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Word Count; 1015

"Professor Moody?" Amélie calls as she entered the DADA classroom.

"You're late." Moody nagged.

"Mother never specified the time. And why the FUCK would you help me? Aren't you like some busybody neighbor that snitches on everyone? Like goddammit- I don't even know how my parents trust you! This could've been part of your plan to catch more dark wizards! Holy shit, ARE YOU GOING TO KIDNAP ME AND SEND ME TO AZKABAN? OR EVEN WORSE USE ME AS BAIT?!? DO YOU KNOW HOW MUCH IM WORTH?" Amélie blurted.

Moody glared at the infuriating redhead. She was insufferable in certain times.

"Hurry up, follow me."

"Rude ass bitch." She murmured.



"Bloody hell. Absolutely not. Anything but that." Amélie whined. She absolutely hated traveling by Floo powder. "Can't we just apparate?"

"Anti-Apparition wards." Moody barked. "HURRY UP."

"Fine. Whatever. You stinky ass frog." She cursed. "Grindelwald Palace!"

"Amélie!" Her father called. "Welcome back, love."

Amélie ran towards Austin and gave him a warm hug. Her relationship with her father was more family-like than her and her mother.

"Eww! Get off me! You still have soot on your robes, don't mess up my tux!" Austin cried.

"And you wonder where Amélie got her attitude from,"

"Mother," Amélie nods.

"Sit, come on."

The three sat at a small round table.

"No time for questions, we're going straight to the point. You need to focus on your task."

"Mother, I am focused."

"Then have you gotten any information out of him yet?" Clairé sassed.

Amélie shook her head, deeply disappointed in herself.

"There's my point, focus. If we don't get any information by the end of tomorrow, you will be taught a lesson."

Austin flinched. "Go easy on her Clairé. She is a child!"

When dark wizards say 'lessons' you know very well that it wouldn't be anything harmless. Amélie understood exactly what her mother meant. And she was panicked.


When Amélie arrived back at Hogwarts the same night, she decided to go straight to the Gryffindor towers.

"Password please," the fat lady sang.

"Pig snout."





The fat lady gasped.

"Just let me fucking enter." She groaned.

The door swung open right away. Amélie tiptoed in, not knowing where to go next before she saw Harry kneeling in front of the fireplace. She hid behind the couch, trying to eavesdrop.

"I didn't! You have to believe me, Sirius." Harry cried.

"Of course I believe you! If you say you didn't, you didn't." Sirius reassured. "Ah shit, I'm running out of time Harry, gotta blast!"

"Bye, Sirius."


On the way back to the ship, Amélie was beyond confused. She was sure the person Harry was talking to was Sirus Black. The mass murder, the death eater that was sent to Azkaban. The one that escaped. Why would Harry be talking to him?

Without looking where she was going, she slipped on one of the steps.

"Fuck," She screamed.

"Amélie!" A voice, from closeby, shouted, "You clumsy fool! You could've slipped all the way down and suffer from severe brain damage!"

"Amélie? Hello? Oh fuck, don't tell me she actually did hit her head," Draco picked her up, bridal style, and ran to the hospital wing. "Please don't die on me, goddammit. Not that I would care though- BUT PLEASE DON'T FUCKING DIE."


"Oh, Dear, let me guess, it's Fred again- oh, I've never met this Weasley. Is she new?"


"Calm down, Mr. Malfoy. Now if you would, please explain the situation."

"Ok, breathe in, breathe out, breathe in, breathe out. I THINK SHE'S DEAD."

Madam Pomfrey rolled her eyes in annoyance. "Place her on a bed."

Madam Pomfrey examined her body, carefully. "Broken wrist, and that's it."

"But she isn't waking up!"

"Mr. Malfoy, she just simply fell asleep. Now, go back to your dorm."

"No. I don't believe you. I'm going to stay here until she wakes up."

"Suit yourself."


The next morning, Amélie woke up from a nightmare. She looked around her surroundings, it was not the ship.

It was only 5:00 AM.

She noticed a slim, platinum blond, leaning on the edge of her hospital bed. He was holding her hand tight. She smiled at the sight.

Although they weren't close, Draco cared about Amélie. He didn't know why. But not every cause has to have a reason, right?

Amélie's happy mood was ruined when she thought about last night.

'No distractions, Ames. No distractions. That includes Draco.'

She slowly removed her hand from Draco's grip.

"Amélie?" Draco stirred. "You're awake! Thank Merlin, I thought you were dead." He tackled Amélie in a hug and kissed her forehead.

Butterflies, so many butterflies.

Amélie felt something for this man, and she knew. She couldn't explain how she knew, something about him makes her feel vulnerable in the best possible way. But, she can't. She can't afford to fail this task. Her mother would go as far as using Sectumsempra on her. She needed to focus.

'I'm sorry Draco, I'll have to hurt you. Not that you couldn't get any other girl out there or even truly grew an attachment to me. Maybe it's the selfish part in me, which is 99.99999% but I'm truly sorry. I'll have to stay away from you. The 0.000001% of my selflessness still applies to you. My mother will kill you if she finds out the person that's distracting me. I'm sorry.' She apologized in her head, but she knew it was no use.

She pushed Draco 'angrily' before she leaves him, confused once again.

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