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Word Count; 1364

Amélie walked into Divination, expecting her normal hand kisses from Draco. But no, she witnessed Draco kiss Pansy's hand.

Amélie bit her bottom lip.

'Why are you upset Ames? Has this boy made you soft? You are the fucking heirs of Grindelwald, Riddle, and Salazar! He is...just...Malfoy.'

But that's the problem, he's Malfoy...

She sat down on her regular seat, taking out her textbooks.

"Mr. Malfoy? Please take your original seat." Professor Trelawney demanded.

Draco growled in distaste. "Who wants to sit next to a slag like her? Even worse, she's a fucking mudblood" He whispered loud enough for a group of students to hear. The students around him snickered and peered over at Amélie. The girls stared in disgust, while the boys ogled at her body.

Amélie's heartbeat quickened. She was close enough to hear the petty comment, she was bothered, yes, but it wasn't even the fact that the boys were ogling her or how the girls were rudely glaring at her. It was the fact Draco had called her a slag.

Sure, yes. She sort of was, but Draco was too. The level of irony is incredible.

Amélie was a master at masking emotions, and this was the time she had to use it.

"I've been practicing, Malfoy. When I grow up I want to be just like you." She chuckled.

The class broke out into loud 'oohs' and 'ahs'.


The divination professor started with her lesson. 10 minutes in, Amélie fell asleep.

Tap. Tap. Tap.

"Hey, Grey" someone whispers.

Amélie jolted up in alarm. She calms down when she finds a pair of warm chocolate brown eyes.

"Theo. Theodore Nott." He sticks out his hand for a greeting.

Amélie smiles, "Amélie Gri- Grey."

'Shit.' She thought.

"I thought it was Grey? Not GriGrey?" He snorted.

"Haha, I used to go by my mother's. I guess it just kind of slipped." She lied.

"Which is?"

'Ah shit.'



"So when I popped the shit flavored botts in my mouth, I actually liked it at first-"

"I'm sorry- did you say shit flavored?" Amélie gagged. "And you liked it?"

"Yes, I loved it. I mean well you didn't let me finish! Shut up you imbecile." Theo argued.

Amélie rolled her eyes. "Go on."

The two teens argued about Bertie Botts Every Flavor Beans for the next 5 minutes. Theo was a very outgoing and fun person to hang around with. He was very friendly and energetic. Like an excited puppy.

"I'm terribly concerned for you, Theodore."

When the two reached the Great Hall for lunch, they both departed in their own ways. Theo with Montague, Flint, and Bletchley at the Slytherin table, while Amélie with Harry at the Gryffindor table.

"They still haven't forgiven you for nothing yet, have they?" Amélie asked.

"Nope. Hermione is ignoring me and sticking with Ronald." Harry scoffed. "It's not like I need fake friends anyway."

"Mmm, okay anyways, I want to try out for Quidditch next year if I'm allowed to transfer. Whichever house that gets me is lucky." She bragged.

"Which house are you aiming for?"

"I don't know... maybe Ravenclaw or Gryffindor." She lied.

She knew exactly what house she wanted.


It only seemed right since she has Salazar's blood.

"Good thing you're not going to be in Slytherin."

"Huh? Why?"

"Well, Slytherin only takes half-bloods and purebloods. Rarely muggle-borns." Harry explained.

"Oh, right. Hahahahahahhahaha"

"Why the fuck are you laughing like that?"


Tonight was the first night for Astronomy lessons. Amélie ran up the long stairs, entering the tower, and glancing at everyone there. There were 3rd years and up.

Zabini. Granger. Bulstrode. Greengrass. Goldstein. Lovegood. Bletchley. Chang. Nott. Longbottom. Parkinson. Malfoy...

Parkinson and Malfoy. Draco was straddling Pansy in his lap, littering kisses all over her face. The kisses were so delicate. He treated her like a porcelain doll.

Amélie bit her lip so hard that it drew blood. She couldn't decipher her emotions. Angry? No. Sad? No. Not sad at all. She never felt that. Disappointed? Yes. That's the word. She was disappointed he chose Parkinson over her.

But oh well, his loss.

"Hey, GriGrey!" Theo waved.

Amélie grinned and ran over to Theo.

"Want one?" Theo asks, holding an Acid Pop.

"Ooo, yes please!" She eagerly reached out for the Lolli but Theo popped it in his mouth. She rolled her eyes.

She placed her lips on his and used her tongue to move the Lolli into her mouth.

"Mmm, mango flavored acid pops are good."

Theo had his mouth wide open. He did not expect her to do what she did.

Draco was furious. He stomped up to Amélie and pulled her down the tower by her hair. He searched for an empty storage room and pushed her in.

He was expecting Amélie to be terrified, but you have to expect the unexpected.

"Hello, Draco." She smiles kindly.

Draco was flabbergasted. He pulled Amélie over his left shoulder and placed her down on a table.

"Listen to me you little whiny bitch. You will not touch a single boy as long as I'm here. Understand?"

Amélie leaned into his ear and arms around his neck, "yes daddy"

Draco gulped. "Don't call me that."

"Why not, daddy?"

"Because- because-"

"Because what, daddy?"

Amélie nibbled on his earlobe gently while Draco's breath quickened. Her nibbles turned into soft kisses down his neck. Some kisses leaving marks. Draco's breaths were ragged.

Amélies hand traveled from his chest down to his crotch. "Mmm, are you hard for me, Draco?"

Draco was usually the one taking the lead. He had never melted at anyone's fingertips, but Amélie, she was different. Something about her confident personality makes him incredibly attracted. But maybe it's because every male wants her and she could have anyone she wanted. He was afraid she would leave him for someone else. He was also afraid of his father. His father's prejudice to be specific. Amélie was a muggle-born, not even a half-blood. His father would never approve, he couldn't get too attached.

Draco wants control, but it almost seemed impossible with her, so he decided to find a way to ignore her. It obviously didn't work because he came crawling right back.

'Oh fuck it, one time. Maybe if I do it once, I'll get over her.'

He unbuckled his pants and let them drop.

Amélie smirked. 'Who knew the Slytherin prince was this easy?'

She palmed Dracos clothed dick. Her eyes widened in excitement. He was big, biggest yet. Roughly about 11 inches.

She gently removed his briefs and watched his hard erect cock spring up to his toned stomach.

She kissed his tip with her red plump lips while stroking it slowly.

Draco groaned. "Hurry the fuck up and shove it down your throat you filthy whore."

Amélie rolled her eyes. "Don't be so impatient, daddy... we just started..." she teased.

She licked his tip in a circular movement, licking off all of his pre-cum.

Dracos head rolled back, "spit on it, like the good girl you are."

Amélie lubricated his cock with her spit immediately, she couldn't wait any longer. She wanted him to groan in pleasure from her, she needed him to.

She shoved his large cock in her tight little mouth, hitting the back of her throat causing her to gag, sending vivid vibrations up Dracos's body. This euphoric feeling was unreal.

"Fuck," Draco moaned, "just like that, you filthy whore."

She took his balls into her mouth, licking them while staring up at him with her forest-green eyes. Her mouth moved back to his shaft and bobbed her head up and down a quick pace, making Draco lose all control of his deep moans.

She felt his dick twitch immensely in her throat but quickly moved it away. She got up from her knees and walked out of the storage room, giving him one last wink before she was completely out.

She left him wanting for more.
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