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Champagne Problems

Because I Dropped Your Hand While Dancing

. . .

You booked the night train for a reason,

So you could sit there in this hurt,

Bustling crowds or silent sleepers,

You’re not sure which is worse.

Fred sat there. In his hurt and watching the bustling crowds coming in and out of the night train he booked, hoping to be riding home with his fiancé not by himself. Fred watched people silently sleeping in their seats and he wasn’t sure which was worse, being numb or being too aware. Either way this was the worst feeling in the world for Fred. Never had he been so heartbroken after a failed relationship, but this was different. He loved Y/N. He’d never loved a girl before much less told a girl he loved her. Y/N was his first love. Suddenly the train doors opened and the conductor’s voice, pulling Fred from his thoughts.


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