Don’t Give, Just Take: A Fred Weasley Fanfic


WARNING!!! SMUT! MATURE CONTENT (sexual content, language, drugs, violence) {DISCLAIMER: All credits goes to J.K. Rowling as she had created such world and characters. However, this is NOT canon to the story. A fiction, an AU where Fred Weasley survives the war and it's timed and dated three years after the war, 2001} Safeiarrah Celeste Phoenix was one of the brightest witch from Hogwarts. After the second wizarding war, she'd vanished from thin air, until after three years. But what if upon her arrival back to the wizarding world, new, bolder, wiser version of herself exercised all the dirty things she learned upon her absence to Fred? Will he take her offer? Or will he choose to give her friendship over love? Will he choose to give love? Or will he choose to take advantage of it?

Drama / Romance
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Dr. Phoenix

It was a week before the new school year at Hogwarts started. As usual, Diagon Alley’s packed with new and returning students, along with their loving parents. Each shop was overflowing with customers, especially the Leaky Cauldron, as it served as a passageway between the muggle world and wizarding world. Lots of cheers and laughs from customers were heard.

One of the infamous Weasley twins, Fred Weasley came in with an aura that women couldn’t just resist. He sat on a stool, farthest left of the bar.

“The usual for you, Mr. Weasley?” Hannah Abbott, a friend and old schoolmate of his, playfully asked.

“I’d be delighted.” He replied with a smile. It was his turn to take his lunch break. George and their cashier were filling in for him.

Hannah nodded and walked her way to get his order, a fresh frozen butterbeer and bangers and mash. Fred looked around the pub, many memories rushed to his head. He’d remember the days the whole Weasley family, along with Harry and Hermione, would stay at the rooms on the second floor of the pub a couple days before the school starts.

The butterbeer came quickly compared to bangers and mash, Hannah had just placed the gigantic mug in front of Fred when her attention shifted to a lady who had just walked between Fred and an empty stool.

She had her back to Fred. She’s wearing a white long sleeve round necked ribbed shirt, a black plaid tube skirt, and a long sand stadium coat over it.

He couldn’t see her face but he had a great feeling she’s a beauty. So as a result, like the Weasley he is, he immediately flirted his way to get the lady’s attention.

“Fancy a day to meet a lovely lady, wonder who I’d meet.” he said, unashamedly and clearly addressing the lady beside him.

There was a trunk placed between him and her, helping him figure out that she’s not from around here, or is she?

A lady with strawberry blonde hair, tan skin, and two toned rosy lips turned her head to see a dashing Fred. He was caught off guard as the lady had chuckled upon seeing him.

“Oh, you find my face humorous, think I can work with that.” He exclaimed with full confidence. The lady completely turned her body, leaning on the bar’s counter.

“It’s nice to see you too, Freddie.” Sweet as honey, soft as cotton, the lady’s voice was like music to his ears. And then it hit him. She was no foreign to the place at all.

His eyes widened with glee and excitement, “Phoenix?!” he exclaimed as he stood up, towering the lady. He took a clearer look. She was no foreign, she was a local, a very known lady, in fact. She was a friend, a family to the Weasleys.

She smiled, so warm that it made the pub even warmer than it already was. She nodded, answering the ginger head’s question.

“You’re joking, right?” Fred asked, “Are you really Safeiarrah Phoenix? The Safeiarrah Phoenix?” he ended.

The lady giggled upon the attention Fred’s giving her. “Yes, Fred. I am the Safeiarrah Phoenix. Safe for short.” she winked at him, immediately melting his heart.

Safe was a long term best friend of the Weasley twins and has been close to the Weasley family. However, after the second wizarding war, they had no news or idea about wherever she had brought her wits with her.

She’s known as the Weasley twins’ personal healer and cleaner of their mischiefs back in their Hogwarts days. Since their family was very close, Safe had known the Weasley family before she was even born.

The two friends embraced each other, a little more effort from Safe, tiptoeing to reach Fred’s broad shoulders. It made her heart wild inside her chest.

