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Word Count: 2361

The next day, Amélie walked out of the Durmstrang ship to meet the Golden Trio by the lake.

"Grey! Over here!" Harry waves.

Amélie jogged over, "Good morning!"

"How are you, Amélie?" Hermione asked, quite rudely.

Hermione Granger was not easily fooled. Amélie disliked her immediately. She would be an obstacle. Hermione was the brightest witch of her age for a reason, but not for long.

"Great, amazing, splendid," Amélie responded sarcastically. The two girls stared each other down, neither wanting to lose.

Ronald Weasley noticed the tension, it made him beyond uncomfortable. "Ahem, uh- Amélie, let me and Harry escort you to the Great Hall!"

Amélie removes her scowl and replaced it with a sickly sweet smile when she looked up at the two boys. She intertwined her fingers with Ron and Harrys, the three 4th years skipped to the Great Hall, leaving poor Hermione behind.


"Oh, no way! Durmstrang sounds so cool, Hogwarts is downright boring!" Ron exclaimed as Harry nodded along.

Ron stuffed 3 large pancakes into his mouth, chewing loudly.

Amélie cringed. "So Harry, what are your thoughts on the Tri-Wizard tournaments?"

"I find it fascinating, but we all know it's incredibly dangerous."

"True, would you have entered if it weren't for the stupid age rule? I definitely would've."

Harry thought about it for a second. "No. Definitely not. I'm a magnet to danger, if I was a contestant, I would've probably put someone on their deathbed." He jokes.

Amélie giggled, "You're right, you probably would." She joked along.

"Shut up, would you? You're making my ears bleed! Your giggles are so obnoxious!" A screeching female voice insulted.

"Shut up Parkinson, at least she doesn't loo-" Harry bit back.

Amélie grabbed Harrys' hand, initiating him to stop. "I would love to insult you but I'm afraid I won't do it as well as nature did, Parkinson."

Ron snorted with the rest of the Slytherins around that were eavesdropping on their heated conversation.

"You're such a slut, Grey. S-L-U-T. How does it feel like to be the only girl in Durmstrang?" Parkinson smirked.

"I wish I were the only girl, but I still feel superior. Boys bow down to me everywhere I go." She grinned. "Look, Parkinson, somewhere out there, there's a tree whose single purpose on earth is to replace the oxygen you waste. Go find it and apologize. Thank you, next."

Pansy screamed in frustration and stomped back to the Slytherin table.

"No one ever stands up to that pu- Uhm- girl," Hermione says, impressed.

"Really? Does she bother you guys often?" Amélie asks.

"She does, well, most Slytherins do. They like to pick on all the muggle-borns like me and...you."

Checkmate. Amélie is making progress with the frizzy head girl.

"If they ever bother you again, inform me and I will make sure to give them hell."

Hermione smiled. "Thank you, Grey. You're not that bad, I guess."

"Oh please Mione, I'm nowhere near bad."


"Ooo, I have potions first, you guys?" Amélie questioned.

"Darn it, we three have transfiguration first," Harry whined.

"Oh, bummer. I'm going to head to class then, I'll see you guys later." Amélie bid them goodbye and walked down to the dungeons.

"I like the dungeons. Feels like home." She whispered, astonished.

"Homely, huh? I don't expect a filthy mudblood like you to have a grand home." A male voice sneered from behind.

"For your information, Murphy, I live in a palace."

"It's Malfoy. Not Murphy. And a palace? Funny. You will never see a house bigger than the Malfoy Manor." He smirked.

"I didn't expect you to believe me anyway, I could most definitely take you there. Have one of my butlers give you a grand tour too, maybe?"

"Like I would ever want to even step in your dirty blooded home" Malfoy scoffed.

"Suit yourself, Murphy. You sure did like my lingerie though, you took my favorite one, it was 83 galleons. You have good taste."

(A/N: 83 Galleons is about $400.)

Amélie walked into the potions classroom. Since she was the youngest amongst her Durmstrang peers, she wouldn't have any classes with the boys. She was all alone, with no friendly face in sight.

"Fuck." She murmured under her breath.

When Malfoy walked in, she bit her tongue in amusement. His hair was all messed up, and muttering curses under his breath.

'There's nothing wrong with having a little fun..' She thought. Amélie trotted over and plopped herself onto the chair next to Malfoy.

"Hello there, Murphy."

