It was late at night, laughing was heard throughout the burrow. Hermione and Harry got up and walked out the doors of the room that were right across from each other.

"Oh... Harry you startled me" Hermione whispered.

"Sorry Hermione" Harry whispered back.

"What are you doi-" they both paused saying the same thing at the same time.

"I'll have you know Harry I was being spontaneous" Hermione said with great pride.

"If you say so Hermione" Harry laughed. They both walked passed each other into the opposite rooms.

"Uhh....Ginny?" Harry said unsurely.

"Yes Harry" Ginny replied.

"Would you come with me for a bit?" Harry said rubbing the back of his neck looking down.

"Sure!" As Ginny and Harry were walking out of her room they could hear the ooo's from the other girls.

Before Hermione walked in she reassured herself that this was right and even better timing and that she could do it.

"Ronald?" Hermione said slipping into the room.

"Her- Hermione, what are you doing in here?" Ron said with a face full of food.

"Ronald just come with me, I have to talk to you." Ron got up almost slipping on his own pant leg.

"Well I suppose its just us Freddie" Georgie said.

"Wanna make a bet?" Fred said to George with a grin on his face.

"It's on Freddie" George said.

Amelia looked at Luna, slightly sad she wasn't in Ginny's shoes but Fred instead.

"You will have your time" Luna said as though she could read Amelia's mind.

"Yeah I suppose" Amelia answered a bit bummed.

Luna then dozed off, Hermione hadn't returned and neither did Ginny. The both of them found a room to spend with their new boyfriends. Hermione did nothing but hug, cuddle and talk Ron's ear off while he just dazed off staring into her eyes. While Ginny and Harry were cuddling and making out just a bit.

Amelia woke up and couldn't go back to bed, so she went to go downstairs and watch TV so she didn't disrupt Luna sleeping soundly like an angel. As for Fred he never went to bed, he just couldn't stop thinking about everything and anything. Amelia left her wand upstairs thinking she wouldn't need it. Walking down the stairs she almost fell down them tripping on a banana peel Ron left for Harry to slip on in the morning. Fred heard it and got up to go inspect it.

Amelia turned on the TV just as a ginger headed 6'3 boy walked down the stairs.

"What are you doing up this late darling" Fred said in a cute deep voice that nearly killed Amelia.

"Couldn't sleep so here I am" Amelia replied softly.

"Mind if I join ya?" Fred asked hoping for a yes.

"Yeah of course!"

Amelia and Fred were alone sitting on the couch watching an old quidditch world cup game. In fact it was the first she had ever been to, and with the Weasley's as a matter of fact. The butterflies in Amelia's stomach grew and grew while sitting next to Fred. She noticed that Fred would slowly move closer to her every minute, thinking she didn't notice him he kept doing it.

They were two inches away from each other, there was no waiting anymore Amelia thought. Now's the time, make my move and see how it plays out Amelia said in her head.

"So, quidd-" Fred tried to say but he was interrupted by Amelia who had moved closer, grabbed his face and passionately kissed his lips.

The kiss was everything Amelia ever wanted. Soft and slow at first, then Fred moved away.

"Amelia!?!" Fred said surprised.

"Umm...Did you not-" Amelia couldn't finish her sentence with Fred pressing his lips up against hers abruptly with an intense desired feel to it. Like he needed this forever and now that he has gotten it, he's complete. The way their lips met was magic, nothing topped that. It was hypnotic, the way he moved his body towards her with every savory kiss they had. The feeling was extremely irresistible. Both of them could never deny this.

Fred slowly ran his hands down her back to her ass, one swift erotic movement. Amelia ran her hands upwards to Fred's hair where she proceeded to run her hands through it then back down to his neck. The room was getting steamy quick. This was the best Amelia had ever had. Fred on the other hand had, had many relationships before this but nothing was quite like Amelia. A girl he would never look at the same ever again.

As they slow down both heavily breathing indicating to each other through each huff and slowed good feeling puff.

"That was incredible" Fred said out of breath and turned on.

"I can say the same" Amelia giggled back.

The both of them laughing a bit at this abrupt unplanned make out session.

"So I should-" Fred slowly got up, moving his had up and down his neck flustered and face beet red from the lust of Amelia.

"Yeah totally" Amelia said looking down face red and embarrassed.

Amelia looked Fred up and down before he left, she got her eyes caught on one thing in particular. As Fred walked upstairs she couldn't stop thinking about her kiss with Fred and how mesmerizing it was. It sent her in a trance, she needed him more now than ever no matter what and no matter who.

All Amelia could think was ‘Thanks Mrs. Weasley’, for she's the one who had her stay over and this would have never happened if she didn't.

All Amelia could think was "Thanks Mrs. Weasley", for she's the one who had her stay over and this would have never happened if she didn't.
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