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Please do not read if BDSM triggers you.

Word Count: 1868


February 20th, 1995

Harry Potter was stressing on the second task.

"Harry, have you heard of gillyweed? It supposedly lets the consumer breathe underwater for a whole hour," Hermione asked.

"Hermione! You're a genius!" Amélie exclaimed. "The only problem is that it's almost impossible to retrieve,"

"Well, in the meantime we should find a backup just in case, the task is in 4 days!"

"Harry? Hellooooo?"

"Ronald? WAKE THE FUCK UP!" Hermione screamed.

The two girls looked at each other, "boys." They groaned.


Task Day

Dobby is the greatest elf on earth. No denying that. No argument. But where is Amélie?

Draco looked around for Amélie but she was nowhere to be found. He was starting to get worried.

"Come on, Malfoy. I'm sure she'll be fine." Blaise reassured.

"What if she's hurt?"

"Caring for the mudblood now? I thought it was only for the sex?" Pansy sneers.

"Leave her alone, Parkinson." Draco defended.

"And it's muggle-born, not mudblood." Blaise strictly corrected.

Pansy scoffed and ran away.


"Did Diggory just come up with- a human?" Theo shrieked.

"Fuck, Krum came up with Granger!"

"Does that mean..." Blaise gasped in realization.

"Salazar-!" Draco screamed. "Potter better not fail, or else I'll fucking jump in there myself!"

2 minutes until the hour was over, still no sign of Harry.

"That's it, I'm going in." Draco ripped open his white shirt and hopped down to the deck, right when his feet touched the water, Amélie, Harry, and a younger female emerges from the water. Draco runs over to Amélie and squeezed her hard.

He kissed her forehead a million times and inspects her face. "I was so worried. So fucking worried Amélie. You scared me half to death. I don't know what I would do without you,"

Amélie chuckles, "Am I that important to you?"

"Yes! A million times yes! Something about you makes it impossible to not care for you. I'm sorry I sound so cheesy,"

"Honestly, who are you and what have you done with Draco Malfoy?"


"Slytherin party tonight, coming Grey?" Draco asks.

"Yeah, um sure, as long I can bring some Gryffindor friends?"

Draco groans, "Fine. Only because I want you to be there."

Amélie and Ginny had other plans at the party.

Amélie, Harry, Ron, Hermione, Ginny, and Neville was greeted by Theo and Blaise outside of the Slytherin common room.

When they entered, the music was unbelievably loud.


Draco watched as Amélie entered. She was wearing a very revealing silk dress.

He watches as Amélie and the Gryffindors walk to the couch, he notices Amélie biting her lips, trying to hold back what seems like a moan. Ginny seems to squirm in her seat too.

Amélie pulled Ginny to the dance floor and grinds her body onto Ginnys. The two girls swayed their hips in harmony to the blasting music. Amélie groans as she pushed Ginny to the wall.

Dracos eyes widen.

Ginny reaches into her bra and grabs a small remote. The remote-controlled the small vibrator Amélie had attached to her panties. She flicked the switch button to the highest setting. Amélie squirms as the vibrations sent sparks up her body. Ginny found this as the perfect time to take control.

Ginny flips Amélie around and pins her to the wall, aggressively kissing her all the way down her neck, leaving large hickeys. Amélies head tilts back and lets out a loud moan. Amélie led Ginny to Theos room.

Draco follows behind them, utterly shocked and confused.

Amélie had Ginny pinned onto Theos bed, slowly removing each other's dresses. Amélie summons a vibrator and presses it onto Ginnys clit. Ginny's legs shake and grabbed a handful of Amélies hair.

Amélie smirks and suddenly uses her other hand and thrusts two fingers into Ginny. She removes the vibrator and replaces it with her tongue.

"Fuck, Amélie. Just like that,"

Draco immediately closed the door, incredibly turned on but annoyed. She was supposed to be all his. Her mouth should only be around his cock. He waited patiently outside the room.

Amélie curls her fingers as she hits Ginnys g-spot. Ginny let out a scream of pleasure, indicating she was about to climax.

"You like that, Ginny? Your pussy is so fucking wet," Amélie moans. She kisses up Ginny's athletic, toned body and sucked on her breasts.

"Fuck, Amélie! I'm- FUCK!" Ginny screamed. Amélie pulled her fingers out and sucked them clean.

Draco continued to wait outside, attempting to ignore the loud moans. It was practically impossible.

"What the fuck Amélie, hurry up the fuck up and come out," he groaned in annoyance.

As if on cue, Amélie walks out of the room. Draco immediately grabbed her wrists and dragged her to his room.

"What the fuck, Malfoy?"

"I saw what you did with Weaselette." Draco barked.

"Oh, did you?" She smirked. "Did you like the show?"

"Not going to fucking lie but it was a big fucking turn-on." He groaned. "The only problem is that you're mine. You belong to me and me only."

She scoffed, "Jealous, Malfoy?"

"Get on your fucking knees."

Amélie licked her lips and pulled down his grey sweatpants. Dracos's large cock instantly popped up to his stomach. Her mouth watered.

