The Paint In The Fireworks


In a world where society bases your love on what you look like. A young girl named Rosemary Black uses her love of words, and art to break away from the truth of the world she lives in. Rosemary quickly fell in love with a series named 'Harry Potter' Enthralled by a world full of family and love. Even if it wasn't the perfect world in others eyes. But for Rosemary? There was no more perfect world. One Autumn day, Rosemary is in her room painting Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and wizardry. For years she always felt random feelings of comfort. As if someone were holding her, and telling her 'Everything will be okay'. But once this painting is finished she finds one day after having fallen asleep watching the painting, and she wakes up finding herself in a dorm room. The one place she longed for she was there. Rosemary was Home. She could see the ones she longed for. Pursuing her dream life. It takes a turn after meeting a mischievous ginger haired boy. Rosemary's life wasn't normal anymore. It was anything but. It's time to see where it goes, and be in her dream place. Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, time to find out what her life becomes after a painting, and a boy. Rosemary Black knew that tomorrow was never going to be normal again.

Adventure / Romance
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The Beginning; A New

!DISCLAIMER! I do NOT own the Harry Potter franchise OR characters!!

Everyone has dreams. Some of us watch tv shows, or maybe we play sports. Games have even become escapes, whether they’re board games, or video games. But for somebody in particular it was the arts. Singing, painting, sketching, writing, if it has art as the subject and you name it she loves it. Her name is Rosemary Black, a quiet girl. She had beautiful blue eyes, dirty blonde hair, and she wasn’t skinny. Yet she tried her best to love each and every mark on her body.

Rosemary was often called Rose, she was quite reserved, but when she did talk she was kind, and soft. She was fifteen. Life is never perfect, far from it to be honest. However she did her best to remember she was fortunate. Rose had a roof over her head, food in her stomach, clothes on her back, and a family that loved her. What more could she need? Well everyone has their complaints. Love, and loss, happiness and hope. But Rosemary? Hers was to be allowed to be happy in her society. She wanted to smile and laugh, to be herself and not be judged. She never felt like she could. Unless she was reading, or writing, even drawing.

Rosemary’s mother and father fell out when she was only two. Keeping close to her mother was her biggest concern. Her father Baron Black, had never been very close with her. She was separated with him at two. Her mother Danielle got full custody. Of course she gave Baron every other weekend with his kids, some holidays, and parts of the weekdays. However after a few years, Rosemary grew, taking a turn things changed. She stopped going to her father’s. Rosemary had two older brothers, Karson 18, and John 16. Karson had stopped seeing their father a couple of years before Rosemary. But John was always the one that Baron chose quite easily. Baron had pushed, he pushed so hard that she couldn’t take another second. Rosemary hated herself for letting this happen. Blame came to her, Baron repeating “It was her, she didn’t try enough” quickly she came to believe it. Slowly Rosemary went downhill. Blaming herself for many things, even things that became uncontrollable. A spiral that felt as if it had no end.

However, since Rose was fairly young she had fallen in love with a series of movies called “Harry Potter”. The thought of it made her smile brighter than the sun. The image of Hogwarts automatically filling her head. Once the spiral hit, feeling as if it would never go away she would watch the series. Rose filled with the joy of a child in a candy shop. Giddy at the music, as if it were an ice cream truck just down the street and she had just gotten five dollars. Of course as any normal person would she had favorite characters, for her it was Luna Lovegood, any of the Weasley’s, and of course the Golden Trio. Rose knew she belonged in this world, the world of a society with low standers, but also standards too high for anyone to reach. She felt connected to the story. As if she was there, watching it happen right in front of her. Rose could only imagine, walking through the corridors. Empty and still, paintings sleeping, students in their beds ready for another day of learning and family. Quiet, yet so lively. Even at night, you would walk past ghosts, and sleeping portraits. Night was cool, and silent. Whilst day, well day was fun, and chaotic. You would spend nice days outside in the courtyard. Talking through the other chattering students. Whether it was about the next potions assignment, or about who was the best couple that should end up marrying. Slytherins talking about how Snape liked to keep them on their toes, Hufflepuff hoping that they could make a couple of friends, Ravenclaws talking about the latest art, and literature. Gryffindors talking about what McGonagall was like when she was upset versus happy. Although everyone a fan of the series would stereotype them, however Rose knew that not all Hufflepuffs were scared, and loyal, not all Ravenclaws were wise, and diligent, Slytherins weren’t terrible, and cunning. Just as Gryffindors weren’t all conceded and brave.

