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Spice level; 3.9/10

Word Count; 1003

Amélie was back at the ship, bawling her eyes out. This was the first time in 2 years since she cried.

"Get it together, Amélie."


Game face, on.

No emotions, check.

"Hello, Harry," She flirted. She put her arms around his neck and kissed his nose. Harry blushed and kissed her nose back.

Somewhere from the Slytherin table, a loud bang was created.

"Mate, calm down."

"Drakey Pooh! Are you okay?" Pansy cooed.

"No Pansy. I'm not. Someone is affecting my appetite. Let's go to my dorm." He spat. He picked Pansy up the same way he carried Amélie the night before.

Amélie was infuriated but she knew she shouldn't be. She did this to herself, he was never hers, to begin with. He could do whatever the fuck he desired, Amélie had no right to judge or be possessive over him. But she wanted to, very badly. She wanted him to be all hers. All hers to pleasure, all hers to dominate, all hers to kiss, all hers. She wanted to tell him he was hers.

But he wasn't.

Out of anger, she pulled Harry into a steamy make-out session. Her eyes connected with Draco's, who was still outside the Great Hall doors, carrying Pansy. He dropped her and grabbed her ass, pulled her into an even steamier make-out session.

The whole student body seemed to notice the little 'competition'. They stared in enthusiasm.

Amélie got on top of Harry's lap and started grinding herself on him, making Harry moan. Harry grabbed her ass and squeezed it.

"Fuck, Harry." She groaned. She nibbled his neck and gave him a large hickey.

The student body chorused 'oohs' and 'damns'.

"WHAT IS TEAM SLYTHERIN GOING TO DO NEXT?" Lee Jordan announced. "No one can beat Gryffindor," he whispered to Fred and George.

"GO HARRY, GO HARRY!" Hufflepuffs, Gryffindors, and Ravenclaws shouted.

"GO AMÉLIE! GO AMÉLIE!" All four houses cheered. Fewer Slytherins, but at least there were some Slytherin supporters.


Pansy grabbed Draco's hair and yanked it. Draco flinched.


The teachers tried to calm the students down but failed.

Amélie smirked and was turned on. She and Harry ran out and went to Harry's dorm, without teachers noticing.

They both pulled each other's robes off.

Harry threw Amélie onto the bed and ripped her undergarments off with his teeth. He attacked her sensitive bud with his skillful tongue almost immediately. He shoved 3 fingers in thrusting in and out fast.

"Fuck, Harry, just like that,"

She grabbed Harry's hair gently and encouraged him to go faster.

"You like that, baby?"


He curled his fingers through each thrust, hitting her g-spot fast, but unexpected.

"Bloody hell, Harry! I-I'm- fuck- faster!" She screamed. "YES, YES! FUCK RIGHT THERE!"

Once Harry felt her walls tighten around his fingers, he paused, then suddenly curled them up real quick, making Amélie lose all control. Her fluids trickled down her sore pussy down to her ass.

"What a good girl." He praised. "Yikes, we need to get to class."

He helped her get dressed and carried her down the boy's dormitories. He set her on the sofas, "Stay here until you can walk, okay? I don't want you to fall." He demands softly in concern. He kissed her lips and left the common room.


Amélie sat there in awe. Harry was amazing at charming a girl. But she still couldn't feel anything for him.

Draco. Draco. Draco.

Maybe she had a kink for toxic guys. Maybe her type is blonde ass annoying gits. Or maybe powerful and demanding. Maybe all.

Harry was good at pleasuring her, yes. But just one look at Draco makes her heat pool. She hated that.

The difference between Harry and Draco was big. She wanted to claim Draco while Harry was just one of her toys that she could buy 1000 times, over and over again.

Her parents don't mind her being wed to a half-blood, as she is one. Why couldn't she settle for someone like Harry?

She should've.


Amélie skipped Herbology and went straight to Divination.

Draco snatched her arm and dragged her to the back of the classroom. "Did he fuck you." He urged.

"No," she smirked.

"LIAR. You were trembling." He shouted.

"Jealous Draco?"

"Did he fuck you?" He 'asked' once again.


"Then why were your legs shaking?"

"He was skilled Draco, very skilled. His fingers did that." She teased.

Draco took a deep breath in and exhaled. "HE STILL FUCKING TOUCHED YOU."

"Mhm, and?" She smirked.

He was silent for a second, thinking of what exactly he was going to say. He didn't own her. He had no say in her decisions, but he wanted her. He was only determined to do better.

"No reason. No reason at all."

He witnessed her smirk fall slightly but she quickly regained her confidence, "Did you fuck Pansy?" She pointed at Pansy's smeared makeup and messy tie.

"Yes, yes I did." He grinned.

Amélie made no reaction even though she was dying inside. "Did she pleasure you the same way I did?" She whispered seductively into his ear.


"Did she make you cum?"

"N-no- you didn't either at first-."

"I'm sure you finished without me that time. What was your filthy mind thinking about? Me wasn't it? Fucking me until I can't walk? Watching me ride you? Yeah? Am I right Draco?"

Spot on.

He said nothing, confirming her words.

"Maybe you'll get that one day," she walked back to her Divination seat as class started.

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