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Chapter 5- Amortentia's

The discomfort of concrete woke Vye from her slumber. She was in a dimly lit dungeon with scratches lining the walls. The ground and walls were made of concrete, and around her were torn chunks of cloth and fabric from clothing. Next to her was Lupin, still asleep but with bad scratches and even worsley mangled clothes. When she stood up most of the bones in her body cracked, as it seemed they were popping back into place. Her thighs and hips were covered in bruises, and her arms had scratches along the insides.

Violet quietly crept out the door that appeared to be used in medieval times. The hall had no light, so Vye pulled out her wand. “Lumos!” said Vye in a whisper. “Excuse me, do you know the time!” said one of the paintings on the walls. “Sorry, really, ope- sorry.” Vye continued down the hall, disturbing the paintings and unable to see three feet in front of her. Suddenly slight tapping was heard from behind her. Walking down the hall was Mrs. Norris. “Shoo, you wretched thing!” said Vye as she looked at the cat’s red eyes. Mrs. Norris seemed somewhat offended, and due to this went off to get her caretaker.

Violet had been walking for a few minutes, and as it seemed, she was still walking in the halls towards the moving staircases. She was now shivering, with Christmas only a few weeks away and the lack of put together clothes, the halls were like freezers. She continued to walk, shaking and holding onto her wand tightly. “EXCUSE ME, YOU- STOP- SNAPE WE FOUND ONE!” Vye turned round to find Filch holding a lantern, the snooty Mrs. Norris sat next to him. “You’re not getting out of this one girl!

Soon Snape came running down the hallway, wearing his sleeping robes. “Professor I- you know I- full moon-” said Vye as she stood there covering her bare skin. Snape turned towards Filch, his face looking very angry. “You absolute DINGBAT, she’s a LUPIN!” said Snape as he brushed his hair back. Filch stood there a few seconds processing, then he gave a small gasp, signaling he understood. “I’m sorry sir, Mrs. Norris alerted me and I- I thought it was Potter.” Snape looked around then back at Vye, “Potter isn’t with you is he?” Vye shook her head no fast and stood there a little while longer. “So, can I go back to my dorm or-” Snape nodded yes and turned back around. Filch nodded as well, signaling an almost sorry goodbye.

Finally Violet arrived at the steps up to Gryffindor common room. “Baubles,” said Vye as she walked into the fire lit room. She was shocked when she walked in, she had suspected nobody to be awake. “Where have you been?” said Harry looking at her clothes and dirty face. “Nowhere.” Harry and Violet stood staring at each other for a while. “I’m gonna go to bed-” said Vye and Harry nodded, quickly sitting back down by the fire. Violet entered the dorms, the chest was now back under the bed, and everybody was asleep normally. Holy shit. Vye had forgotten she kissed Hermione. To be honest-- she had completely forgotten she had even told Hermione anything. But when she remembered she felt embarrassed, yet happy. She felt like something was lifted off of her shoulders, but at the same time, her history wasn’t the cleanest, and that might make anybody back away. The kiss was great, and she didn’t know if Hermione really felt that way, or if it was just to calm her down. Either way she was tired and that was something only sleep could fix.

Violet sat on her bed, looking at a clock and calendar. It was six AM on Monday the first day of classes. She laid her head down on her pillow, hoping to find some comfort in the warmth. She was fine until she heard the crumpling of paper underneath her head. Beneath her ear was a small letter, sealed with red wax and a gold heart. When she opened it she began to read. “Dear Vye, we need to talk. Tonight there is a Hufflepuff party in their common room. Lavender and Parvati will be gone. I know this might be confusing for both of us, I understand. See you in the morning. Love, Mione.” Vye smirked at the word love. Her heart beating much faster than it was before, she laid her down once more, trying to salvage any sleep she could get.

A knipping was felt at her ear. Vye rolled over to see the sun and a small, fluttering owl. “Pig? How did you get in here.” She gave him a pat as she sat up. “Go on, go back to Ronald.” The clock said eight. Breakfast starts at eight thirty. Violet stood and went to her wardrobe, still very groggy and tired from the lack of sleep. She picked out a very cute gray sweater and a skirt with tights. She tied her tie and began to walk to the door, just barely turning the handle before it quickly opened.

“BLIMEY RONALD- ARE YOU THAT INCOMPETENT!” staring back at her was Hermione, now flustered and wide eyed. “I-sorry-I didn’t know-” Hermione stuttered over herself. Violet was just as surprised as she returned a wink and walked right by. Hermione was now bright red, even more flustered than before. Violet began to question if she really just did that and headed down the steps to the common room.

Sitting on the couch was Harry and Ron. Ron looked mildly nervous whilst Harry was happily reading a book about quidditch. “Ron, what did you do.” said Vye sternly. Ron did not speak but Harry looked up smirking. “He didn’t do ANY and I mean ANY summer reading.” Vye opened her mouth in shock, slightly shaking her head. “Good thing you have Hermione to take care of you, or you’d still be back in second year.” Harry snickered and shut his book. Vye scoffed and headed out of the portrait hole, soon going right down the moving staircases.

On the way to the great hall she spotted Salazar. He was looking down on her with disgust, but in retaliation, Violet stuck both middle fingers up at the old man. He looked very offended, which meant Vye had done her job.