"Mudblood." He spat.

Amélie rolled her eyes. "Is that your only comeback?"

"DRACYYYY POOOHHH!" Parkinson screeched as she entered the dim classroom. When she reached Draco, she looked for vacant seats next to Draco. Her dark eyes landed on Amélie. "What are you doing here, mudblood? Move!"

Amélie is starting to think 'mudblood' is the only comeback for use in English pureblood purists. Boring.

She didn't reply. She wasn't worth her time.


Amélie flicked her wand and Parkinson shot into a seat, all the way across the room.

The students looked at her in amazement. "Nice one, Grey!" Seamus Finnigan clapped.

Amélie glanced at Draco and winked.

"Shut up. Shut up!" Snape shouts as he entered his classroom with a dramatic waltz.


"So, which potion would you prefer to brew, Murphy?"

"Pepperup Potion," Draco replied, uninterested. He leaned back into his seat and crossed his legs on the table.

Amélie raised her eyebrows. "Pepperup? That's... a little... bland. Why don't we spice things up?"

Draco smirked, "What do you suggest princess?"

Amélie was not easily flustered. She had gotten far more meaningful compliments.

Draco internally screamed, his charm did not affect her. His poor ego is hurt.

"What about..." She flipped through the pages of the potions textbook even though she knew exactly what she wanted to brew. "...Amortentia"


"What do you smell, Murphy?" Amélie asked, eagerly.

"You want it to smell like you, don't you, puppy?"

Stupid nicknames.

"No love, we need to check if it actually works." She batted her eyes.

"Why don't you do it?"

Amélie rolled her eyes. "What a baby."

She leaned closer to the cauldron, before she could sniff the potions, Draco pulled her back and stuck his nose near the potion instead. She grinned.

"What do you smell?"

"Coconut. Peppermint. Vanilla...and old books?"

Amélie wiggled her brows playfully. "Who is the lucky girl?"

"I don't know."

Then, realization dawned on her. She uses peppermint-scented shampoo, coconut-scented conditioner, vanilla-scented body wash, and she enjoys old, rusty, ancient books.

She decided not to mention it, but her grin grew, her grin was mischievous. Amélie had a reputation of a heartbreaker... she simply doesn't do relationships.

"Why are you smiling like an idiot, Grey? You're acting like what I smelled was you." he scoffed.

'Because it was, idiot.' she thought. 'This is going to be fun.'

"Anyways, what do you smell?"

She leaned towards the potion. "Mint, citrus, books, and quidditch equipment."

"And who is the unlucky lad, Grey?"

She tried to think who it might be, she shrugged.



"Amélie!" Harry ran over to her, "What's your next class?"

"Let's just compare schedules,"

They switched and looked over them. Their jaws dropped.

"NONE?!?!" They exclaimed.

"Hermione, Ron, and I have the same schedules..."


This wasn't good. How would she gain the trios' trust if they could barely spend time together?

"I'm sorry Ames, we could always sit together during meals and study together?" He offered.

Amélie smiled. "Yes of course!" She wrapped her arms around Harry and pecked his nose.

Harry blushed.

"I'll see you later, Harry."


Herbology went dreadfully slow for Amélie. Her next lesson was Divination.

She climbed up the ladder and sat down in an empty seat. Draco walked in, moment after, and took a seat next to Amélie.

"We meet again, Murphy." She chuckled.

Draco rolled his eyes. He kneeled down onto his knees, grabbed Amélies hand, and gently kissed her knuckles. "We meet again, princess"

Amélie gracefully removed her hands from Dracos, she gently placed her fingers under Dracos chin, tilting it up to face her. She examined his face. Skin as pale as snow, eyes blue, if not, almost grey with a charming spark, hair as light as stars. Jawline as sharp as a dagger. He was gorgeous, the devil in disguise as an angel.

"Admiring the view, gorgeous?" Draco smiled smugly.

"In fact I am, Murphy. You are like the sun, not because you light up my world but because it hurts to look at you." She scoffed. She removed her hands and took out her divination books.

"W-welcome to Divination!" Professor Trelawney stuttered. "Today, we will be reading tea-leaves."


"Trade cups with the person next to you please."

Amélie handed her cup to Draco and Draco to her.

"You have an orchid," Draco says. "It means... You're going to have a wild sex life." He smirked. "What does mine say?"

