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Alohomora - f.w.


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1. Jokes

"Amelia, mind handing me the box in the corner, over there?" asked Fred pointing to the boxes direction while out of breath from running up and down the stairs carrying boxes. "I'll bring this one upstairs and you go into the flat, Fred. You've been working since 9:00 a.m.. Go take a nap." I said back "But-" "But nothing Freddie-" I stood there blushing with my eyes wide open realizing what I had said. "Freddie, huh?" getting closer by the second.

Me and the twins had known each other since we were born, which was, April 1st, 1978, April Fools' Day. Now you know why me and the twins were and still are good pranksters. My mother and father, Hailey and Noah West, died when I was born. They didn't want me so they faked a murder, then actually died. I say its karma. Lupin and Tonks took me in and that's how I met Hillary Tonks, my best friend, she's been dating George for about a year now. Fred and I, well...we have a sort of flirtatious friendship. That's all I'm saying from my point of view.

"I meant 'Fred', sorry.." I blurted out, not making eye contact with the gorgeous, Fred Weasley. "No worries, darling." He smirked back in response.


"Fred?" I turned around and stopped and looked down at the 5'5" 20 year old. "Yes, shortie?" I said mischievously "Don't call me that. Anyways, wanna head up to the flat?" "Sure, but you're cooking this time" I replied walking backwards then turning around to run up the the stairs "LAST ONE UP IS A ROTTEN EGG" called George and Hillary, hearing our conversation before.


He grabbed my waist and put me over his shoulder, "LET ME GO YOU BIMBO" I yelled, my balled up hands punching his back. "NEVER" He cackled.

We got to the top of the stairs where he let me down softly. "Git" I mumbled under my breath, "What was that, bookworm?" "Nothing" I rolled my eyes.


"Thanks again short-stack for the meal!" Fred grinned "No problem, Freddie." I spoke as I messed up his hair. "Did you just call me 'Freddie'?" He asked with visible blushing and shyness "Yes, that's your nickname now since you have loads for me, Freddiekins." I said in a sarcastic tone. He once again grabbed me by the waist put me over his shoulder and set me down on the couch. He was top, I was bottom. We stared at each other. He was so damn hot. I couldn't help myself. I grabbed him by the collar of his shirt and kissed him. He slowly snaked his hand around my waist. He then moved on to my neck, "Right on, Fred!" teased George. "Fuck, I'm sorry Fred I don't know what possessed me to do that.. Honestly-" "It's-it's fine, Lia." He said, his cheeks red and looking down at the floor. "George! Your sandwich is ready.." Hillary said coming into the room changing from an upbeat tone to a shocked tone, "WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENED HERE?!" She yelled for the whole Diagon Ally to hear. "Say it louder, I don't think the Arctic heard you clear enough." Fred said clearly aggravated.


I couldn't stop thinking about that kiss that happened on Wednesday. He was obviously avoiding me, he would only say 'Good morning' and 'Good night' when he felt like being generous.


I couldn't get myself to speak to her after Wednesday, I would only talk to George and Hillary normally, but I would only manage to stumble out "Morning, Lia" or "Night, Lia", which made me feel like a dick. The next two days were hell for me, I could imagine the same for her. "What is going on with you two? Just because we walked in on you both, doesn't mean you guys can be jerks to each other. Speak to each other, please!" Blurted out Hillary while George nodded his head from behind her. "Look, Hills, it's just been a bit awkward since, y'know, 'the situation'. So, I really haven't been able to..speak." Amelia whispered to her, clear enough for me to hear.

"Just talk, I'm so tired you two not speaking to each other, even George agrees. Just say 'Hi' or try to have a normal conversation, PLEASE!?" Hillary said speeding through her sentence. '5, 4, 3, 2, 1. TALK FRED TALK' I thought to myself.

"Amelia? I'm sorry about Wednesday. Honestly-" I managed to say before I was rudely cut off by George "SHUT THE FUCK UP FRED NO ONE HAS TO FUCKING APOLOGIZE" he yelled.


"Ok, fine. Fred, would you like to get dinner with me? Or just go to a bar and just talk?" "The diner works." he said.

After work we walked to the diner, he kindly opened the door, "Thank you" I smiled. "No problem, melia" he smiled back.

"Do you remember the time when - when Lee Jordan tried to kiss you and Hillary at - at the sa- same time?!" Said one giggly Fred. "Yeah, he was like 'Come to daddy, girls', and then you punched hi- him!" I managed to laugh out.

The next few hours were just us laughing and almost choking on our food. He looked me in the eyes and our laughs turned into a straight staring contest. "Uhm. Waitress!" said Fred breaking eye contact. "I'll pay for it Fred." I said with a slight smidge of smile on my face. "No, no, it's MY turn to pay." he said not very amusingly. "Fine. Only this once." i said with a smirk on my face.

He paid for all the food and we went back, walking, telling jokes, and laughing. "And then we gave Mr. Filch the chocolates and he looked like he was going through puberty for the 5th time" He said wheezing at himself, people started to stare but we didn't care. "Umbitch was furious and threatened to kill Harry, the chosen one." I said, both of us laughing at the last comment.



"UP, EVERYBODY UP!" said Hillary smacking pans together opening the doors, noticing I wasn't in my room and then opened Fred's door and noticed a small body in Fred's arms. "Oh my god, George come see this!" Said Hillary, George tiptoeing towards his girlfriend, "Merlin's beard! FRED WAKE UP" said George wrapping his arm around Hillary's waist. He groans, which wakes me up, "What the fuck was that for?" I said turning around, looking at Fred with wide eyes and rosy cheeks. I fell of his bed, "Wh- I remember falling asleep on your bed but, I don't remember this!" I said jerking my head towards the redhead propping himself up with his elbows, letting himself fall while running his hand through his fiery red hair.

"Tell. Me. EVERYTHING." Hillary said patting the couch, gesturing for me to sit. " No, we were telling jokes and then we came back home and I fell asleep and I guess he carried me to his bedroom since mine was locked and I had the key." I said speaking at the speed of light.

"Oh..so nothing happened?" she said frowning "My ship had officially drowned" she said grabbing the pots and pans, walking to the kitchen.

'Fuck, what if we actually did something and I don't remember?' I thought to my self.


"Fred and Amelia, you guys haven't touched one burnt pancake George made." said Hillary smirking at George, "Hey! I worked hard on those. At least mine aren't deadly." The last part, he whispered in my ear. "I heard that. You'll see what disrespectful little boys get, Mr. Slick." She said loud and clear for all 3 of us to hear.

A/N; Hey, so cliffhanger, this is the first chapter of the story, and um ik its short but i would love some comments of what i could fix, include in the next chapter, lmk if i did any spelling errors :) - Yam <3
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