“Here’s your bangers and mash, Fred. And Safe, the key to your room.” Hannah interrupted respectfully.

“Thank you.” The two said in unison, causing them to exchange knowingly looks and chuckle synchronously.

They looked at each other once Hannah had left to tend to other customers. Fred was still taking in the beautiful painting in front of him. Safe, on the other hand, began to feel her cheeks turning beet red from her old friend’s–or should she say crush’s fixed eyes on her.

“Like what you see?” Safe used her left index finger to gesture Fred to lean closer to her. He obliged and leaned just enough for her to reach his right ear. Safe leaned as well, making Fred gulped in the closeness of her lips on the soft spot on his ear. “They’re better naked.” she whispered seductively and when she pulled away, Fred’s ears had already blended with his red hair.

Safe snickered with her left hand covering her mouth. Fred had always teased and embarrassed her through his flirts, she could never find the other end of the wand. She’s always been the victim of his melting flirts, now was her time to fish her wand from her pocket and stun him.

Fred smiled deviously, “Ahh, clever.” He muttered under his breath enough for both of them to hear.

She grinned triumphantly and devilishly, the latter new to his stored images of her expression. “You couldn’t expect me to learn a thing or two from being away, could you?” She said that rushed ecstasy through his blood.

He only shook his head in both disbelief and amusement. “You’re staying here?” Fred asked, picking up the lady’s trunk without question. Safe only smiled at his gesture, he hasn’t changed at all she thought.

She nodded as they walked closer to the stairs, “Yeah, got a lot of things on my list.” She said as they began walking up the stairs. She tied her hair up, revealing the back of her smooth neck. Fred’s throat felt dry upon her gesture.

“So you’ll be in town for awhile ?” He asked, please say yes he thought and just like that she did.

“Mhmm... I’ll be here for a long time.” She replied. The two talked more about how the weather inside the pub seemed to have become quite too warm than usual. Not realizing that their own craze for each other was the reason for it all.

They came to a stop and Safe unlocked the door. “Alright, I’ll be seeing you around, Freddie. I’ll come by tomorrow around the evening before you two close for the day.” She said, grabbing her trunk from Fred who refused to give it to her, yet.

“Why not later?” He smirked devilishly, something he’d always do to embarrass Safe out of nowhere, but she only rolled her eyes on him. It didn’t work on her the same way he remembered it would.

Safe’s going crazy, especially the zoo inside her stomach, nothing beats Fred’s smirks for her, but she remained composed. “Have to go somewhere important for dinner. I promise, you can count on me there tomorrow.” She said, finally getting possession of her own trunk.

Fred only shrugged, “Deal.” He exclaimed before bidding their see yous. It’s quite their thing, they never bid goodbyes and believed that they would always meet once again, even after a long time.


Warm and welcoming, the Burrow never fails to capture lively atmosphere. The four youngest Weasleys, with Harry Potter and Hermione Granger in addition, were sitting in the living room. Ron’s playing wizard’s chess with Harry. Ginny was sitting on Harry’s right, her right hand and his left hand intertwined. She was talking to Hermione who was sitting on her right. They’re talking about one of her matches as one of the Holyhead Harpies versus the Kenmare Kestrels.

Whilst Fred and George were conversing about a problem they had in their shop the past week and brainstorming solutions. Mrs. Weasley came in from the dining room, wiping her hands with a cloth.

She smiled widely, “Dinner’s ready!” She exclaimed and this immediately caught her six total children in the living room. They all stopped whatever they’re doing and went into the dining room.

It was Sunday, a day that Mrs. Weasley asked for them to reserve for her. She wanted to have weekly dinner with the kids. With the exception of Bill, Charlie, and another addition to their family. Bill’s out of the country with Fleur and Charlie’s busy in Romania, working with dragons as usual. Percy was to be expected to arrive late because of ministry works. And the other addition was nowhere to be found, until tonight.

Mr. Weasley was having a conversation with Hermione about the new muggle invention, infrared fire alarm. “Now tell me, why would anyone want to detect their smoke? Does the muggle government restrict you all to smoke inside the house?” Hermione chuckled in his assumption.

