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Fearless Love

two: the deal

The first ginger to see me was Ginny. Her smile lit up and she ran out of the house. She jumped into my arms.

“I missed you so much,” she stated.

“I missed you too, Gin.”

It wasn’t long after my dad brought my trunk in the house, two twins ran out and tackled me to the ground.

I could barely see anything with their long red locks hanging in my face. I tried to push them off of me, but they were much stronger than me. “Will you two get off so I can breathe?” They got off of me and pulled me back up so I was standing. They looked at me like everyone else had for the past couple of weeks. “Stop that.”

“What?” George asked.

“Stop looking at me like I’m some fragile vase ready to break. I’m fine and I want to be treated like no one ever died. Just... try not to bring him up please,” I pleaded.

“We promise,” Fred said while bringing me in for another hug. “Let’s go set up your stuff, yeah?”

I nodded and walked into the house to be greeted by the rest of the Weasleys. I saw Molly, Arthur, and Ron. Before I got to talk to any of the other Weasleys, my dad came and said goodbye to me.

“Oh Adelaide, dear. How are you?” Molly asked while pulling me in for a warm hug.

“I’m alright. Molly, thank you for letting me stay with you all. It means so much to me.”

“Oh please. We love having you here. You’re a Weasley at heart.” I couldn’t help, but smile at Molly’s kind words. I said hello to Ron and Arthur before Fred and George pulled me upstairs.

Once George closed the door, we all sat on his bed for about two minutes in silence until Bill and Charlie came in. “Where’s our girl?” Charlie asked.”

“She’s not your girl,” Fred hollered.

“Have you made her yours yet?” Bill asked with a smirk. My face was as red as all of their hair and so was Fred’s. “That’s what I thought. Come on, love,” Bill stuck out his hand for me to grab, and I did.

“Where are you taking her exactly?” George asked.

“Just to catch up,” Charlie grinned.

I think Bill could tell I was unsure about going with them, so he threw me over his shoulder. I yelped and hit his back in a playful manner. “Bill, put me down.”

“I will, love.”

After going up a couple flights of stairs, we entered Bill’s room. It looked a lot different than Fred and George’s. He had much less posters and the colors displayed were much darker. Bill laid me down on his bed, but made sure he hovered over me for a few seconds.

“So, I guess you’re wondering why we brought you in here?” Charlie asked.

“To catch up?” I asked hoping that was the answer.

“Yes and no,” Bill said. “First off, how are you with everything?”

“I’m fine. I try not to think about it, and I don’t most days,” I responded.

“That’s good,” Charlie said. “It’ll get easier.”

“I’m hoping it does.”

“Do you remember that girl I dated in my sixth year?” Bill asked.

“Think so. Didn’t she die?” I asked bluntly.

“Yeah, want to know how I got over it?” Bill asked.

“I’m scared for the answer, but yes,” I responded.

“Sex,” Bill responded with a laugh.

My breath hitched and I just looked at them. “I’m sorry, what?”

“Me and Bill were thinking and we thought it could be a good way of getting you back out there easier and it could be a good way to forget,” Charlie responded.

“Who are you suggesting I do this with?” I asked.

The two of them looked at each other before answering. In so many ways, they were just like Fred and George. “Us,” they both responded.

“If you’re uncomfortable or don’t want to, we get it,” Charlie said. “We just thought we would offer.”

“If it did happen, it would be after you turn 18. It’s in two weeks right?” Bill asked. I nodded. “We would also keep this between us if you wanted. Fred and George or anyone else don’t need to know.”

I just sat there and contemplated their suggestion. Was I actually thinking about doing it? I wasn’t feeling guilty because of Cedric. When my mom obliviated my pain, she also obliviated my guilt about moving on and finding someone else. I was feeling guilty because they were Fred and George’s older brothers. At the same time, they were Bill and Charlie. Both had dark, red hair that accented their every features. It wasn’t uncommon for a Weasley to be greatly attractive. It just ran in their genes. Both Bill and Charlie also had very toned muscles, which added to their handsomeness.

“Are you actually thinking about it?” Charlie asked.

“We would keep this between us three? No one will ever know?” I asked.

“Not if you didn’t want,” Bill responded.

I took a deep breath and thought about my answer. “I’ll do it, but is it alright if I change my mind when it’s time to do it?”

“Of course,” they both answered.

“Love, why don’t you go spend time with Fred and George? We can catch up later,” Bill stated.

“Alright.” I got off of the bed and went back up to the twins room. I took a breath before walking in.

“About time you came back,” George said. I laughed nervously.

“What did they want?” Fred asked jealously.

“They just wanted to catch up. No need to be jealous, Freddie,” I said while walking over to him. I didn’t want to lie to them. I was just embarrassed. Not from the sex, but because it was their older brothers.

“I’m not,” he huffed.

“Sure you aren’t,” George whispered.

“What do you boys want to do?” I asked.

They pulled out some music and lyrics they had worked on. We talked about music and worked on songs for what felt like hours. It most likely was, the three of us always got caught up in the music when we worked on it.

We were all brought out of our trance by Molly’s yelling, “Dinner is ready!”

“Dinner time already?” I asked and we all laughed.

We ran downstairs knowing we were probably the last ones informed, so we wouldn’t get good seats. Right as we got to the bottom, we all tripped. Fred and George got up and sat down leaving one seat open. Right between Charlie and Bill.

“Shit,” I muttered under my breath. I walked over and sat between the two boys.

“Hello, love,” Bill whispered in my ear.

“Been a while, hasn’t it,” Charlie added.

I took a breath and whispered back, “Are you two really going to tease me for two weeks?”

They both placed their hands on my thighs. My breath hitched and I bit my lip. “Possibly,” Bill whispered. These next two weeks were going to be torture.

Dinner ended quicker than I thought, which was fantastic. Fred, George, and I worked on our songs and played some music for the rest of the night until it was time to go to bed.

While I was laying on the mattress in between Fred and George’s beds I couldn’t stop thinking about Bill and Charlie’s offer. It scared me that they would see me so vulnerable, but excited me at the same time since I had crushes on them when I was smaller. I started to slowly fall asleep.

I opened my eyes to see Bill hovering over me shirtless. He was so handsome. I ran my hands up his chest and over his shoulders. He pulled me in for a kiss. It was long and sloppy.

My attention was switched when I felt a pair of hands run along my chest, they were Charlie’s. His hands and arms had so many scars along them due to his line of work. He tilted my head so he could have access to my lips. I was flipped over by Charlie so my ass was near Bill’s face. He started to squeeze it which caused me to moan.

“Quiet, love. You wouldn’t want anyone to hear your pretty little sounds, would you?” Charlie asked.

I shook my head and dove back into Charlie’s lips. It was easy to get lost in his mouth. I felt Bill start to pull down my shorts, so my underwear could be exposed.

Bill ran his coarse fingers over my underwear. “Is this what you want?” He asked.

“Yes,” I responded quickly.

“Beg,” Bill said sternly.

“What?” I asked.

“He said ‘beg’, love,” Charlie told me.

“Please. Please,” I started to mutter.

“Please,” I said.

“Adelaide, are you alright?” George whispered.

It took me a second to realize my dream had ended. “Yeah, I’m fine. Sorry, bad dream.” I stuffed my head back and my pillow wished my dream would play again, but it never did.

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