"I want you to cum deep inside of my throat,"

"Be patient darling, accio choker,"

Amélie gasped.

"I want you to be fucking submissive like an obedient little whore would, but obviously you would never... so I'll have to make you," He claps the heart-shaped choker around Amélies neck.

Draco instantly grabbed Amélie by the hair and shoved his erection down her throat.

Tears brim Amélies eyes as she choked at his large size.

"Fuck," Draco groans, "what a vulnerable little slut you are," He pulls out of her mouth and throws her onto the bed, ripped off her dress, and cuffed her hands.

He searched through his drawers until he found what he needed. "Gag play or bondage?" He muttered to himself. He grabbed the red medium-sized silicone ball with straps.

He hastily wrapped it around her head, the silicone ball behind her teeth. He leaned in near her left ear, "non-verbal safe word darling? You're going to need it."

Amélie tried to speak but failed to due to the ball gag.

Draco lets out a low chuckle, "Right, you can't speak. What about just simply tapping my shoulders twice?"

Amélie nodded vigorously. She had never felt more vulnerable in her 16 years on earth. She was always the dominant one, never the submissive one. But with Draco, she would do anything he says. He removes the cuffs around her wrists.

Draco rammed his cock into Amélies cunt mercilessly, "This pretty pussy is all fucking mine, remember that," he groans.

Amélie shuts her eyes tight as she felt the overwhelming pleasure coursing through her veins.

Draco snatched her chin, "I want you to fucking watch my cock disappear into your deep little cunt, you filthy little whore," He rasped.

Amélie sunk her nails deep into Draco's back as she shakes in pleasure. Her walls tighten around Draco's thick cock, already ready to release.

She screamed but it came out muffled. Draco watched excitedly as she squirms under his touch.

"So fucking tight," He moaned, he reached his hands to grab her tits, "So fucking perfect, bouncing up and down as my cock is buried deep inside of you, making you scream in pleasure,"

"Accio vibrator," Draco smirked.

Amélie stared wide eyes, Draco hits her g-spot repeatedly, making her scream each time. He felt Amélie release, "Did I fucking allow you to cum, darling?" He hissed.

Draco adjusts the vibrator to medium speed, slowly teasing Amélie. He moves the vibrator to her nipples, suddenly sets the vibrator on high.

Out of surprise, Amélie shuts her eyes, once again.

"You worthless dirty slut, didn't I tell you to watch my cock as it disappears into you? I want you to fucking look at me while I please you, know that only I can make you feel weak," He spat. He threw the vibrator to the side and used his hand to smack Amélies' tits.

Her back arched as she let out another muffled scream. "Good girl, scream for daddy,"

Amélie watched as Draco thrusts into her cunt, pleasing her, making her scream and fill her body with ecstasy. She fucking loved it.

She felt Dracos cock twitch, she wanted to help him but it was helpless. She couldn't tease and encourage him with her mouth so she bucked up her hips as Draco tilts his head back, letting out a loud moan.

"Fuck, baby girl," His thick creamy cum leaked out of Amélies pink pussy, almost seeming as if it would never stop.

He removed the ball gag and swirled his tongue on her lips.

"You are so fucking perfect," He moans into her mouth, "This is just a little reminder that I don't share that pretty pussy of yours. Next time I won't be so easy,"

Amélie rolled her eyes, "Who said I was fucking done?" She pushes Draco, making him lay flat on his back, "you don't get to control me, daddy, I control you,"

She positioned herself on top of him, his shaft beneath her entrance. She smirked down at Draco, "I want you to see your cock sink into my tight pussy while I ride you,"

Draco inhales sharply, "Then do it, make me cum inside you,"

She inserts his shaft almost immediately and bounced up and down at a very quick pace.

Both of them were moaning messes. Draco gripped Amélies throat as Amélie continues to bounce on his cock, making him euphoric.

His other hand balled up into a fist, the overwhelming pleasure was getting to him. His eyes rolled to the back of his head, he lets out raspy whimpers.

"You like that, daddy?"

"Yes, fuck, just like that you dirty slut," He moaned. "Fuck, fuck, fuck, I'm going to fucking cum deep inside of y-you,"

White, creamy liquid seeped down Amélies inner thighs as Draco released.

"FUCK," Draco screamed, "You make me feel fucking so fucking good,"

"Now you know who's in control," Amélie smirked. She hopped off his dick and licked his shaft clean, constantly keeping eye contact as she does. She moans in satisfaction and leans up to kiss him.

"You didn't cum," Draco groans. He carried Amélie to his bathroom sink and placed her on the counter. "So fucking gorgeous,"

He pushed open her legs and dived right in, his tongue exploring all the right places, making her see stars.

"Yes, Draco! Right there, r-right there!" she cried. Her hands made it to his head, pulling and clenching his silky blond hair. She released her liquids on Dracos tongue, making him grin crazily. He kisses up her body and reached her lips. He attacked her plump mouth, making Amélie taste herself, "you taste that, darling?"

She nods ferociously.

"You taste exquisite. So sweet like candy,"


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