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play to win/ o. wood


best friends since childhood, lyra and oliver have found in each other the only other people with such an obsession with quidditch. the question is, how long will it take them to realize they're obsessed with each other as well? lyra lupin, daughter of remus lupin and sirius black. co-captain of the gryffindor quidditch team, position of chaser. the only person who can keep up with oliver wood. the only one who truly understands and can relate to his love for the game. just how long will it take for them to come to their senses? keep reading to find out. PSA: i do not support Sean Biggerstaff, JK Rowling or either of their views, I simply enjoy the character created.

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☆ remus ☆

"dad, dad! come on! we've gotta find ollie!" a tiny yet loud voice shouts, easily heard over the noise of both the crowd and the train. her excitement terribly obvious in her actions, the girl was skipping along rather than walking as many others were.

remus chuckles as he struggles to keep up with his daughter, her small hand tugging him along.
he finds himself feeling quite emotional, it being her first year and all. having managed to keep the tears under control up until now, hes finding it a bit difficult to keep his eyes dry.
his excess emotion was understandable though, seeing as it was his only baby heading off to start her own journey towards becoming the brilliant witch he knew she would be.

if only sirius were here to see her so grown up.

quickly shaking his head as if the motion would rid himself of the bitter thought, he starts picking up the pace of his feet in order to keep up with lyra, and hopefully prevent her from continuing to almost tear his arm off by pulling him along.

an ear piercing squeal alerts him to the presumed spotting of little oliver wood, lyra's best friend. her hand slips out of his as she practically sprints to her friend, her auburn hair whipping behind her in the breeze.

"now, now, lyra. let's not deafen these poor people." he scolds, earning a roll of her eyes and a bright smile that he automatically returns in response. remus isnt the scolding type, and they both know it.

sharing a look and a shake of hands with oliver's father, he cant help but smile at their children's interaction with each other. their happy chatter comes easily, both practically bouncing off the walls in their excitement of finally going away to the castle.

"reckon they'll leave Hogwarts dating?" mr. wood teases, nudging remus's shoulder. most people that saw how oliver and lyra had interacted through the years guessed they would indeed end up in love.

"i sure hope not! no dating until she's 35!" remus only half jokes in response, quickly rejecting the idea. "much too young for any of that yet."

"i hear ya, lupin. but we both know, once theyre allowed quidditch, dating will be the last thing on either of their minds. nothing serious, anyway. all oliver's talked about lately is joining the team."

remus chuckles in agreement, knowing how much the two obsess over the game. in fact, its practically the only thing lyra talks about.
well, that and oliver.

so caught up in proudly observing his daughter's cheerful nature, the whistle of the train startles him more than it should've.

before he can speak, he can feel lyra hugging him tightly, and he feels himself tear up a bit.
soaking in the last hug with her until the holidays, stopping the tears is the last thing on his mind.
he's never been the type of man to hide his emotions, possessing a fully transparent nature that sometimes doesn't serve in his favor.

"no, dad dont cry! i'll be home for the holidays in such a short time you'll never have noticed i left!" she exclaims, hugging him a bit tighter.
remus knows she must be struggling a bit leaving home, just not showing it.
they worked well like that, opposites of the spectrum of many things and creating a very strong bond through it.

"of course, darling. i know that. the quiet will be absolutely glorious." he jokes, subtly wiping his face.

"ouch, dad. that one hurt." feigning insult, lyra steps back, frowning up at him.

"ah you know im just joking, star. you'll be having so much fun at school you won't miss home even a bit. i expect letters, however. gotta find a bit of time to reassure your old man you're okay. now, one last hug before you go."

breaking away from the hug after a minute or so, remus can see the hint of tears in lyra's eyes. she may not say it but he can tell she's scared, leaving home for the first time in her short life.

"just a short time and you'll be home. i'll
miss you tons and we love you, dont forget that." he reassures her with a comforting kiss on the head.

remus had a habit of always including sirius in his 'i love yous', knowing he misses their daughter more than anything in the world.

"i love you guys too. bye dad!"

with that lyra was hopping up the steps of the train, quickly reaching the compartment oliver is in.

her face appears in the window, grinning and waving at remus.

"gryffindor!" he shouts, pumping a fist in the air, ignoring the tears that have once again begun flowing.