Amélie blushed. "You have the same."


The first week at Hogwarts for Amélie went by surprisingly quick. She sat next to the Golden Trio every day, if you were a foreigner to the school, you would've mistaken them as the Golden Quartet. They were that close. Hermione and Ron, close in a friend way, Harry Potter on the other hand, close in an intimate and romantic way. Amélie had the boy wrapped around her fingers.

Draco Malfoy noticed their intimacy, he felt this strange twist in his gut. He hated it. He wanted to break every bone in Potters body.

Throughout the week, Amélie still continuously played with Draco's feelings. She found it amusing how his face would heat up every time their skin made contact. Only she had that effect on him. She also toyed around with other boys. They weren't as interesting as Draco, but still fun to have around.


"Oh, stop it, Harry!" Amélie giggled, flirtatiously as Harry nibbled at her ears.

"You didn't want me to stop last night," He flirted back.

Amélie had no romantic feelings for the boy. He was simply just a task. A pawn.

Harry's lips moved away from her ear and near her neck. As he found her sensitive spot, he sucked it hard.

Amélie let out a soft moan as she unbuttons Harry's uniform...


"Murphy! There you are, I've been looking for you." Amélie smiles.

Draco scoffed. He tends to do that a lot around Amélie. "What do you want."

"Didn't miss your favorite mudblood?"

"Yeah, terribly funny, really witty. Why the hell would I miss a piece of trash?" He scowled.

Amélie cupped Dracos cheeks, "Thwat weally hwurt dwaco..." she mocked in a baby voice, placing her hands over her heart dramatically.

"Did thwat hwurt your lwittle lwittle hweart?" Draco mocked.

Amélie leaned closer to his face, lips almost touching. Draco's face burned. He wanted to taste her cherry-red lips. He wanted to devour her. He wanted to make her scream his name in pleasure. He wanted her.

But no. She was a Mudblood.

Draco turned his head away.

Amélie pouts in disappointment. "You're no fun."


During dinner, Amélie received an owl from her mother.

Dearest Amélie,

How are you liking Hogwarts so far? Hopefully not too shabby, we do plan for you to attend Hogwarts for the rest of your education. Your father and I would like to know your progress with the scar head boy. Other than that, we will send you a gown next week, which you would need later on this Yule.


Clairé G.

Amélie decided to head down to the library for more privacy. She bid her friends' goodbyes and trotted along. She sat in the darkest corner of the library.

Dearest mother,

Hogwarts is fine, quite extraordinary if I do say so myself. Students are rude and disrespectful. Definitely not what I expected. Classes are way behind the ones at Durmstrang, quite disappointed. But that's alright I guess, the castle is beautiful. My task is going fairly well. Got him wrapped around my fingers, simple really. Mudblood Granger was a bit skeptical about me at first, but as soon as a pulled some tricks here and there, she accepted me as her own. Big mistake on her behalf. As for the gown, I'm guessing it's for the annual Tri-wizard tournament Yule ball? Looking forward to it. Thanks for the dress.

Yours respectfully,

Amélie G.


Amélie stayed in the library for the next half hour, reading about dark magic. Without knowing, she dozed off into a quiet slumber.

Draco Malfoy liked to study in the dark. He tiptoed to the library after curfew, careful not to be caught. He slowly creaked open the library doors and stepped inside.

He headed over to his favorite seat, a dark and more secretive one.

As he neared his seat, he saw a dark shadow.

'What the fuck?' He thought.

His instincts told him to get the hell away but he simply was just too stubborn for his own good.

He walked over to his seat and to his surprise, he saw a beautiful angel, sleeping peacefully at the desk. He was mesmerized. If she weren't a mudblood, he would've found her attractive. Well, he did find her attractive, but he knew he couldn't.

Amélie intrigued him. She was like a mystery in a way, although she was very open and outgoing.

Her personality matched his quite well. People often say opposites attract, but in his case, the woman that attracted him was the complete clone of him. The female version of Draco Malfoy.

He has noticed she was wearing nothing but a tank top and jeans. She must've been freezing. He removed his robes and set them softly on her shoulders and back. He took a seat across from her and started studying. Also without knowing, he fell asleep soundlessly, across from the young powerful witch.


A/N; Just so you know, both of them are extremely bipolar, indecisive, and broken in a way. Their actions would be either crazy, confusing, or annoying
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