The Perks Of Being a Potter


Amira and her younger brother, Harry Potter, get kicked out of the Dursley's again. Much to Amira's dismay, the pair moves with the Weasley's until they can get back on their feet. However, a lengthy, handsome, red-head might be able to help you with that. DISCLAIMER: I DO NOT OWN ANY OF THESE CHARACTERS!! All of the characters (Aside from my own) belong to JK Rowling. 18+ WARNING!! SMUT/MATURE THEMES

Romance / Fantasy
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To The Burrow

A/N: Hi, besties! Oh, how I missed writing. Anywho... here is what you all been waiting for (Or not.) Either way, I hope you enjoy! Don't forget to vote and comment. Love you!

Credits to my friend Ellie for the name Amira! :)
Credits to my other friends Gurleen and I think her name is Grace for helping my proofread!

"Wake up!" The two siblings, Amira and Harry, heard their Uncle Vernon shout from outside the small room that they shared. Amira stirred in her sleep as she heard Harry groan from the other side of the room.
Sharing a room with your younger brother wasn't exactly 'the dream' for a 20-year-old. Harry would snore in his sleep regularly, causing Amira to get a low amount of rest. Amira opened her eyes to check the time on the old clock that sat on top of the worn side table that Vernon found at a garage sale.

"Six in the morning, are you kidding?" Amira groaned, rubbing her eyes.

"Better than five, eh?" Harry joked. Amira scoffed and got out of bed, stretching and cracking her neck. Truthfully, the pair were exhausted. They hated living with the Dursley's and wanted nothing more than to get their own flat in Diagon Alley as soon as they possibly could.

Harry had asked Amira multiple times if she wanted to stay at the Weasley's until they got settled somewhere, but she declined his offer. Amira was far too worried about the weight that would be putting on Arthur and Molly's shoulders. After all, they already had so many children.
Amira never really had been as close with the Weasley's as Harry was. She has been to the burrow once or twice and ran into some of the red-heads in classes but never got the opportunity to socialize with them.

Harry grabbed some of his clothes and left to get dressed in the washroom while Amira stayed behind to get ready in their room.
Once she was done getting dressed, she brushed her teeth, brushed her hair, and made her way downstairs to start setting the table for breakfast. Amira reached for the plates that were in the cabinet so she could begin setting the table.

"Wrong plates, and why are you dressed like that? " Amira heard Petunia snap from her chair in the living room. The words that came out of Petunia's mouth filled Amira with rage, but she had to keep her cool unless she wanted to get her and Harry kicked out. Nothing angered Amira more than when someone assumed that they had a say in what she wore.

"I'm an adult. I reckon I can dress the way I'd like." Amira responded bluntly, grabbing the correct plates out of the dishwasher. Petunia made a low grunting noise and continued watching the TV.
Harry eventually made his way down the stairs to begin breakfast. He started off by grabbing different ingredients from the pantry then got to work.


As the day went on, Petunia and Amira grew tenser and tenser with each other. Arguing about random things that didn't even matter all too much. It was now dinner time, and everyone was seated at the table.

"The pork is dry and overcooked." Petunia commented. This caused Amira to drop her fork on her plate, fed up with her Aunts attitude.

"Then why don't you make your own damn food?" Amira mumbled under her breath. Petunia stopped eating and gave her an intense glare.

"Why don't you get your own damn house?" Amira was taken aback by Petunia's response. What was she supposed to say? After all, she was right. All of Amira's friends had houses by now; why didn't she?
This caused Amira to try and stand up from her seat. However, Harry pulled her back down. Amira's blood was boiling. She wanted nothing more than to shout unforgivable curses left and right towards Petunia out of frustration.

Amira took a deep breath, "We'll leave tonight." Vernon and Petunia chortled at this, Petunia almost choking on her food. Vernon took a sip of his drink, puckering at the taste of the bitter red wine.

"And where do you plan on going, exactly?" Vernon questioned.

"We will figure something out. Besides, anywhere is better than here."


Amira sat down at her desk, pulling out a piece of parchment that had a list of places she and Harry could stay at. The two had been in many situations like this before, but they always found themselves back with the Dursleys, but not this time.

"Leaky cauldron?" Amira began.

"Closed for repair."

"Siru-" Amira stopped herself before she could continue, biting her lip, "What about that one family that lives crossed the street from us? They seem nice." Harry let out a sigh, taking a seat on his bed.

"Amira, I know that you don't want to, but I think we should go to the Weasley's."

"I think you're right. Better start packing our bags then, hm?" Harry nodded and grabbed both of their trunks from the closet.
The pair began packing, planning to leave in the next hour. They had been in a situation like this before, and Amira wanted them to be fully prepared so they didn't have to come back, reading off a list of things she knew they would need.