Vye sat at the gryffindor table, reading a book about veritaserum. She felt at peace, that was until a commotion was heard from the Hufflepuff. When she turned behind her to see, she saw Lexi, Scarpitti and Matt playing wizards chess. Matt was chuckling whilst the other two played the game. “I just put your king in check,” said Scarpitti whilst laughing. “THAT’S BECAUSE YOU WON’T TEACH ME HOW TO PLAY!” said Lexi upset. Matt gave one more laugh. “It’s rather funny-” Lexi then hit Matt on the shoulder. “SHUT UP!”

Vye turned round, seeing such young kids being friends was one of the better things that week. Violet pulled the note out of her pocket and began to examine it. The “Love Mione” was a phrase that gave her butterflies, and her handwriting was better than anything she’d ever seen. But whilst looking at the letter, the rest of the group came down, so she stuffed it back into her pocket. Ron sat down quick and started shoveling food into his mouth, causing Hermione to look the other way in disgust. Hermione backed into Vye a little bit more. Vye was surprised, but she wasn’t complaining. Sitting next to Hermione was great, and honestly, the farther from Ron the better.

“Oh! Forgot to tell you guys,” said Harry as he took another piece of toast. “Draco gave me a note at quidditch practice yesterday, said to meet him in the prefect’s bathroom after sundown.” Ron sputtered. “You better not go! Not after that first time he tricked you- you’re gonna get filched again!” Hermione nodded, then turning to Violet. Violet sat and thought for a second. “I say go.” Hermione turned her head away but quickly back to face Vye. “What!” Violet shrugged and set down her glass. “You know Mione it might be something interesting- plus i’ve been teaching Harry those defense spells, he will be fine!” Harry nodded, setting down his glass as well.

“Well, potions start in five, you coming or not?” said Vye as she stood up. “Like we could miss Snape’s class anyway…” said Ron sadly.

Snape’s class was dark and slightly damp. Each table had a cauldron set on top, and each stool was painted black. “Hello class, sit- quickly I don’t have time for your wandering!” Vye and Hermione sat at their usual table. Listening closely whilst taking notes. Harry and Ron on the other hand were goofing off, passing notes, and whispering very loudly. Vye was fearful for her friends after what she saw snape do to a gryffindor last week so she used a messaging spell. “Liseenado!” said Vye quietly. From now on whatever she said, Harry could hear perfectly in his head. She lowered her head, covering her mouth slightly. “Hey birdbrains, shut up!” said Violet. Harry whipped his head around, staring at Vye confused. He began to mouth something but Snape had seen him, so he walked up to the table and smacked him on the head with a roll of parchment.

“NOW- what I was going to say before Potter and Weasley interrupted, was that we will be making amortentias today!” Hermione and Vye smiled, after reading the brief history of love potions both had been rather interested. “First, everybody adds in their Ashwinder egg- no- not like- LONGBOTTOM!- Ugh whatever- next your rose thorn, then your peppermint, VERY CAREFULLY ADD YOUR POWDERED MOONSTONE, good- now your pearl dust.” The room was now covered with pink smoke. A very familiar smell wafted in the air. “Weasley, what is it you smell, then we shall go around the room.”

Ron smelled the cauldron. “Mmmmmm- Sausages- bacon- and thats chicken!” The entire class giggled at his response, but all it got was an eye roll from Snape. Harry went next. “I smell green apples, mint, and-” suddenly his eyes went very wide. “I don’t smell anything else.” Snape nodded and it went to Violet. “I smell Vanilla, flowers, and the pages inside a book.” Hermione looked at her and became pink. Ron and Harry smirked and leaned back a little bit trying not to laugh. When it got to Hermione snape stopped. “Ope- class is over! Leave.” Everybody quickly left the classroom, shuffling and gossiping in the hall.

The end of the day came quick, and the common room was like bliss compared to their last class of the day which was transfiguration. The four sat around the fire, books and papers scattered the ground as they did their homework. “Guys, what on earth is a bowtruckle!” Hermione looked up at Ron sadly. “You really are hopeless-” said Vye. He sighed and closed a book. Harry looked down at his watch. “Oh shit- I gotta go meet Draco, see you later!” said Harry as he ran out of the room. “He sure is happy to meet Draco- im gonna head up, see you later.” The girls nodded and looked at eachother. “Time to talk?” said Vye, Hermione nodded.

Vye and Hermione sat down on Violet’s bed, both looking slightly worried. It was silent until Hermione started mumbling. “I’m sorry I shouldn’t have kissed you, I know you don’t feel that way but I do and it’s really confusing I just-” but Vye had pulled her in for another kiss. Hermione was shocked and backed away. “Are you sure I don’t want you to feel forced-″ But Vye sat up and placed her hand on the side of Hemriones cheek. “Oh but I do-”

Hermione went back in for another kiss. Violet’s lips were soft and gentle. She kissed Ron last summer but kissing him was like having a battle.

~Hey guys Lexi here- yes the hufflepuff first year. And yes Scarpitti and Matt are my real friends making cameos. I just wanted to thank you all for reading and supporting me whilst I write this. Love you all <3-Lexi~

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