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Charlotte knew of the world of magic, though her father treated the word as if it was the most foul thing one could say. For as long as she could remember, Charlotte admired the Weasley family from afar, wishing to be apart of the love they all emitted. She soon gets her wish, meeting the twins by the will of a rouge bludger.. but will her father allow her to be pulled into the world of all things magical?

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for as long as charlotte could remember, she longed to know the large, magical ginger family across the valley. though they appeared incredibly chaotic in all the best ways, they emitted an air of love and acceptance, something the girl craved.

her father was a closed off man, rarely showing much emotion at all. though she knew he loved her, he didnt show it much if at all, which contrasted charlotte's outgoing nature. she had taken after her mother's personality, or so people told her. she didnt remember much about about her mother, just small glimpses of memories and things shes been told of here and there.

she was quite sure she would never meet the rambunctious family, as her father despised anything magic. forbade the simplest mention of it even. while her mother had been a witch, and a gifted one at that, charlotte's father is a muggle who viewed the magical world only as the thing who took his wife from him and he was determined his daughter would not meet the same fate.
this was a disappointment to the young girl, and day after day she fantasized about being accepted into the family she watched from afar, being accepted by them. feeling the love of a true family.


at the age of 10, charlotte attends a muggle primary school, and while being a decent student, she finds it all quite boring.
while she knew of the world of magic, her knowledge is terribly limited as her father treated it as if even the word were a disease. charlotte knew she would receive her Hogwarts letter in a few months, and she was absolutely dead set on attending the school and taking part in the exciting world her mother loved so dearly.

on a warm spring day, charlotte perched in her favorite tree, watching the ginger children play and shout together. spending many days doing this, she could almost tell them all apart by their shouts.
today they played a game they seem to favor, and it was an odd one. played on flying brooms, with odd bubble wand shaped hoops.
she holds little knowledge of the game,actually none at all. but from their cheers she can tell it was incredibly fun.

it takes levels of self control no other ten year old could muster to not go over and introduce herself, but she knew how terrible her father's reaction would be if he ever found out.

though, she didn't have any more time to dwell on the dilemma, as one of the enchanted balls suddenly begins zooming directly towards her, with no apparent intentions of stopping. pausing in panic, her eyes widen with fear.
making a split second decision to avoid being hit by it the ball a foot away from her face, she jumps off of her branch, hoping to land on her feet.
of course, luck decides to not be on her side, and she lands directly on her left arm and it twists to an impossible angle.
she hears the bone crack and feels an explosion of pain throughout her body, barely having enough time to cry out before everything goes black.

as beaters, george and fred are the first notice the bludger go rouge, and quickly fly after it, hoping to catch it before it could come within notice of a muggle.
george manages to keep an eye on it and sees it flying towards a tree, expecting it to crash into a branch and hopefully get stuck there.
what he doesnt expect, however is to see a small girl falling out of the tree.

"freddie! am i seeing things or was that a person?"
"i believe it was a person georgie!"

with an unspoken conversation, fred flies to find the bludger while george lands to assist the girl.

his stomach turns a bit when he sees the odd angle her arm is turned to, noticing she appears to be asleep.

"uh freddie? i think shes dead."

fred flies back in george's direction, fighting to both keep the bludger under his arms and stay steady on his broom.

"george you git shes knocked out." he responds with a roll of his eyes, before they widened, realizing what he said. "blimey! shes knocked out!"

charlie flies towards the twins, having set off to find them when they didnt return after awhile.

"what did you two do now?!" charlie screeches, noticing the small girl, landing immediately.

the twins jump at his voice, whipping around with panicked eyes.

"nothing! we found her like this!" fred exclaims, a bit offended at charlie's accusation.

"her arm's broken! she mustve fallen out of the tree to avoid the bludger." george replies, a bit freaked out.

"okay okay. let's get her on a broom and bring her to mum. she'll know just what to do." charlie orders calmly, falling into his role as a responsible older brother.

charlie pulls the girl up into his arms, keeping her body in front of him as he climbs back on his broom, struggling a bit to keep both of them steady as they began to fly back.

the twins follow quickly, not wanting to miss out on the excitement of the mystery girl.

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