A long while had passed, Harry and Amira had finally finished getting packed. Amira was quite nervous. She hasn't even spoken to Mr. and Mrs. Weasley before, and here she is taking her brother to come live with them on such short notice.
There was no way this was going to make her seem responsible, so much for first impressions.

Harry closed his trunk, "You ready?"

"Yeah, I think so." Amira stood up and held onto Harry's hand as he apparated them to the Weasley's.
Amira felt nauseous as they twisted and turned until they finally reached the burrow with a thud. Harry winced at his landing while Amira helped him up.

"I don't think I'll ever get used to that." Amira joked while she and Harry walked towards the small house.
Harry and Amira reached the porch, and Harry knocked loudly on the door. They heard the sound of noisy chatting and footsteps making their way to the door.
The creaky door swung open abruptly, and one of the most gorgeous looking men Amira had ever seen stood in front of them. A cheeky smirk spread ear-to-ear on the man's face.

"Ah, the Potter's. To what do I owe the pleasure?" He teased. Amira had seen very few of the red-heads, apparently this one she had missed as well. The lengthy ginger was wearing plaid pajama pants and no shirt; Amira was practically drooling.

"We were hoping we could crash here for a while, Dursley's kicked us out again."

"You know you are always welcome." He said with a smile, opening the door fully so we could enter. The young man took our trunks without issue and set them to the side. He walked towards the kitchen to inform Molly about their visitors, and Harry took a seat on the couch.
"Harry dear!" Amira jumped lightly at the sudden voice. She turned to see a plump woman with curly red hair taking off her apron to hug Harry. "Oh, what a surprise to see you here! We all have missed you terribly."

Amira felt rather uncomfortable, standing in the corner of the room, glancing at the cheerful mother giving her sibling a tight embrace. The kind woman met eyes with Amira, smiling warmly.

"I see you brought your sister." She said while letting Harry go. Molly walked over to Amira and hugged her just like she did Harry.
"It's so nice to finally meet you, Dear!" Amira was taken aback but hugged Molly with just as much force. Molly let Amira go and examined her face, caressing her cheek.
"You look much like your mother." Amira had never received such a heartwarming compliment before. She smiled and pulled Molly into another warm hug.

"Thank you, Mrs. Weasley. You seriously don't mind if we stay for a while? I promise we will be out of your hair by the end of the month."

"Call me Molly, and don't worry, dear. We shall figure something out." Molly backed out of the hug and began putting her apron back on. "But, until then, you can sleep wherever you like. I'm sure Percy's old bedroom will work out perfectly."

"HARRY?!" Both Ginny and Ron said in unison, coming inside from a quick round of quidditch. The three ran up to each other, chattering like a bunch of noisy first years.
I figured I had nothing better to do, so I grabbed my trunk and started making my way up the stairs to find Percy's room, whoever that was.

The house might've looked small on the outside. However, the inside was filled with different twists and turns, making it almost impossible to find Percy's room.
"Need some help?" Amira turned to see who was speaking to her, it was the man who had opened the door for her and Harry.

"Uh, yeah... Do I look lost or something?"

"I just saw you pass my room three times, so, I guess in a way, kinda." The man walked closer and took the trunk out of Amira's hands.

"Here, let me take that-"

"I could've carried it myself."

"That's okay, I've got it." Amira shook her head and followed the man to the room.

"I haven't caught your name?"

"Amira, named after my great-grandma. And you are?"

"George, named after no one in particular." Amira nodded as they reached Percy's room. George opened the door and set the trunk down.

"Well, this is our stop. My twin Fred and I are right next door, don't hesitate to knock on our door if you need anything."

"Okay, thank you, George."

"Anytime," George said with a smile while shutting the door.

Amira began to explore the room, trying to get used to her surroundings and figure out where everything was. She looked through the drawers, the closet, and even under the bed. She flipped the comforter up to see if Percy had anything intriguing hidden, but all she found were school books and a jar of petroleum jelly.
"Wait, why would he- ew gross." Amira flipped the blanket back down in disappointment; she didn't find any secret love-letters or anything fun at all, for that matter. She was insanely bored.


At about seven-thirty, Molly and Arthur decided that they were going to hang out with some former schoolmates of theirs.

"Fred, George, and Amira, you are in charge. You boys know the rules, no drinking, no parties, no pranks."

"Yes, Mum. Have fun!" Fred said while shutting the door on the two. "So, how about a game of truth or dare?"

"Fred and I made some Veritaserum. We have been meaning to test it out." George replied, adding to his brother's suggestion. Everyone agreed excitedly, gathering in a circle on the carpet.
Ginny and Harry had been inseparable ever since he and Amira showed up. Of course, Amira was happy for them, Ginny was a sweet girl, and Amira didn't have any problems with them being together; she just wished she had someone to hang out with that she knew.

"Alrighty, Gin, you first," Fred said while handing Ginny a small vial of clear liquid. Ginny took a small sip of the potion, wrinkling her nose at the sour taste. She closed the lid and passed the vial to George.

