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Fearless Love


Adelaide Frost was an outgoing, cheerful, and happy hufflepuff on the outside, however, to others she was a cunning, assertive, and ambitious slytherin. She was sorted into slytherin on her first day at Hogwarts, but the sorting hat decided she would fit better into hufflepuff. Adelaide feared she would get put into slytherin because she didn't want to end up like her mother, Bellatrix Lestrange. The only people who actually knew who Adelaide's mother was were Remus Lupin, Sirius Black, The Tonks family, The Malfoy family, and a few of the Hogwarts professors. It killed Adelaide to lie to all of her friends, but she would rather be a liar than have people hate her just because of her Death Eater mother. The story begins the summer before Adelaide's seventh and final year at Hogwarts. She had been in a relationship with her best friend, Cedric Diggory, since their second year at Hogwarts, but are no longer together due to Cedric's death. She struggled with coping by using drugs at first, but eventually got better and had her foster mother, Andromeda Tonks, obliviate the pain and guilt she felt about Cedric's death. She wanted nothing but to get back to her normal life she had lived before Cedric died, so her best friends, Fred Weasley, George Weasley, and Adrian Pucey, did everything they could to bring her back to her happy self. This book is also on wattpad. Same username. :)

Romance / Fantasy
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Background Info/Introduction

TW: this story will contain heavy smut, language, drinking, drugs, panic/anxiety attacks, self harm, and possibly EDs.

This chapter is going to just give some information.

Adelaide Frost was adopted by Andromeda and Ted Tonks when she was about 5 years old due to her mothers incarceration in Azkaban. Adelaide's father took her from Bellatrix and brought Adelaide to the Tonks' because he knew they were a better fit as a family. No one ever heard from Adelaide's father afterwards, it was assumed he had died, but no one knew for sure.

Adelaide had grown up with the Weasley twins and Adrian Pucey. She was around them constantly due to their parents all being good friends. It wasn't just the Weasley twins Adelaide was around. She always spent time with the whole Weasley family. There wasn't a summer she didn't spend a couple weeks at The Burrow. Not to mention all of the time she was there when they were home-schooled before Hogwarts. She had the most interactions with the twins and Ginny. She was the only girl who was ever around The Burrow constantly. Sure Bill and Charlie had their share of girlfriends and female friends that would come over, but Adelaide was there more than all of them combined. To Ginny she was like an older sister, and Adelaide didn't mind because all she had was an older foster sister, Nymphadora Tonks. Tonks and Adelaide got along quite well, but Tonks was a couple years older than Adelaide, so she felt she was too cool for Adelaide. When it came to school and afterschool activities, the two didn't always see eye to eye, but they had other unique things in common. Like Tonks, Adelaide was a metamorphagus, but it wasn't her hair that would change colors, it was her eyes. Tonks always seemed to embrace her gifts, but Adelaide hated them. She wished she could've been normal. She had already felt like an outcast enough, and having her eyes constantly change made her feel even more self conscious. Not to mention, she always struggled with controlling it. She never knew when to change her eye colors back. As she got older, she found it easier to tell when they changed or how to change them back, but as she matured, so did her powers. She had also learned that she was able to manipulate nature and produce wandless magic.

There were a few people who helped with her insecurties though. Those people were Fred and George Weasley, Adrian Pucey, and Lee Jordan. Those four were her closest friends after Cedric died. She had grown up with the Weasleys' and Pucey, so she had already been super close with them. She met Lee on her first day at Hogwarts not long after Cedric, and they clicked immediately. With Lee and Adelaide constantly being around the twins, it allowed them to get closer and grow a strong friendship.

It was really common to see Adelaide sitting under one of the columns at Hogwarts coming up with song lyrics, journaling, or writing stories. She loved anything to do with writing. Once the twins and Lee found out about Adelaide's love of song writing and music during their 3rd year, they suggested to start a band. Adelaide was hesitant at first, but with the boys constant nagging, she gave in. She felt it could be a good escape for herself from all of the constant stress and anxiety she was under. They decided to call the band The Mischeif's. The name was Fred and George's idea because of the Maurader's Map. Fred and Lee were on guitar, George was on drums, and Adelaide was lead vocals. However, she did play the guitar and keyboard sometimes.

It was always rumored that Fred Weasley had had feelings for Adelaide, but she just thought they were just rumors since she was with Cedric and Fred's constant line of girls. Next to Cedric, she cared about Fred the most. It was different with him. She was always worried about the way he would react to the things she did, and it wasn't like that with the other guys. She just had a different connection with Fred, and she was about to see how different that connection was.

AN: This is my first actual fanfiction. I have some Aaron Hotchner one-shots on wattpad, so check those out if you want. I might convert them here too just cuz, but I will keep you updated. The wattpad username is the same as this one. I love when I get ideas from you guys, so comment any suggestions or request you might have. I am basing this fanfiction off of my DR, but I am open to anything. I am not sure how long this is going to be, but if you guys like it and want me to keep going, i will. I am a high school student who also does sports, so please bare with me about updating. I am going to try and update as much as I can. PLEASE vote on the chapters so I know people like it and are reading it, and it will also tell me if I should keep updating or not. If you guys ever need anything please message me. I have a tiktok and it is @voidevanss so you can also contact me on there. Love you guys, Marissa
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