“Not at all, Mr. Weasley. It’s mainly used to detect fire hazards. You can smoke but just not directly below the alarm. They use it to call the fire department without needing to call them yourself.” She explained. To Mr. Weasley’s astonishment, he nodded his head, thinking how brilliant it would have been to have one inside the twins’ room when they were younger.

Ron, Ginny, Harry, Fred, and George were talking about the incoming school year. None had children yet but they made fun of how stressful it would be for professor McGonagall as most incoming students had their own Skiving Snackboxes from the Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezes.

“I can only imagine her disbelief but not a surprised look, once she’s seen one.” Ginny exclaimed as they all laughed together.

“Oh, remember how they first took owl orders and one accidentally fell from McGonagall because Errol’s in charge of that huge package?” They all nodded in agreement with Ron.

“Woman’s not surprised at all and just picked the package back to Fred and George during breakfast.” Harry added as they all laughed one more time.

As lively as it was, someone arriving by floo had caught their attention. Mrs. Weasley who was gathering more dishes from the kitchen only smiled, she knew who it was compared to the others.

“Percy! We started dinner!” Shouted George as he was the one sitting at the end of the table. His eyes widened upon seeing a lady figure and far too bright to be Percy.

Safeiarrah emerged from the living room, smiling brightly, warming the already cozy evening in the dining room. Everyone was shocked and excited at the same time to speak.

“I believe there’s a seat saved for me.” She said, no words or response from the rest at all.

Mrs. Weasley came back from the kitchen. She placed the bowl in the middle of the dinner table and approached Safe, “Safe, dear! Heaven’s you made it! Thought you’d be too busy to come.” She said as she pulled the lady in a bone crushing hug.

Ginny and Hermione stood up with glee and approached her too. “Safe!” They exclaimed in unison as they hugged her next after Mrs. Weasley exited the hug.

Safe giggled and ruffled their hair. “I missed you two too.” She said. George stood up as well, he had to pull Fred back to reality so he won’t look rude, unaware of Fred and Safe’s encounter in the afternoon.

“Hello, Phoenix.” George said. He missed this woman, he missed his best friend.

Safe smiled softly, “Hello, George.” She said as they hugged each other. Fred was next but he was too stunned about the idea that Safeiarrah’s finally back in the Burrow after years.

Harry walked past him and embraced Safe. “You’ve been missed.” He mumbled which Safe only chuckled at.

Ron’s never a hugger but he stood after Harry. “Safe...” he said, addressing the lady, a little shock from her appearance.

“Oh, come on!” She exclaimed and pulled him into a tight hug. After they exited, it was only Fred, still dozing through somewhere else.

Safeiarrah smiled. “Long time no see.” She said as she stood in front of Fred.

“You guys met already?” George asked. Intrigued as to why his brother never mentioned a thing. Despite knowing that Fred’s been crushing over her for years he thought that he deserved to know that his best friend was back.

Fred came back to reality and looked at George who had his brows creased. “Yeah, this afternoon. I wanted to tell you but she said she’ll come tomorrow so I thought it was best to surprise you.” He explained that seemed to satisfy George.

“Well what are you all waiting for? Let her sit and eat dinner with us.” Mrs. Weasley exclaimed as she went back to her own seat.

Fred grabbed another seat, placing it between him and George. As soon as Safe sat on her chair, the endless conversations began.

“Where have you been, Safe? The Burrow wasn’t so lively while you were gone.” Ginny asked. The lively atmosphere was in fact not as strong, unless every Weasley sibling and every addition to the family were present.

Safe finished chewing the chicken in her mouth. “Paris, in a Medical school.” she said that caught everyone’s attention. Not that they’re having their own conversations, they just stopped chewing or shoving a spoonful in their mouth.

Hermione placed her hands down. “Medical school? You mean you went to a muggle school to become a doctor?” Hermione asked with confusion.

It was understandable for them to be shocked. First, Safeiarrah Phoenix was a pureblood witch. Second, they all expected her to become a healer not a doctor, big difference. Third, what’s the point of going there with all the magic they got?