Rosemary herself knew she was a Ravenclaw at heart. Luna Lovegood was an inspiration to Rose. A quiet soft spoken girl, who cared nothing of what others thought about her. This girl was herself no matter who you were, what you wanted and how important you were. If you didn’t like her it was alright. Rose wanted to be like that. She was already soft spoken, and quiet all she needed was the caring not for what the others thought. Although she wasn’t what everyone wanted, Rosemary knew that she was perfect to herself. Of course, everyone had those things they knew they wanted to fix, or change. But she was continent with who she was. Though many people felt different. Rosemary, even as beautiful as she is, people tease and laugh at her.

Since a young age, Rosemary has been on the bigger side. She wasn’t society’s view of what beautiful was. Even now she wasn’t was they wanted. From the age of five, innocence was slowly fading away as the days went on. The first day of school marking the day that she slowly started to see the world in a different view. People were anything but kind everyday. Of course at a young age everyone was friends, they got along. Nothing was different, everyone was the same. Children, innocent people who just wanted to play on playgrounds, and go home to eat all the sweets they could. Even though most of their parents wouldn’t allow any such thing. After time once her fourth grade and upper years hit the innocence faded. People started to bully her, “Fat pig.” or “You cow.“, repeatedly coming home to cry tears into her mothers arms. The words spoken overtook her mind, but her mother told her something to stick with her.

“You are not the words they speak. You are who you turn yourself to be. Remember what matters is the love you hold in your heart for yourself. Keep that beautiful head of yours up. Move on and show them that you are nothing of the words that they speak. Just love who you are, and the rest will melt away.“, she told Rosemary softly as she held her one day during her sixth year. After being told “You take up two spaces, you fat cow.“, by a popular guy in her year whilst waiting for her lunch. Rosemary took her mother’s advice to heart, slowly she came out of her shell. Ignoring any comments made, and going about her days. After a while Rosemary came to find inner peace, and self love that she never thought she would have. Even if she had those few days where she just felt as if she wasn’t beautiful, as did everyone. As many others did she felt insecure sometimes, but other days she knew she was beautiful. Those days were the ones she held closest to her heart.

Rosemary’s school life was anything but easy, however her three closest friends were what kept her happy. The friend whom she had lost connection with in her second grade year she had finally reconnected with. Her name was Asterin Green, an average heightened girl, with light brown hair, and dark hazel eyes. She became close with her again in her eighth grade year. Due to regaining her connection with Asterin she met Aideen Rivers a girl of average height, with long black hair she dyed multiple times but never bleaching her hair, and her eyes we hazel. Rosemary and Aideen found themselves disliking each other at first. Each of them feeling as though the other was stealing Asterin. After a small fall out with Asterin, Aideen and Rosemary found themselves realizing that they both just wanted their friend beside them. They became closer, overtime becoming as close as can be. Once they found their way through the bump in the road with Asterin they began talking with a boy of whom Rosemary had been acquaintances with Derwin Granfall, a tall lean long boy with long shaggy blonde hair and blue eyes. They all became close, talking about different games, subjects, people and ideas. The group loved to be together and talk whenever they had the chance. Rosemary kept them close, she didn’t need anyone else because they were there everyday. From her eighth year and on.

Overall Rosemary had little to complain about. She kept her grades up, had a good social life and kept far away from drama as long as she could. However like everyone does she would wish on stars to go to a place where she felt more at home than where she was actually lived. Rosemary spent as much time with her family as anyone would. But she wanted something more. She wanted to look forward to tomorrow, living out her days in bliss. Going to classes, talking with her friends, having fun after school. Rosemary waited longing for the day when she would look around at where she was and know that she belonged. It put a smile on her face to think about a place where she could relax, and let herself smile or laugh over the stupidest things. Rosemary knew that one day, somehow she wouldn’t be just wishing on stars anymore. Somehow, someway she just knew at some point in time it wouldn’t be just dreaming. It would be real. For now it was time to wish on stars at school. Her least favorite part of any day. Her alarm went off and it was time to start the day.

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