Amelia stopped by the Weasley's house almost everyday she could, she never spent a week without them. They began to feel like home for her. She never wanted to leave because of how welcoming it felt.

"Hi sweetie" Molly said with a smile on her face.

"Do you think you could do something for me?" said Molly.

Amelia replied quickly "Of course Mrs. Weasley! Anything!".

Molly then took Amelia into a separate room where Arthur Weasley was sitting.

"We need you to watch the house for us" Molly said quietly to avoid anyone from hearing over.

"But why not George and Fred, they are older" Amelia asked Molly.

To be honest Molly adored Amelia and she knew that her son liked her by the way he would constantly talk about her and how shy he would get so he would just avoid spending time alone.

"Um, we just though you would love to stay here with them dearie." Molly said in her sweet and loving voice.

Amelia couldn't say no to Molly Weasley, her favorite mother in the wizarding world (besides he own of course).

"Invite whoever you want to make you feel more at home" Molly replied,

"I mean we do have the rooms to harbor more children" Arthur said jokingly.

Later that night 5 of them turned into the 8 of them, Fred and George, Ron, Ginny, Harry, Hermione, Amelia, and Luna all cooped up in the Weasley's house.

"We will be back, Love you all" Molly and Arthur said to all of them. Then a flash of green light whooshed over the fireplace, and they were gone.

"Woot party time" F&G said laughing.

Everyone started to chuckle at F&G's joke. Later that night everyone was up late. All the girls had decided to all sleep in Ginny's Room. All the boys decided to sleep in the twins room, seeing how it was the largest of them all. In Ginny's room the girls were all giggling at a joke Hermione made about Ron.

"Hermione... got a crush on Ron I see" Said Ginny giggling.

The girls staring at Hermione whos turned beet red in her face.

"So what if I do" She said in a defensive and serious tone.

"I see it.. really I do" Amelia replied.

"A bloke like him with our sweet Hermione, I see it too" Luna chimed in.

"You think I have a chance Ginny?" Hermione said in a soft voice.

"Bloody hell, YES! It's constantly Hermione this, Hermione that with him" Ginny replied mocking her brother.

"Do It!" all the girls chant giggling.

"You know what maybe I will" Hermine said standing up looking in a mirror and fixing herself to go get Ronald.

"Wooooot" all the girls cheered.

Back in the boys room Ron's shoving food down his throat, almost choking. All the boys dared him to do this and are all laughing their asses off.

"Fuck Ron, who knew you could eat so much!" Harry said shocked.

George and Fred at the same time "Wicked".

"So Harry, what are you planning to do with our little sister?" Ron said with a mouth full of food.

"What?!" The twins replied back with.

"Well thanks for that Ron" Harry said frustrated.

"Do tell us now, why waste time" Fred said encouragingly.

"Ok I'll go in there and ask to speak with her, to be honest I don’t have a label quite yet" and that's exactly what Harry did.
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