Safe giggled. “Yes, correct.” She’s entertained with their intrigued expressions.

“Why? We assumed you’d be studying as a Healer. We thought you’d prefer magic.” Harry asked, who was peaking over Fred’s side.

She sipped some of her pumpkin juice. “I finished both courses at the same time. Got something to help me to manage my time.” She winked at Hermione. Safe had gotten her hands on a time turner from professor McGonagall after the second wizarding war. She’s halfway through healing school but she’d found interest in Muggle medicinal practice.

“You did?!” Everyone asked in unison except Mrs. Weasley. Safe chuckled. She knew they’d be skeptical about the idea.

She nodded. “Mhmm... I’m a Dr. Phoenix now, according to my muggle peers.” She exclaimed with astonishment of her muggle friends.

“How come? Healing magic is preferable than their studies.” Eager as he was, Mr. Weasley asked. His voice was full of wonder.

Safe pointed her right index finger up, telling that Mr. Weasley had asked the best question of all. “Ahh, that’s the most intriguing, isn’t it?” She straightened herself on her seat. “Healing magic allows you to find the best, fastest way to mend an injury, blindly if internally, but muggle studies lets you see what’s beneath the skin and muscles without. There I found a greater understanding of the human body, muggle, witch, or wizard.” She explained.

Everyone nodded in agreement. She did make a huge point. They all finally went back to eating with amused and satisfied expressions.

“Why didn’t you write? We missed you so much.” Ginny asked. Safe turned to Mrs. Weasley who giggled.

“In fact, she did. We’d exchange letters all the time.” Mrs. Weasley interrupted Fred and George’s attention. They were her best friends, they at least deserved a letter. “Oh quit it boys, Safe mentioned you all. A mother can have her own secrets and pranks too.” She hissed playfully. The twins and Ginny rolled their eyes but Safe was amused.

The conversations rose and fell, each one a new topic as the other finished. It remained as is, long as dinner was continuously served.


Back in the living room, Safe sat on the floor between the twins. Percy had just arrived so Mrs. Weasley’s tending to his dinner. Safe and Ron were playing wizard’s chess. Five moves into the game and Safe got her victory.

“Checkmate.” She said, looking at a Ron, flustered and disbelieved. The twins laughed as if it was their victory.

Ron ran his hair through his head. Hermione, keeping her laughter, rubbed Ron’s back for comfort. “How?! You never win against me! Even on a neck to neck game!” He cried.

Safe has done so many things during her absence. She’s traveled around the world, though lived in Paris for most. She’s found her way to learning great ideas from muggles that witches and wizards missed. She’s learned their ways of playing chess and applied it’s advancements into wizard’s chess.

“Let me show you how it’s done Ronniekins.” George exclaimed and pushed Ron aside. He popped his knuckles to threaten Safe but she remained composed.

He gave Safe the white pieces, just like Ron. Safe smirked devilishly, only Ginny noticing her brother’s immediate defeat.

“Do the honors.” George began. Safe straightened her back, Fred sitting on the couch behind her.

“Pawn to d4.” she said and the pawn moved.

“Pawn to d5.” George exclaimed and the black pawn forwarded in front of the white pawn.

“Pawn to c4.” she rested her chin on her left hand.

George chuckled, thinking Safe had missed the idea that holding the center keeps you stronger. “Pawn to e6.” he said.

“Knight to c3.” Safe began fidgeting with her right fingers.

George snickered. He saw what Safe’s planning on doing so from then on he underestimated Safe. “Knight to e7.”

“Knight takes pawn.” The white knight moved itself one square to the left and three squares forward, then completely blasted the pawn silently standing on the current square. Safe did not even look at the board. She continued fidgeting with her fingers. Fred behind her wanted her to win badly against his twin but she doesn’t seem to mind.

“Knight to e6.” George said. He planned to play with her the longest to tease Ron at how rusty he’s beginning to be.

Blunder, Safe thought to herself. “Bishop to h6.”

