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Word Count: 2000

Draco woke up with Amélie in his muscular arms. Last night's memories flashed back into his mind.

'What was I thinking? Why did I say all that? Why didn't I stop myself? She's never going to be safe around me and my family. We'll never be able to have a future.'

'For her safety. This is for her safety.'

He pushed Amélie off his bed.

"Ouch!" She screamed. "What was that for, Draco?"

"Get out." He said, coldly.

"Pardon?" Amélie croaked.

"Get out before I report you."

Amélie stared at him, hurt in her eyes. "What you said last nig-"

"No. I was playing with your feelings. I wanted to see how vulnerable I could make you, trying to prove my point that I could make any girl fall weak on their knees for me. Even someone like you."

Amélie observed his eyes. No hint of lies. She nodded emotionlessly. She attempted to get up but she fell right back down. Draco wasn't joking when he said she couldn't walk for weeks.

Draco snickered, "what a fucking slut."

'Endure it Amélie. Endure.'

She bravely got up and got dressed.

'You're fucking strong Amélie. Strong. You're an independent young woman. You don't need some shitty excuse of a man. Get yourself a powerful woman.'

She left Dracos room without even sparing a glance at Draco.


She ran to Theos room. He was still very much passed out. She shook him hard.

Theos eyes shot open. "Holy shit, Ames! You're crying your eyeballs out!" He reached his left hand and wiped her soft freckled cheek. "Who fucking did this to you?"

"It's fine Theo. I was just stupid."

"No. No, it's not fucking fine if they made you cry like this! I've never fucking seen you like this. What the fuck happened?"

"I- I can't fucking explain it! It's just-" she starts sobbing hard. Draco's words were all she ever wanted. This was the first time she heard someone tell her those beautiful feelings, and it was all fake. All fucking fake.

"Breathe, sunshine. Breathe." He enveloped her into a warm bear hug. "It's okay, take your time. I'm always here for you."

"Let's talk about this later," she finally says, "let's head to breakfast, my stomach is growling."

"Of course,"

The two best friends crawled up the dungeon stair to the Great Hall. "Can I sit with you today?"

"Of course, buttercup, come on."

Amélie followed Theo to sit with Flint and his quidditch teammates.

"This is Amélie, that is Flint, that's Bletchley, and that's Pucey."

"Nice to meet you," Amélie smiled.

"Ooh she's hot," Flint catcalled.

"I know I am."

"Ooh and confident, I like it," Pucey howled.

"Be fucking respectful will ya?" Bletchley scolded. His eyes stared into Amélies' deep green orbs, "Miles, Miles Bletchley."

Amélie nodded, "Nice to meet you,"


2 weeks passed by. She spent most of her days with the trio and Theo.

She watched as every day passed by dreadfully slow. Everything seemed to move in slow motion for Amélie. She watched as Draco had another girl in his arms.

Amélie laid in Theos lap under a large willow tree.

"You've been different, Amélie."

"I know. I hate it." She sighed. "Do you think I'm a bad person, Theo?"

"No, you're not a bad person. Everyone has their flaws."

"Can I trust you?"

"Of course. You know me."

"You'll probably never want to talk to me ever again. You'll probably hate me and rat me out."

"You can trust me, Ames. I'll never be able to hate you."

"You promise?"


She took a deep breath, "I'm not a muggle-born."

Theo nodded, "go on,"

"I'm a half-blood." She paused.

"You don't have to say it if you're not ready, Ames."

"No, I'm ready. I trust you with my life and I really need to tell someone to get it off my chest. I'm the grandchild of the two most powerful dark wizards in wizarding world history."

"Who?" Theo asked, confused if he heard her right.

"Gellert Grindelwald and Tom Riddle, more commonly known as Lord Voldemort."

Theo smiled, "I'm glad you told me, although I'm probably never going to want to meet your family." He joked.


"Did you hear that the Yule ball is next week?"


"I found the most beautiful gown!"


"I hope Cedric Diggory asks me!"


"I want George Weasley!"

"Then I want Fred!"

"Fred asked Angelina, Susan."


"Are you going to the ball, Amélie?" Hermione asked as she got dressed in her beautiful periwinkle-blue gown. Her usually bushy hair was made sleek and shiny by Sleekeazy's Hair Potion and twisted up into an elegant knot at the back of her head. "You've been gloomy all month!"

"No, I'm not. Plus, the ball is in 2 hours and I don't have a gown prepared."

"Liar. I know your parents sent you a gown a month ago."

"Okay fine, I have my gown and accessories, I just don't want to go." She shrugged. She snuggled in Hermione's bed.

Hermione's eyes softened. "What's going on, Amélie? You haven't been acting like your normal self, at all! You let Pansy walk all over you and you accept defeat,"

"I don't know Mione, I don't know. But you, go have fun. You deserve it. You look beautiful by the way,"

"Thank you, Ames." Hermione flashed her with her bright smile and left to meet Ginny and Victor.

Amélie sat on Hermiones bed, feeling somber.

Do you know how some days you just don't feel like doing anything other than sob and breakdown on your bed? Well, today was that day for Amélie.

