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Spice level: 3/10

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Word Count: 1477






"Harry, whose Sirius Black to you?" Amélie asked as the two walked to Hogsmeade.

Harry tenses up and grabs Amélie, leading her to the shrieking shack.

"I can trust you right?" Harry asked. He seemed very anxious.

"Yes, of course," she assured.

"Okay then, well, he's my..." he paused, still trying to figure out if he trusts her. "...godfather."

Amélies mind was racing. Wasn't he a death eater? What?

"Isn't he-"

"A death eater? No." He cut in. "And no, he wasn't the one to kill Peter Pettigrew either. Nor my parents or those muggles. He was accused. He's a great man."

This was some very valuable information. One day, she could use Black as blackmail.

"That's cool..."


The air around them was thick and awkward. Amélie hated these situations. She had an idea to loosen up the tension.

"Harry," she giggled.


"We're in the shrieking shack..."

Harry grinned mischievously. "Yes, yes we are."

Her hands gently pressed onto the hardness in his pants.

"I want to return the favor..." She smirked.

Harry quickly unbuckled his jeans and pulled Amélie into a kiss. He pushed her against the wall and massaged her breasts. He threw her crop top to the side and sucked on her erect nipples.

"No, Harry... I want to make you feel good..."

"Yeah? Do it, darling, make me cum all over you, be a good slut and make daddy feel good,"

Amélie pushed Harry against the wall and dropped to her knees.

She massaged his balls and used her hands to slide up and down his shaft. She used her thumb to gently swipe over his sensitive tip, making Harry's whole body shudder. Amélie giggled, she moved her tongue in a circular motion on his swollen tip, spreading his large load of pre-cum all over his member.

She used his pre-cum to lubricate his dick. Her mouth slowly moved down his shaft, with each thrust, eventually hitting the back of her throat. She gagged at his large size.

Her gags sent shivers up Harry's spine. Harry wondered how everything she did was perfect.

She removed her mouth from his erection, grabbed her full breasts, and shoved Harry's cock in between them.

"I want you to fuck my tits," she moaned.

"Fuck, you're so fucking hot."


He thrust his 9-inch cock into the crevice of her breasts.

"Fuck, fuck, Amélie! It's so fucking tight!" He groaned.

"Just like that daddy, your hard cock fucking my large tits- you like that?"

"Y-yes," he stuttered as he was trying to catch his breath. His breathing was loud, very, very loud.

"I-I'm going to c-cum!"

"Fuck, FUCK!"

His cock stiffened and twitched, white milky liquid shooting out, each droplet landing on Amélie's breasts, making him howl in pleasure.

Amélie held her breasts and sucked them.

She used her finger to scoop up the remaining of his release, stuffing it all into her mouth, sucking her fingers off while keeping eye contact with Harry.

"You're amazing, Amélie. Next time I will fucking destroy you."

Amélie chuckled and kissed up from his dick, up his toned chest, to his lips.

They both got dressed and left the shrieking shack, hand in hand.

"Have you figured out the first task yet?" Amélie asks as they make it to the entrance of the Three Broomsticks.

"Yes, but no, I don't know. Hermione said, 'Ronald would like me to tell you that Seamus told him that Dean was told by Parvati that Hagrid was looking for you.' And then after I exchanged a few thoughtful words with them, I left to find Hagrid. He told me to meet him at the Forbidden forest tonight."

Draco watched from afar. He was sitting with Blaise and Pansy at a corner table of 3. He noticed her smudged makeup and faint handprints around Harry's neck. He gripped the table tightly, making his knuckles turn white.

'Saint Potter. Getting everything just because he was lucky to survive a curse. Never had to work for anything.'

"Jealous, Malfoy?" Blaise teased.

"No." He said through his gritted teeth.

Blaise chortled. "You sure mate? I see that Potter and Grey did something. Blowjob maybe? Hand job? Holy shit- what if he fucked her phat juicy ti-"

Draco stood up, pushing the table away from him.

"SHUT UP ZABINI." He screamed.

The whole inn stared at him as if he was a madman, including Amélie. They made brief eye contact. Draco shot her a venomous glare and stomped out of the inn, Pansy, and Blaise following shortly after.

"What's up with him?" Harry laughs.

"I wouldn't know..."

Amélie felt bad, but when did she ever actually feel bad? She felt guilt coursing through her veins. Why did she feel this way?


"Drakie Pooh... are you okay?" Pansy asked as she slobbered large wet kisses all around Dracos pale face. Her saliva was practically dripping off his face.

"Now that I'm alone with you I am," he teased.

"R-really?" She stuttered. Draco had never been affectionate to Pansy with just the two of them alone. He would usually use her to bug someone off.

"Yes, Pansy, darling. Have I told you that you are the most beautiful girl I've ever met?"

"N-no- you call me pug-face all the t-time-"

"I know, I'm sorry for my actions in the past. I just really liked you and I had no idea how to express my feelings. From now on I'll treasure you."

Pansy was incredibly confused but she didn't complain. This was what she was waiting for her whole life.

He gently removed her clothes, laying her back on his bed. He planted gentle kisses all over her body.

He gently thrust into her. He was making love to her. Not just a quick shag. It was passionate and affectionate sex. Full of love.

Their moans were mixing together, like a beautiful melody.

Amélie had watched enough. She ran out of the dungeons and hurried back to the Great Hall for the last minutes of dinner.

She burned all of the food she prepared for Draco. She was worried about him. Worried about his outburst, worried that he wasn't at dinner.

She couldn't believe she was worried about him.

She wasn't even jealous. Just hurt. But she didn't really have the right to say that because she hurt him first.

"If this is what happens when you try to be considerate, I'm never doing it again." She softly whispered. "Never again."

She went outside to stargaze. She's always had a connection with the stars. They've always calmed her down in every circumstance.

Scorpio was her favorite. Scorpions were a lot like her. Venomous but not venomous enough to kill. She admired the Arachnida.

But this time, even the stars couldn't ease her foul mood. Her mind couldn't help but wonder back to the beautiful blond prick that most likely used her for pleasure just like he does with other girls. She fell right in his trap. She always thought she was in control but maybe not. Maybe she was fooled, played. Maybe she miscalculated him, under estimated his abilities.

After witnessing Pansy and Draco's moment, her ego was injured very badly. Her confidence has gone down, but only a little bit. She couldn't help but think that Draco only used her to make Pansy jealous. She had thought he was head over heels for her. Her insecurities start to kick in, she absolutely hated that. She wasn't mad at Pansy at all, only at Draco. Amélies always about girls support girls. She doesn't want to be the crazy 'jealous ex-girlfriend' type of person. She doesn't blame it on the girl. It was Draco who played with her, Pansy did absolutely nothing.

After what seemed like hours laying under the sparkling stars, she heard a faint roar from the forest. Then she remembered that Harry was going to be there soon.

'Maybe I'll go too. Just to keep Harry company.' She thought. 'Never mind I don't want to ever try being considerate again. I'm going to sleep.'

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