"Was it you who stole the packet of Drooble's out of our room?" Fred questioned.

"Yes," Ginny responded quickly and nervously.

"We knew it was you, prat!" George teased while lightly pushing Ginny. Everyone laughed at their playfulness and continued the game. As the game went on, the questions became much more personal.

"Amira, have you ever snogged with anyone?" Ron asked, laughing. Amira began to laugh with everyone else nervously.

"Umm, yeah, actually. With Angelina Johnson in the fourth year."

"WITH ANGIE?!" The twins teased and laughed in unison. Harry made a nauseated expression and got up to stretch and yawn. Amira checked the time. it was getting pretty late, so she got up too.

"Going to bed already?" Ron asked, sounding disappointed. Ginny stood up and began moving Harry to her bedroom. Amira and Ron groaned in disgust.

"I think I'll head off to bed too, got nothing better to do," Ron said, getting up and making his way to his room. Amira wasn't too tired herself so, she figured she would read for a bit before bed. She started walking down the hall towards Percy's room. As she was walking, she heard whispers between the two twins.

"Wait, Amira," Fred called for her, stopping her in her tracks. Amira turned to face them, rubbing her eyes.
She made a 'hm' noise so they would know that they had her attention. George motioned his head to show he wanted her to come sit down with them. Amira walked over and sat on the couch, facing the twins.


"You smoke right?" George asked.

"Well, I mean, I have before, but not regularly. Why?"

"We got some stuff from an old friend of ours, wanted to know if you want to join?"Amira's face lit up with excitement, she nodded her head yes, and the twins lead her to their room. Amira was a bit nervous; she hadn't gotten high since her last year of Hogwarts.

Eventually, they made it to the room. It was quite messy and disorganized, but Amira didn't mind. George began picking up the dirty laundry that was scattered on the floor while Fred got to rolling a joint.
"Sorry about the mess..." George said nervously, still placing the clothes into a pile.

Amira smiled and sat down on a pillow that sat under the window. The two boys relaxed next to Amira and began taking long drags of the joint.
Fred finished taking his hit and passed the joint to Amira. Amira took it and placed it comfortably into her fingers. She glanced up at the two men, who seemed to be waiting excitedly.

"I must warn you, I haven't done this in a few years and am more than likely a bloody lightweight." The twins snickered, and George began comforting Amira, "That's okay if anything goes wrong, I'm sure Fred and I will at least be sober enough to handle it." Amira nodded and took her first hit. She removed it from her lips, sucked in, and held it while passing the joint to Fred. Breathing out the pungent fog, she began to cough a little.

Although it was only her first drag, Amira started to feel the effects almost instantly. A cloudy haze took over her brain, and she felt quite relaxed, laying down on the floor with her head sinking into the pillow.

"I've heard a lot about you two and your pranks." George and Fred let out a snort and handed Amira the joint again. She took a longer drag this time and felt extremely dazed.
"I would love to join in on that someday. Sounds like fun."

"You are more than welcome to participate." Fred joked. Amira smiled and sat up again, feeling a tad bit dizzy.

"Ya know, I found lube under your brother's bed today. Bloody disgusting, I tell you!"

"Oh, slag off. Percy owns lube? You must be joking. He is the most boring bloke we know!" George said while slightly bumping Amira in the arm.
"I'm serious!" Amira said, laughing hysterically.

"So, why did the Dursley's kick you out this time?" Fred questioned, leaning against the wall.

"Well, it was kinda my fault, I guess." The two men scoffed and shook their heads.

"It definitely wasn't. The Dursley's are always kicking you two out for some dumb reason." George said while looking down and exhaling smoke out of his lips.

"Petunia and I were going at it all day. I got fed up with it so, I said we were leaving. Then, Harry decided we would come here for a bit." Amira bit the inside of her cheeks as she spoke, cutting up the sides of her mouth.
"I just wish I could give him a stable home, you know? I feel horrible that this is the situation we are put in. I promised him we would have a home by now, that wasn't the Dursley's, and truth be told, I wouldn't doubt it if we ended up there by the end of the month if I don't get my shit together." Amira vented to the twins, taking another hit off the drugs, allowing it to almost entirely occupy her thoughts.

Fred snatched the joint out of her hand, knowing she had reached her limit. "Amira, it isn't your fault that you and Harry are struggling right now. You're trying your best that's all that matters." Amira nodded and picked at the black nail polish on her fingers.

"We will figure something out, don't worry yourself." Amira smiled. She was happy that Harry dragged her here today; she has never felt more at home than she did with the Weasleys.

A/N: Hi, all! I hope you enjoyed the first chapter of my story. :) Don't forget to comment and vote. Also, just a disclaimer, I will not have an updating schedule. However, I will try my best to update every single week. I love you all so much, and If you would like to join my discord server I will link that below! <3
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