The twins had dropped out year 5 as planned. They soon opened a store called Weasleys' Wizarding Wheezes, where they sold all sorts of stuff really. From love potions to magic beans to magical chocolates and even more! It was a hit in the wizarding world, everyone heard about it there was no doubt that this was their destiny.

The Weasley twins consisted of George and Fred, both extreme pranksters, good students (up until they dropped out of course), and all around good people. They were identical, barely anyone could tell them apart. There was many ways if people just looked closer or got to know them as Amelia did.

Amelia would notice the straightness in Fred's upper lip while Georges was a bit more bumpier. She noticed that Fred was the shortest of the two, and how George has a slight bump on his nose and Fred doesn't. Amelia noticed these little details, the little things really.

Amelia or as her close friends would call her Lia, would go into their shop everyday with Luna. Not to buy things, though that was her excuse every time to get Luna to come with, but to stroll around and stare at Fred Weasley.

"You like him. I can tell" Luna said in a but of a joking tone.

"Pffft.. No I don't, and you don't see anything" Amelia said slightly defensive.

"I mean if you say so..." Luna then walked into the love potions section where the twins were standing.

Lia hesitated to follow knowing the butterflies in her stomach would just grow and grow till she exploded. She walked over anyway trying to ignore the two devilishly handsome boys in front of her.

"Luna, shouldn't we be getting to Olivanders so you can request a job there?" Amelia said trying to get out of the store.

"Looking for a job eh?" George stated.

"We've got some jobs open if you two truly need one!" Replied Fred with a grin on his face.

"I mean it's the least we can do for our favorite Ravenclaws" They both replied in unison and winked.

"Aren't you two truly nice! We will both accept" Luna said cheerly.

Amelia's head was spinning miles a minute, a job...where he works?!? How could she not accept.

"Yeah it could be fun" She Replied playing it cool.

She has been playing it cool for years now. I think this crush started the first time Ron had invited them over for dinner and Fred snorted chocolate milk out of his nose to try and make George laugh.

"Alright! You two start tomorrow" Fred said in his best bossy like voice.

"See you then" George replied all excided.

One thing that was clear was that Amelia and George were bestfriends, after all she did hook him up with Angelina and they have been dating for quite some time now. Fred and her weren't that close just because every time that she hung out with George, Fred was always busy. It seemed suspicious at times, like he was lying to get away from her it almost felt. But she just brushed it off the best she could, though it did hurt her feelings at times. But Amelia was as tough as a rock, never let anyone get to her, she was strong.

From then on her and Luna worked at the Weasley's Wizarding Wheezes, a place that Amelia thought she would never work at in a million years.million years.
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