Amélie had grown some sort of attachment to the Golden Trio. She didn't have the guts to betray them. She had been feeding her mother with lies. But she knew she was going to tell her sooner or later. She would have to choose family first, that's what all royal wizarding families taught their heirs. It's almost like a tradition. The tradition stuck to her. She's already been having doubts about her parents. She knows that her grandfathers are known as evil and sinister all over the world, she didn't see anything wrong with that until...June 24th.

The old Amélie would do exactly what was asked without hesitation, something changed inside of her and she didn't know what. She saw things a little clearer, she became a little fairer. She learned that muggle-borns were just as talented as purebloods and half-bloods. Muggleborns are still witches and wizards.

Amélie is confusing herself with what's wrong and what's right, she didn't understand anything anymore.

She cried in frustration.

Amélie walked around the Hogwarts grounds, trying to clear her mind. The loud music traveled through the whole castle, screams of joy could be heard all the way from France.

'Maybe I will go to the ball.'

She ran back to the ship and got ready. She wore a greenish-black gown made of soft, silky fabric, long and loose. Black laced gloves covered her pale arms.

Her green gown made her eyes pop. It's was a perfect fit for her. The dress hugged all of her curves in the right places and showcased a fair amount of cleavage. She applied light makeup, with a thin layer of cream-colored matte lipstick. Her hair was tied up in a low and loose French braided bun, loose strands in the front shaping her face.

She walked to the entrance of the great hall, all movement stopped. All eyes were on her. She held her head high as she walked down the grand staircase. The clicking of her heels sounded like a melody itself. She was the definition of beautiful, and not one person could deny it.

"My lady, may I have this dance?" Bletchley bowed.

Amélie smiled and took his hand.

The two led each other to the dance floor, a slow tune was playing. The lights were twinkling with every step as Amélie spun in graceful circles, her dark dress billowing out. She adored things like this, the pressure of Miles's warm hand on her back and the feeling of her small nimble feet gliding along the smooth surface.

No matter who she danced with, she would always feel light as a feather, swirling gracefully in the ethereal wind.

Draco watched, jealousy radiating off him. He pushed through the crowds and grabbed Amélie. Amélie tripped on her heels and twisted her ankles.

Draco chuckled as he watched Amélie fall to the ground. "Weak." He spat.

Amélie ignored him and rolled her ankles slowly, "fuck," she cursed. She slowly stood up and walked away from him. She walked to her favorite spot near the black lake. Draco followed behind her.

She laid down on the wet grass, not caring if she messed up her dress. Draco slowly laid down next to her.

"My favorite astrology sign is Scorpio,"

Draco smiled, not knowing why she was making light conversation instead of halfway done murdering him.

"My whole mum's side of the family was named after constellations or something space-related. I'm named after the star Draco itself."

Draco imagined his future. Amélie as his wife, with their son named after Amélies favorite astrology, Scorpius...

But he knew that would never happen since she was a mudblood.

"Look I-"

"Save it, Malfoy. I don't care nor do I want to know anything that comes out of your mouth. You just feed people with lies. I don't have the energy to fight with you right now."

Draco pursed his lips, "Look, I'm sorry okay?" He... whispered as if he was afraid to be heard.

"What did you say? Couldn't catch that," Amélie teased.

"I'm not repeating that," He muttered.

"Okay then, I'm leaving." she slowly got up, knowing that Draco was going to crawl to her.

Draco grabbed her arms. "No! Please just stay! I'm sorry okay? I'm sorry! I just- I can't be with you!"

Amélie giggled as she laid back down next to Draco.

"Mind telling me why you can't be with me?" She asked even though she knew damn well why.

"You're a mud- muggle-born."

"Muggleborns are just as talented and worthy!" Amélie lectured.

"No, they're junk and misfits to the wizarding world!" He spat, "No offense,"

Amélie sighed, she thought that once too. If the granddaughter of the two most evil dark wizards can overcome the prejudice, then a Malfoy definitely can too.

"Then, let's just be friends," she smirked, "friends with benefits, you know damn well you can't resist me."

Draco snorted, "More like you can't resist me,"

"Goes both ways then." Amélie leaned her head on Draco's chest. "You look very sexy in your attire,"

"I already know that," He bragged, "You look ravishing, darling. No one could take their eyes off you." Amélie could feel his heartbeat beat rapidly at a quick pace.

Amélie blushed hard, harder than she ever had before.

She wanted him but she couldn't blow her cover yet. She could get him if she wanted even if she was a half-blood. Perks of having a scary-ass family.

They stared into each other's eyes and admired each other. "Can I kiss you?"

"I thought it was friends with benefits?" Amélie breathed softly.

"This is part of the benefit," He leaned in and grabbed Amélies neck. His other hand in her hair, holding her face close to him. Their lips melted into one, as their tongues moved harmoniously with each other, both fighting for dominance.

They were made for each other, but no one knows how their fate will play out.


Yes. I'm hinting at things. Slowly murdering you guys with... these little sweet moments until everything goes wrong...

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