“Bishop checks king.” George smirked at her deviously. Safe smiled at him warmly in return. He began doubting his move.

“Knight to c3.” Safe said, the knight came back to where it was from taking George’s pawn, blocking his check.

George thought that threatening Safe’s queen would be a great move. “Queen takes pawn.” and the queen moved itself upwards until the pawn blocked it, creating a barbaric, merciless hit on the pawn.

“Bishop to f4.” It was the beginning of the seventh move. From then on George was set to lose. It took three more moves before George halted and surrendered.

George scratched the back of his head because of embarrassment. Safe reached her hand with a warm but evil smile. “You knew I was going to lose, didn’t you?” he asked as he shook their hands.

“Depends. Did you underestimate me or did you challenge my wits? You’re the only one who can answer.” Safe exclaimed. Fred snickered to himself. George and Ron looked at him.

“You try it then, Fred.” Ron said. Fred’s eyes widened and waved his hands before him.

“I’m not going to embarrass myself like you two did.” Fred said laughing out loud.

“Oh, yeah? Wuss!” George exclaimed and jumped on Fred. They began wrestling each other. Everyone in the living room laughed at their act.

“Hello, Safe.” Percy interrupted with a smile. It’s not quite common for Percy to smile but with Safe around he does.

Safe turned to look at Percy who just finished eating his dinner. He’s wearing a suit and he did look dashing. Safe flashed her warm smile, turning Percy’s ears red as his hair.

“Hello, Percy. Late night?” she asked. Percy only nodded. Fred on the side, throwed daggers at Percy through his glare. Percy rolled his eyes at his foolish, wuss little brother. He had no infatuation whatsoever towards Safe, maybe during their Hogwarts years he did, but that was a long time ago.

Percy left to rest as he had to go to work early in the morning. The night wasn’t young either, it wasn’t long before everyone went up to sleep. Only Safe and Fred were left in the living room.

The smell of burning wood clinging onto their clothes. It’s crackling sound accompanied the silence that kept both oddly awake. Safe sat at the left corner of the couch while reading a book Hermione just gave her after dinner. Hermione could not depend on the others to read a book immediately, Safe’s the only choice so she chose her to read it and tell her what she thinks about the first twenty chapters of the book by tomorrow night through owl. Fred’s lying on the couch, his feet resting on Safe’s lap. He’s doing nothing at all, he just wanted to be with Safe.

“How have you been?” he began talking as he shook his feet on her lap to get her attention.

Safe turned to him and smacked his feet. “Thriving, you?” she asked.

Fred sat up, crawled a little to get closer to her. The image of Fred crawling to her swarmed her with butterflies. She had missed this feeling. “Thriving as well. The shop’s doing good.”

“I heard.” she chuckled. Safe found it interesting that she knew so much about everyone but no one does the other way around.

Fred casually stretched his arms around Safe. She rolled her eyes, not breaking contact from the book. “Oh yeah? Are we to meet a man who’ll introduce himself as your husband?” Fred playfully exclaimed.

Safe closed the book and placed it on her left. She completely turned her body towards Fred. She placed her left hand on Fred’s right shoulder, pushing herself up as she leaned to him. He gulped at the sight of her chest getting closer to his face.

When she’d reach Fred’s left ear she bit her lower lip. She’s going mad inside her stomach but she reckoned many teases Fred’s done to her. She wanted her turn, her revenge.

Only if that man happens to be you.” she whispered seductively. Safe learned a lot from her travels, but she’d only learned them and never really done half of the things she knows.

Shivers ran through Fred’s spine and ecstasy clouding his mind. He couldn’t keep himself longer. She’s been teasing him all day long, from the pub to the Burrow. Her teasing’s due.

He grabbed Safe’s wrist away from his shoulder and pushed her down the couch, pinning her as he was on all fours on top of her. His legs caging her waist down and his arms caging her upper body. Her left arm stretched up as Fred continued gripping it as he pinned it farther away from her.

She smirked devilishly, turning him on further. “You tease so much, Celeste.” He said with a mixture of authority, annoyance, and seductiveness. Fred never called her by her middle name. This was the first time he’d ever utter the word itself in front of her.

