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Chapter 4- A Backstory

Hermione finally arrived back at Hogwarts, the sun was setting, casting a shadow over the entrance. She ran into the school as fast as possible, her eyes darted the hallways in an attempt to find Violet. On the way she ran into three first years, the hufflepuff girl Lexi, a small ravenclaw boy called Scarpitti, and a very tall slytherin named Matt. Frantically Hermione stopped them. “Have you seen a girl with black hair and a gryffindor sweater anywhere around here?” The kids looked at eachother. The slytherin boy responded. “She took the staircases to the gryffindor common room, looked like she was having a fit that one.” Hermione then ran past the kids, at this point she was going full speed towards the staircases.

Finally she got to the fat lady and said the password. She bolted up the steps and into her dorm. When she opened the door she saw Vye weeping over a large wooden chest at the end of her bed. She had black makeup running down her cheeks, and her face was a deep purple. Her hands were clasping a family photo. Hermione rushed over to her, kneeling down cupping her face with her hands. “Vye…” When Violet heard Hermione she leaned closer into her, resting her head on Hermione’s chest as she cried. Hermione began stroking her hair. It was messy and tangled. Knots fell about it wildly as her tears streamed down her cheeks.

As Hermione comforted her she looked closer at the photo, it was a cracked portrait of Vye sitting next to Draco at around age eight. Hermione sighed as she looked at her friend. “It’s ok, Vye.” Violet then sat up, her face still wet from the tears. She reached over into the chest and pulled out a small potion bottle, from which she took a drink from. Hermione knew what potion it was but she still couldn’t believe it. “Is that wolfsbane?” Vye began to gently sob once more, nodding her head yes. Hermione looked at her confused. “Why didn’t you tell me?” Hermione said as she grabbed her arm. “I’m a monster, I’ve been one since I was born into a family of Death Eaters.” Hermione furrowed her brow. “Are you a Malfoy?” Vye shook her head no, then grabbed the baby blanket out of the chest. “Lestrange.”

Hermione was shocked, but then looked at Violet’s features compared to Lupins, and it all made sense. “But Vye how did you end up with Lupin?” Vye looked at her again, wiping the tears from her eyes. “Bellatrix gave birth to me in Azkaban, the Malfoys, being the closest related family, became my guardian. Soon I was being brainwashed into the life of a death eater. At the age of ten they sent me and draco out into the dark forest to find something, I honestly forget at this point. We came across this thing. It lunged at me, ripped at my leg. Draco and I ran out as fast as a torn shin could move, but by the time we were out I was already gone. I was so young, I was giving out, my heart started to stop. I saw death Mione, I saw the grim. But in my last seconds, the moon came from behind a cloud. And I transformed.”

Hermione looked at her in aw. Vye stared back, but when she saw the fear in Hermione’s eyes she began to cry again. Hermione pulled her closer, attempting to shoo away her sadness. “Vye, I would never be afraid of you--never. I just- how did you end up with Lupin?” Vye wiped her eyes once more. “He found me, in the woods, he knew. Draco left when I transformed, Lucius kicked me out, so I went to live with him.” Hermione then bowed her head. She knew Vye wasn’t like them, and like she said she would have never been afraid of her. It was the feeling that she had kept all of this in, all of it, and she never told a single person besides Lupin, and even with Lupin, she was practically forced to tell him.

“Oh Mione, I’m a monster.” Vye then began to cry even worse than before. She grabbed the photo and threw it at the wall. Hermione jumped at the smash. Hermione looked up, she saw Vye wheezing, unable to control her breath. Hermione cupped her face once more. “Vye- Violet- look at me.” Vye backed away. “PLEASE HERMIONE I DON’T WANT TO HURT YOU!” said Vye as she looked out the window, trying to see if the moon was out yet. Hermione grabbed Vyes arm, then her two shoulders.

“HERMIONE PLEASE I-” But Vye was cut off. Hermione had pulled her closer, locking lips with the frigid girl. Vye relaxed, also grabbing Hermione’s shoulders. But then Vye pulled back, staring deeply into her eyes. Hermione had a look of bliss on her face, and Vye couldn’t hold back. Violet then pulled Hermione back in, wrapping her arms around her neck. Hermione went with Violets rhythm, she was so happy she had finally done it, and she was doing it back.

Violet felt her heart thump against Hermione’s chest, she was feeling much better considering the setting, and the feelings at the library all seemed to go into their reserved places. Vye felt a sort of euphoria kissing Hermione, and it was all worth the pain. She continued to kiss Hermione until her skin began to feel tingly, and her hands began to shake. She pulled away and Hermione’s face was concerned. “Vye your hand,” said Hermione worried.

Violet had begun to turn, and fur was sprouting from her limbs. She stood up quickly, looking at Hermione one last time, and then she ran out of the door.

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