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His bet: Fred Weasley fan fiction


A girl named Bella lovegood is attending we 4th year at hogwarts witchcraft and wizardry, she is well known in her house + school, shes a 15 yeah old Gryffindor that falls in love with her best friends brother after they made a bet on her but she soon finds out her life isn’t what it seems. This book with contain: Drugs, alcohol, sexual content, (TW) suicidal thoughts and much more. Not my characters they belong to: jk Rowling Enjoy

Drama / Romance
Neville is bea
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𝙲𝚑𝚊𝚙𝚝𝚎𝚛 𝟷

The feeling

I wake up to Luna calling my name from the bottom of the stairs “Bella get up we are gonna be late to catch the train” she shouts me being me lazily letting out of bed as fast as I can, after brushing my hair and teeth I try to find a nice outfit to wear, after what it felt like months I found a cute red jumper oversized and some blue ripped jeans.

after getting my trunk and making my bed I walk downstairs to find my father and sister waiting for me “about time sweetheart” my father says while giving me and Luna a hug goodbye so we can get to the train in time.

“hurry up” Luna shouts at me “Bella the train is about to leave HURRY UP” she is still shouting at me like a mum in a hurry to get the last handbag in London, I’ve never been the one in a rush I’ve always been chill so I did make people stressed but that’s the difference between me and my big sister she always in a hurry.

we made it on the train just in time Luna lets out a huff in relief and we parted ways, as I was searching for my redheaded friend but unfortunately, a blonde boy caught my eye as he turned around his icy blue eyes glared at me, I panicked and rushed into the closet compartment I could find and with my luck, I met my redhead friends eyes.

“my goodness Bella first you gave me a bloody heart attack,” he says his voice lower than normal “second are you alright you look like you have just seen a ghost” he gives me a look of concern I smile at him as I sit next to him “I’m okay Ron no need to worry I just-” I say out of breath “you saw him didn’t you,” Ron said frustration taking over his voice, I nod as a reply as everyone lets out a sigh.

around 5 hours have passed since I got on the train and we had 2 hours will we were at Hogwarts I get up to walk out of the compartment until a hand pulls me back I turn around to see Ron holding my arm “where are you going” he asks I look at him and roll my eyes “Ron I’m only going to put on my robes and if you’re scared about me going alone I think Hermione will be more then happy to come along” I say and a sweet and calm tone as I look at Hermione sitting next to harry she looks up at me and nods she stands and walks out with me.

Me and Hermione just finished getting our robes on and as we head back I see one of Ron’s brothers talking to a girl, Hermione looks at me and fakes a gag “get a room” I and Hermione say at the same time then looking at each other bursting out in laughter as they walk away.

as time goes by Bella falls asleep on Ron’s shoulder until she starts to get shook she opens to Ron telling her they are at Hogwarts “help me up will you Ronald” she snickers Ron rolls his eyes in annoyance at her calling him Ronald but still helps her up, as they are walking to the carriage her eyes meet Ron’s other brother, Fred Weasley, as they kept eye contact Ron was now pulling Bella by her arm knocking her out of her trance, while her, Ron, Hermione, and harry sit in the carriage they talk about their summers and the party tonight in the Gryffindor common room until they get to the castle.

I and the two twins somehow ended up walking into the great hall together, they led me to my seat at the Gryffindor table waiting for everyone else to enter in the meantime I and Fred were having a good conversation until I feel a cold hand grip my shoulder, I frantically look up to once again to meet the boy of my nightmares Draco Malfoy looking into my soul with his icy blue eyes “don’t fucking touch me Draco” I spat as I took his hand off my shoulder “now go away I don’t wanna look at you” I say this time calmer but still irritated he’s near me.

all through the feast I was picking at my food not feeling hungry “are you okay bell” Hermione’s kind voice echoing in my mind all I could do was nod in response after a few minutes has passed I get up “I’m going to my dorm see you there Hermione” she nodded and I look over to Fred “I was looking forward to the party tell me how it was will you” I say smiling at them all and then walking out of the great fall to my dorm.

as I’m walking through the corridors humming to myself I can feel a familiar cold hand yank me back on to a wall “for the sake of my fucking life will you piss off dra-” you suddenly stop to see blood on Draco’s knuckles “Draco whatever you think please don’t just go away”

Draco takes a Dangerous step forward “don’t ever talk to me like that understand” he purrs in my ear as he puts his hands around my neck “dra...draco....ple...plea.....please....I can....can't....b...breath” I stutter hoping it would end until I heard someone Draco didn’t even notice someone approaching us he was too focused on punishing me.

“oi mate let her go” a see a redheaded boy yell until I start to lose to much air the last thing, I see is a fist colliding with Malfoys jaw then everything went blurry, then black and I fell unconscious.

hi, everyone, I hope you liked this first chapter I worked all night on it, so I hope you don’t think its shit lmao thank you for reading if you are.

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