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Spice level: 3/10

Word Count: 1553


Amélie woke up bright and early in the morning. She watched as Draco slept peacefully. His beautiful milky white skin, delicate long lashes, his perfect nose structure, and his kissable swollen lips. He was perfect. Amélie laid her head on his toned chest, listening to his steady heartbeats, she traced her finger down his abs to the top of his v-line.

Draco starts giggling. Amélie stared at him confused, she cocked her head to the side.

"T-ticklish, "Draco giggled.

Amélie cocked her head to the other side. "Are you even awake?"

Draco only giggled. Amélie blinked and smirked.

"TICKLE BATTLE!" She shouted.

She tickled Draco all over his body, from his neck all the way down to his foot. Draco couldn't stop giggling and hiccuping. Draco hated how she had control over every situation. He picked her up easily and pinned her under him. His snake necklace dangling on top of Amélies lips. She bites down and sucked it.

"You naughty, naughty girl." He teased. Draco kissed down her neck, making sure to leave large hickeys along the way. Amélie wrapped her legs around Draco's waist, pulling him closer. He connected his lips with hers, savoring every millisecond.

Dracos hands traveled down her body, feeling every curve she possessed.

"You are so flawless," He moaned into her mouth. Amélies breaths were ragged.

She felt something poke her against her thighs. She smirked into the kiss.

"Draco, I hate to ruin this moment but class starts in an hour and we still need to shower."

She took his hands and led him into the shower. The warm, steamy water fogged up the glass panel.

Head to head, chest to chest. Amélie nibbled down his body, slowly kneeling down while stroking his hard throbbing erection.

She gently swirled her tongue on his tip, keeping strong eye contact with Draco. He bubbled with excitement.

She shoved his cock down her throat, Draco immediately let out a hoarse moan.

"Good girl,"

Amélie bobbed her head up and down, not stopping once when the tip of his dick hits the back of her throat. Not even stopping when she gagged.

Draco picked Amélie up, her back against his chest. His cock rubbing against her arse and her inner thighs. He slowly played with her breasts, his hands slowly traced down her stomach and sliding back up to her chest. He suddenly pushes himself into her, not giving her time to adjust.

Amélie leaned forward and placed her hands on the shower walls in front of her.

"Fuck, Draco!" She screamed.

"My beautiful fucking slut," He moaned.

His husky morning voice made Amélie even more turned on.

He relentlessly thrust into her, making both of them gasp for air. "You like that, Grey? You love it don't you? You love being treated as my personal fuck toy," He groaned.

"Y-yes, daddy," she screamed

Dracos shaft twitched as her walls tightened, both seeing stars.

Draco faintly heard his dorm door open,


Draco immediately slapped his hand over Amélies mouth, still thrusting into her, both about to get undone any second. Amélie bit down on his hand as Draco yelped.

He stuck two fingers into her mouth, making her suck on it.

"Draco?" A voice from outside called. A females voice.

Draco hoped Amélie didn't notice, but of course, she did. She stopped sucking on his fingers and pushed him off her.

"You left your handcuffs in my room from 3 days ago!" The voice called again. "If you want it back, you have to exchange, if you know what I mean," She seductively giggled.

Amélies heart dropped to her stomach, and so did Dracos.

Amélie had thought they were something, something special. Draco and Amélie were inseparable over the past months. But maybe not. After all, they were only friends with benefits.

She quickly got out of the shower, tears threatening to spill.

'Why is it that every time I experience something sweet, it has to be ruined?'

She waited on the opposite side of the bathroom, knowing that the girl was still outside. Going through his things, on his bed maybe? She also didn't bring any articles of clothing into the shower.

Amélie rarely used wandless magic at Hogwarts due to her new identity, but she had to now. Well not exactly 'had to', more like needed to.

She summoned her skirt, blouse, tie, and robe. She hurriedly dressed and charmed herself invisible. She quickly walked out of the bathroom and saw a brunette Slytherin on his bed, pleasing herself. The tears finally spilled. The brunette looked liked she's done this a million times before. Like it was an everyday routine.

She left his dorm and waited outside just to think over things. She heard the bathroom click open.

