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reconnecting two years after the second wizarding war, neville and jessamine rekindle their friendship they held years before, once again bonding over their love for herbology. their previous partnership in the greenhouse was shy and awkward, holding small crushes on each other but too shy to speak up. both gaining a bit of confidence with age, maybe their old crushes will become more.. you know what to do, read and watch it all unfold. (:

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my dearest rose,

another day without your cheerful face. today seemed harder than others, your absence much more prominent.
i found myself constantly reminded of you, from things as simple as tending to my rose bush, to the sky matching the blue of your eyes.
i wish more than anything that you were here with me.

i finally completed school last week, and within a month im to begin my training to teach care of magical creatures at school. hagrid offered the opportunity to assist him through the days when im not taking extra classes. just to get more knowledge of teaching the class as i'll soon be taking his place.
im not entirely sure how i'll ever manage to fill his very large footsteps, but i sure am going to try.

attending school without having you there to accompany me was the most peculiar thing.
i kept expecting to turn the corner and see you running to me, with some sort of detailed story to tell me from your day.
though i may not have shown it, i always looked forward to your stories. it filled me with such joy to know you were making the most of your days.

if i thought attending school without you was odd, teaching a class will be much harder. i had always looked forward to having you in one of my classes one day.
maybe you've lucked out somehow, avoiding the embarrassment of your sister being your teacher.
you always were so good at getting out of situations you didn't like.
if only i had been there to save you from the one you couldn't save yourself from.

i will forever regret that i wasnt there in that moment with you.
i would've gladly taken your place.
you had so much more in your future than i, and though no one will outwardly admit it, we all know it should've been me.
im so sorry my love. i always will be. i love you more than life itself, rosey.

as always, with love,

with a heavy heart and teary eyes, jessamine folds up the cream-colored paper containing the letter that will never be read, using a rose stamp to set the wax seal that will never be broken.

venturing outside into the dusk, she searches for the little box tucked into the greenery of her garden, unlocking it and adding the letter to the many already piled there.
the hand-painted box is already almost filled to the brim, unopened words piling up upon many others.

writing letters to rose was an essential part of jessamine's routine to wind down at the end of the day, one that she hasnt skipped since she began.
the idea recommended to her by her friend, she had originally scoffed at the idea, not believing anything could even begin to reach the deep pain she felt, let alone heal it in any way.

after writing only one letter on a particularly difficult day in an attempt to unleash the swirling emotions, she now cannot find herself missing even a single night.
in a way, the letters were her way of communicating with rose, though she knew a response will never come.

carefully setting the box back in its place, jessamine rises, wiping the dirt off her hands onto her dress.
with one last look to the box, she starts back toward her cottage to turn in for the night.


the sunlight beginning to stream through the curtains slowly reaches jessamine's eyes, pulling her out of her sleep.

always up with the sunrise, she stretches a bit before rising from bed to face the window.
after a quick glance out across the yard, jess pulls her robe over her pyjamas as she walks from her bedroom to the kitchen.

"what shall we do today, ivy?" she questions, scooping the tabby cat into her arms, looking at the animal as if he were going to answer the question.

ivy paws at the air lazily, shutting his eyes again to continue his slumber.

"well you're not very much help."

after a quick breakfast, jessamine decides to venture to tomes and scrolls, in search of a new herbology book.

after making her rounds outside to feed all of her animals, she locks the shed again before heading back inside.

pulling on her usual attire of a dress and brown boots, she grabs her bag before apparating herself into the bustling streets of hogsmeade.

quickly spotting the bookstore, she smiles to herself as she enters.

"ah, jessamine! back so soon?" madame rosmerta questions from behind the counter, flashing a warm smile to her most frequent customer.

"i just cant seem to stay away! got anything new you could recommend me?" jessamine questions, returning the bright smile.

"that i do! follow me dearie."

trailing after rosmerta, she ponders what the book may be. "what kind of book is it?"

"herbology! i remember you had mentioned wanting to find new flowers for your garden and i believe this may be the perfect one for you!"

"that's wonderful madame, just the topic i was hoping to read today."

picking up the book she was directed to, she smiles to herself, once again astonished by madame roserta's talent in consistently finding the perfect books for her.

making her way to her favorite armchair in the store, book in hand, she settles in to read for a bit.

conjuring up a cup of chamomile tea before cracking open the cover, jessamine quickly finds herself within the pages themselves, vividly picturing the words in her mind.

hours pass with the simple blink of an eye when jessamine is reading, and before she notices, the time has flown by, reaching late afternoon.

with a quick glance up into the real world, she observes the different people mulling around the shop, speaking in hushed tones and examining the books.

people watching is another of jessamine's hobby's, and after a few minutes of it she returns her attention to the already half-read book.


with a start she glances up, immediately brightening at the sight of the man standing in front of her.

"neville! wow!" standing up with a grin she offers him her hand to shake.

taking hers he shakes it happily, grinning back.

"its been so long, how've you been?" he questions, folding himself into the seat across from jessamine's.

"ive been quite alright, you?"

"very well, thanks. the greenhouse has been blooming wonderfully."

immediately jumping into a conversation of their shared love, time once again slips away from jessamine as she reconnects with neville.

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