishaps

The snow resting on the window sill illuminated Vyes dorm. The sound of people chattering in the common room woke her from one of the deepest sleeps she ever had. She was happy, she was finally back at hogwarts. Even with Violet’s deep appreciation for the school, her smile slowly faded, for she had remembered the previous night. She sat up quick, hoping the chest below her bed wasn’t still open, and luckily, it wasn’t. Vye sighed, her hands over her face. “Morning,” said a familiar voice. When Vyes head turned she saw a cheery Hermione unpacking her suitcase. “Glad you woke up, we have some things to do.” Hermione then pulled a checklist out of her sweater pocket.

Violet was confused, why didn’t Hermione ask her if she was ok? But then it became clear, she had played it off, nobody knew about it. Violet threw her legs over the side of the bed, sputtering a dry cough. “We have to collect our books from the library today, Harrys dealing with quidditch so it will just be you, me and Ron,” said Hermione as she stuffed the checklist back into her pocket. “Well come on, we don’t want the ravenclaws to get there first!”

The library was filled with shelves fifty feet high. Each student was using their wands to select and float down a book of their choice. About every five feet was a small square table that held four chairs. The teens sat down in three of them, one vacant due to Harry’s absence. “I’m off to find potion books, Vye if you could, find the section for defense against the dark arts.” Vye nodded and began scanning each shelf, the right one happening to be next to the table. “Ok... Red Caps, Erklings… and, the unforgivable curses.” Vye scanned the aisle for each book, and eventually found all three.

She looked back towards the table and noticed Hermione had come back with three books as well. She was standing straight with a quill and some parchment, checking off the titles of each piece of literature. Vyes eyes wandered to the books themselves, one was about the uses of snake fang, one was about how to handle hippogriff feathers, but one book in particular caught Violet’s eye, it was pink and red, it had white along the edges and hearts surrounded the title, “A Brief History of Love Potions”. Vye hurried back to the table, eager to read the context of the book.

Ron scoffed as she arrived, unable to grasp the joy of knowledge-- so soon he ran off, trying to find Dean. After he had left Vye went to reach for the attracting book, only for Hermione to do the same. Their fingers brushed past each other lightly, Hermione looked up, having gone completely pink. Vye pulled her hand away, slightly shaken. “I- i’m sorry- I didn’t mean-” said Vye as Hermione smiled. “Don’t worry about it- I’m going to go find Ron,” said Hermione as she quickly shuffled away.

Vye felt strange, her heart sank as Hermione left. She felt slightly disappointed, as if she wanted to go back and relive the moment over and over again. Her and Hemrione had held hands before, they had hugged, cuddled even, but something about that was different.

When the three had finished they walked back to the dorms. Ron walked between the two girls, he could sense a sort of tension between them. When they had finally reached the common room Hermione began to talk. “Anyone up for Hogsmeade?” Ron and Vye nodded, Ron wanted butterbeer, and Vye wanted to get her mind off of the previous night and the confusing feelings from the library. The three walked down the very frozen hill towards Hogsmeade and headed towards the pub.

Finally they arrived at The Three Broomsticks. They sat down at their signature table, by the Christmas tree and next to the front window. Ron ordered a butterbeer, Hermione ordered a Peppermint drink and Vye ordered the same as Ron. “So, I’m assuming you all have been avoiding Snape until our first potions class?” said Hermione. “Kind of hard to ignore him when he cornered Harry and I after dinner last night,” said Ron. “Cornered?” said Vye with disbelief. Ron laughed, then straightened down his shoulder length hair. “If I catch you causing any mischief this year you will be sent to Mr Filch’ dungeon immediately-- do you understand me?” Ron’s voice then fell off, he was holding his stomach and wheezing from trying to copy Snape’s voice.

Hermione and Violet stared at him for a while, only then to burst out in a laughing fit. The entirety of the pub was staring at the group, Ron had his head down on the table, and Vye was now crying tears of joy. The three were having the time of their lives, and Violet had completely forgotten about her family history.

Even with Rons terrible impression, the joy came to a halt, as Draco Malfoy had just walked in. Next to him were Crabbe and Goyle, looking as disgusted as ever. “Huh, hate to see you in our spot mudblood, you’re going to infect the seats,” said Draco sternly. Vye looked at him with hate in her eyes. The green iris had appeared to become three shades darker. “Huh Violet, strange you out and about, tonights a full moon.” Vye’s face went serious. She stood, in disbelief he’d say something like that.

Hermione stood to, thinking Draco was commenting on Vyes father. Violet’s eyes began to fill with tears. Her cheeks burned and her face was turning the same bright red as the night before. “It’s not only going to be your “dad” in the chamber tonight, will it Violet.” Crabbe nudged Goyle and laughed. Hermione then turned to Vye, worry in her eyes. “Why would you also be in the chamber? You’re going to get hurt!”

Vye broke down, her hands covered her face, and then she continued to run out of the pub. Draco chuckled at the sight of Vye upset, Hermione however did not take to his mockery lightly. “YOU FOUL THING!” she said as she hit him across the face. The small room was now filled with gasps by the sight. Draco rubbed his cheek, looking at Ron out of the corner of his eye, he was furious. “Only if you knew what I saw when she lived at the manor.” said Draco. “WHY WOULD SHE EVER LIVE WITH YOU MALFOY?” screamed Hermione. Draco sighed and leaned closer to Hermione, “Well clearly she doesn’t live with us now, not after the incident.”

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