She could hear the brunette girl seduce him. And obviously, it worked. She was screaming in pleasure while Draco was calling her his favorite slut.

Amélies skin turned pale and rivers flowed down her cheeks.

"We were just in there together a second ago, Draco," she whispered to herself. "Do you tell every girl that she's perfect?"

She stood up abruptly, "Whatever we had is over, I just hope I didn't catch an std." she declared. Amélie stuck her middle finger up at his door, "Goodbye shit head,"


As Draco was giving head to the brunette Slytherin, he noticed that she wasn't as sweet as Amélie.

Heidi Rosier was his childhood best friend. They had grown up together and even showered together. They slept on the same bed and took each other's virginity. Heidi had transferred from Beauxbatons Academy at the beginning of this year. Draco had tried to avoid her due to her obsession, but it was practically impossible. The girl would feed his father lies. Such as him becoming a blood traitor or some shit like that.

It's not like he didn't want to fuck her, he would never give up a chance to fuck. But he knew it was wrong. He messed up big time. He knew he shouldn't have fucked Heidi when he was in this complicated relationship with Amélie. He regrets it.

Regret isn't going to undo shit you fucktard.


"Fuck you. Fuck you. Fuck you." Amélie transfigured green apples into exact replicas of Draco. She threw sharp daggers at them.

"Fuck you," The dagger went straight through his heart. "Fuck you," the second dagger went through his head. "Fuck you." The last dagger, she charmed it to chop up his penis.

Satisfied, Amélie threw the tortured Dracos into the black lake. "FUCK YOU!" She screamed.

"Woah, chill there buddy," Blaise and Theo chuckled. "What's got your knickers in a twist?"

"Why do you think I'm torturing these blond Barbie dolls?" She growled.

The two boys snorted at her joke. "What did he do?"

"He fucking fucked a fucking brunette fucking bimbo right after fucking me in the mother fucking shower and not to fucking mention he was also fucking me the fucking night before and fucking calling me fucking flawless." She roared.

Blaise and Theo looked at each other. "Did you get anything she said other than fucking, fucked, and honestly just fuck?" Blaise whispered.

"No," Theo whispered back.

"I CAN FUCKING HEAR YOU!" She screamed.


"Harry the third task is in a month, what do you think it is?" Amélie asked.

"Nope," he answered, seeming very distracted.


Amélie followed his gaze and smirked. "So Harry, you and Chang?"

Harry turned crimson. "No, she's with Cedric,"

Amélie raised her brows, "Really? Would've fooled me," she shrugged.

"Go away, Ronald!"




Amélie sighed, "Those two never stop bickering do they?"

"MAKE OUT ALREADY!" Amélie screamed.


"Barty Crouch is dead," Harry whispered, "I found him in the forest,"

Amélie gasped, "Who would do that? I mean sure, he was annoying as fuck but he's a good person,"

A blond ferret ran up to Harry and Amélie. "Talk to me please," he begged.

Amélie ignored him, "Do you hear that Harry?"

Harry smirked, "I think it was a ferret begging for attention,"

"Gross, ferrets are nasty pests, get it away from me!" She sarcastically screeched.

"Please, Amélie. I can explain,"

"Harry, you know that muggle hair product brand? What is it called- L'Oréal? Don't you think Lucius Malfoy looks like one of their models?"

Harry burst into waves of laughter, "YES, YES," he wheezed.

"Oh, and mini Malfoy? He looks like a fucking twat with anger and trust issues! Always begging for approval from daddy, no wonder he doesn't love him. Who the fuck would even ever love a useless piece of shit like him!?!" Amélie joked.

She. She would love him.

Draco's heart shattered. He clenched his fists and his knuckles turned white. "Fuck you." He spat.

"You already did," she smirked.

"I regret fucking you, you dirty slut," he spat.

"Well then just un-fuck me," she cackled.

Draco took an audible breath, "never fucking talk to me again," with that, he stomped away.

"Bye loser," she shrugged. "Harry, where the fuck did you get that bucket of popcorn?!?!"


I attempted to be funny- y'all probably didn't laugh but anywayyyyyy see y'all next time😎
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