Fred just returned to his room where he saw George asleep.

"Georgie, Georgie wake up!" Fred said shaking his twin eagerly to tell him what just happened.

"Huh?" George said half awake and half asleep.

"GEORGE WAKE UP" Fred nearly screamed.

"WHAT, I'm awake now?" George said getting pissed.

"I just had the best kiss of my life, you wont even believe me when I tell you".

"Bloody hell Freddie" said George with the biggest grin on his face.

Fred's face was blushing like crazy, he had to tell someone and who better than his twin? The boys spent the rest of the night chatting about girls and sex and every thing in between.

'What am I still doing up here?' Amelia said to herself. Still in a daze from what just happened. As she headed upstairs she could hear the boys talking and she blushed and giggled. walking past the door into Ginny's room, she wasn't even there. Luna was still sleeping soundly in one of the beds Ginny brought in for them.

As the sun rose so did Amelia. She headed downstairs to get a cup of water, walked outside and noticed George sitting in the chair next to the one she planned to sit in.

"Oh, didn't think you'd be awake this early?" Amelia said spooking George a bit.

"Early bird i suppose" he responded. Amelia sat down next to the Weasley,

"I suppose you heard..." Amelia asked George.

"Yeah" He replied with a smile on his face laughing a bit.

"Cut it out" Amelia said giggling back to him.

Amelia told George every thing form her pov and George was listing with a blushed face and a devilish grin slowly sipping the tea he woke up tp make.

Slowly everyone started to wake, one by one. First was of course Hermione and Ron, then Luna followed by Ginny and Harry and lastly the other half of the Weasley twins. They were all sitting in the living room while the twins made breakfast. The twins were genuinely good cooks with the magic they remembered but without the only thing the could make was toast but even that took help.

"Food" both twins said simultaneously to the crowd of people in the next room.

"So?" Amelia said drawing it out looking at the new couples sitting next to her. Hemione's face slowly filled with a rosy tint,

"It was bloody amazing" Ron replied for her.

He too was pink in the face. Harry went to speak but Ginny stopped him in his tracks and said "Brilliant" like she just knew what he was going to say.

After breakfast everyone kind of split up, Ginny & Harry and Hermione & Ron were playing board games, George was fascinated by Luna telling some story about when she was a kid and as for Amelia and Fred.. Amelia was doing homework upstairs and Fred was in the room next to her day dreaming.

"God damn it!" Amelia screamed out frustrated at the homework Snape had given her to up her grade.

It was the only class she struggled in because of how tough Snape was.

"Need some help?" Fred walked in the room charming as ever.

"What?!?" Amelia said startled.

"I passed his class with an A, what can I do" Fred insisted.

Amelia was so caught up in school work she didn't even note what was going on. Fred sat down next to her, took her paper and pen and started to do her work in the best handwriting he could to impersonate hers.

"Fred you don't have to-' she was cut off by his finger gently pressed up against her lips shushing her.

Persuaded by the power of Fred Weasley she became quiet.

"All done?" Fred said in a matter of seconds,

"H-how?" Amelia was confused.

"Like I said Madden, I passed his class with an easy A" Fred said confidently.

"How can I repay you?" Amelia pleaded.

"No need Madden" Fred looked at her with his cute sparkly eyes.

Irresistible, overpowering, beckoning his lips slowly became. Fred was about to leave when Amelia grabbed her wand,

"Colloportus" she said pointing at the door standing up confidently looking at Fred.

"Wha-" Fred said then turned around confused. Another spell was casted

"Fianto Duri, Muffliato" one to keep the other spell active and one to muffle the ears of anyone around.

"Amelia what's going on?" Fred asked shocked.

"Something I should've done a long time ago Freddie" Amelia said snickering and smirking.

She slowly walked up to Fred who was standing still waiting for her to make the first move. As Amelia walked up to him she acted like she was going in for a hug when she reached passed him turning the lights to a dim. She then carefully put her hands on Fred's face, him placing his hands on her hips as she went in for a kiss. With every kiss she gradually moved down, lower and lower planting a kiss every inch down. They both wanted this badly, Fred couldn't have been caught off guard more in a situation and Amelia couldn't have been more dominant than ever. With every kiss down Fred let out a soft moan, getting more intense the farther she went. He was sensitive and Amelia used that against him. Amelia ripped the belt off Fred's pants throwing it onto the bed, unbuckled his pants, pulled them down until she got to his boxers.

"Is this what you want?" She said slowly and seductively back into his ear.

Fred simply said "More than ever, I want you to take all of me... Now."

Amelia smiled and made her way back down to Fred's dick. She pulled down his boxers revealing his 10". 'how the actual-‘ she said in her head. Placing her lips on the tip of his member he let out a deep moan, he could barely stand. They moved to the bed where he could sit and she could kneel onto the ground. Fred was fully erect, just for Amelia. The thought of her lips on him, the feeling of her lips on him was intoxicating. Fred placed one hand on her head helping her and one hand on the back of the bed keeping him stable. Amelia looked up every once in a while to see Fred's eyes rolling back into his head.

She was growing more and more wet from all of this. Her panties were soaked from Fred and just him alone. Amelia sped up focusing on the tip of his dick, Fred was moaning and groaning from the satisfaction.

"Keep- going" he said in and out of breath. Amelia speed up, then slow down, then sped up teasing him.

"Madden- what are you- doing?" he said shakily. she knew what she was doing.

"Madden be a - good girl" he said frustrated and moaning,

"Make me cum" he pleaded to her.

She was dominant and in control and she loved it.

"If you say so" Amelia said like it was nothing.

She placed her lips and mouth back on his dick moving up and down fast and faster around his tip. Rubbing her tongue on the crease of his tip. He went crazy for this, this was what he craved all this time. Everything he needed was right in front of him.

"Don't... Stop... now" he prayed. She didn't stop this time and the more he moaned and spoke to her this way the more wet she grew.

Fred started shaking a bit, his dick pulsing in her mouth when he gave a great big moan of relief. Amelia had made him cum like it was nothing, easy and within minutes.

"Holly fuck Madden" Fred said out of breath from the pleasuring he just got.

Amelia stood up eye level to him and kissed him aggressively over and over again. Fred got up, pulled his boxers up, then his pants, buttoned them and grabbed his belt, and put it back on.

"Now I don't owe you Weasley" Amelia giggled laying down on top of Fred on the bed. Fred started laughing back.
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