"gryffindor!" he hears her voice scream back as her face disappears.

overwhelming pride taking over the sadness, he turns to go home, wishing his husband could have been there today, seeing their pride and joy off. on her way to the greatness they both knew she held.


☆ lyra ☆

"what house do you think you'll get into?" lyra questions, unable to tear her gaze away from the view, but knowing oliver heard. they were standing right next to each other, there's no way he could've missed it.

"well gryffindor, of course. we're both getting placed in there." he states matter-of-factly, eyes also captured by the view outside the window.

"yeah, you're right. my dads were in gryffindor, it'd only make sense i get placed there as well." lyra replies, a small smile dancing on her face. she finds the thought of sirius saddening her a bit, as it often does.
in result, she finds her feet picking up the speed of her pacing around the small compartment, her overflowing emotions not allowing her to still.

she knew in her heart it wasn't really even a question. she was destined to be a gryffindor. it's in her blood.

despite knowing this, the nagging worry of not being placed into gryffindor refused to leave her mind, worried her dads would be disappointed in her if she wasn't placed into the same house they were.

"yknow, you're gona burn a hole into the floor doing that."

"shove off ollie."

not a bit insulted, they both grin at each other before lyra finally sits down. oliver always had a way of dragging her head away from worries, often through the half hearted insults they shot back and forth.

"about time. making me dizzy from all that movement of yours." oliver complains, opening a chocolate frog box.

"oh yeah, im sure it wasnt from the huge train we're on right now. there's no way that was it."

laughing at the fake look of hurt on oliver's face, she takes advantage of his distraction and steals the chocolate frog right out of his hand.


"ya snooze ya lose, ollie. you can have the card though."

"but ive already got six of dumbledore!" oliver groans, slumping in his seat.

"well isn't that just unfortunate." faking sympathy, lyra smiles sweetly back at him. challenging a response from him with a wiggle of her eyebrows, he quickly goes quiet with a slight frown.

accepting her win without much grace, she sticks her tongue out at him before exaggerating the last bite of chocolate.

rolling his eyes at her antics, he switches his attention to his worn copy of Quidditch Through the Ages.

though so overwhelmingly delighted about finally being on the train, not wanting anything to make her miss even a second of the scenery passing by, lyra somehow finds herself curling up to sleep, vivid dreams of what adventures the castle may hold playing behind her eyes.
the over excitement of her day had already tired her out. even her own mind was no match for her energy most times.


"lyra!" oliver hissed, shaking her shoulder a bit more aggressively than needed in an attempt to wake her. "lyra wake up!"

swiping an arm out, lyra blindly tries to push him away, disgruntled by his interrupting her nap.

"go away ollie. its sleepy time." she grumbles, draping an arm across her face.

"no, lyra you've gotta change into your robes! we're almost there!"

the tone of glee in oliver's voice makes his words register in her mind, and she shoots into a sitting position, immediately fully awake and feeling her heartbeat speed up.

"are we really?!"

"yes, yes. now go! bathroom down the hall!" oliver exclaimed, shoving lyra's robes into her arms.

she squeals before wandering into the small corridor, excitement bubbling in her tummy. she quickly spots the bathroom, paying other students no mind before rushing into a stall.

changing faster than she ever has in her life, she races back to her compartment.

"oh my merlin. look at that ollie!"

"i am!"

pressing their faces against the glass, they watch in awe as the castle appears in the dark, the lights glittering into the night.

"its downright magical!" lyra breathes, not even blinking in order to not miss a thing.

"our entire world is magic, lyra." oliver tears his gaze away from the window to tickle her sides, earning a squeal from her.

she begins to tickle back, winning the fight until they feel the train come to a stop beneath their feet.

freezing, they look at each other with identical looks of disbelief before rushing out of their compartment.

stepping into the chilled night air, lyra pulls her robes a bit tighter around her body before falling into the flow of students.
oliver grabs her arm to keep them from separating, and they both peer around, a little bit lost until they hear a booming voice yell, "first years! this way, this way!"

following the sound of the voice, lyra's eyes widen at the sheer size of the man.

oliver does the same as they approach the boats they're to ride to the castle in.

sharing a smile, they climb into the closest one, settling into their seats before it begins to smoothly glide through the water without any guidance.

oliver and lyra look at each other again, knowing they're thinking the same thing. "magic."

AN// hi! comments, questions, concerns, and input are all greatly appreciated! happy reading, i hope you enjoy (:

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