Safe dramatically fake gasped below him. “Threatened?” she bit her lower lip, catching Fred’s deep brown gaze. She knows too much and she wanted to try them all.

Fred gritted his teeth. He liked the Safe he’s facing. She never bit back before nor she would make a move. This woman below him was on another level. “Ahh, you know I love boldness, but I’m not losing on this game.”

Soft angelic chuckle echoed in the room. Fred could only bite his lower lip as he watched her chest move up and down as she chuckled. “Forever humorous, aren’t you Fred?” His brows furrowed. “You forgot my other hand.” she said and sneaked her hand on the back of his neck aggressively pulling him down to her.

Fred was ready for the impact but before his lips could even land to hers, his head stopped. He opened his eyes to see her devilish smile. “You seem desperate, Freddie...” she muttered seductively.

He was... very desperate. “Shut i—” Safe pulled him down to meet his lips and Fred gave in.

The grip on her wrist had loosened itself. She took the chance to push Fred aside for her to be on top of him. Without breaking the intense kiss she succeeded. Her hand rested on Fred’s chest, casually unbuttoning his shirt.

Fred on the other hand had been hypnotized by Safe’s lips and warmth. He couldn’t believe that this woman was the same girl who cried to him because she was rejected by some git during their third year.

Safe’s hand travelled downward, giving him shivers the lower she goes. When she’d reached the button of his pants, it didn’t take a second before she unbuttoned it. He gasped from ecstasy as she unzipped his pants. Safe took her chance and wandered her tongue inside his mouth. He moaned into the kiss and Safe chuckled as she wandered.

Fred groaned in pleasure as her hand slid inside his pants and boxer. Her hand found possession of his hard shaft. Fred fluttered his eyes open as she pulled away from the kiss.

She leaned to his right ear. “You’re too tense... why don’t you relax?” with her last word she stroked Fred’s hard dick. Being able to stroke him and please the tip of his dick made him see heaven. She was all too fast, too much, too good for it all to be real. Fred didn’t want anything else.

Ohh... fuck— H-how?” he muttered as he groaned in pleasure, only realizing that he’s under her.

Still leaning against him, Safe knew she was doing him right. “Shh...” she hush-moaned into his ear. Hardening him even more.

The man was aroused and he loved it. No one has ever done such a thing to him. He’d been in so many relationships but he never knew he’d found this type of pleasure from the person he grew up with.

She began increasing pace as she stroked his fully hardened shaft. She fished her wand from her back pocket. She’d forgotten to cast the silencing charms. By the groan that the man below her was producing she knew she’s doing well. And if she’s doing well, this one’s going to be loud.

Don’t fucking stop... Shit...” Fred pleaded to the girl. She could feel herself wet in her heat but she’s already satisfied by his moans and groans.

She slowed down, much to Fred’s dismay he opened his eyes and stared at the smirking lady on top of him. “You have to say it, Freddie. In desperate times with desperate needs, you say?” she said with seductiveness.

W-wh— fuck... ohh... yes... don’t stop.” he debated verbally. Safe slowed down even more, receiving desperate and angry glares from Fred.

“Say it Fred or I’ll leave you right here, right now.” she said calmly and convincingly, but it was also full of threat.

As much as he enjoyed taking in her strokes he wants to fight back. He wants to show her who’s really the alpha between the two of them. However, he realized his manliness way too late. He’s already under her nonexistent spell.

Safe’s hand stopped. Fred’s eyes fluttered open once again. “What? No, no, no! Don’t stop!” he whisper-yelled.

She pulled her hand, wet with his precum. She let him watch her devour her hand as she cleaned his prerelease with her mouth. It just turned him on even more. Made him want her more.

“I thought you were better than this, Freddie... I thought you were a businessman. You should be familiar with fair negotiations.” Safe said between licks she made on her own hand like a cat. When her hand was completely clean from his trace, she stood up.

Fred began stroking his own shaft. He wanted to finish. If she’s not helping him, then he’ll help himself. But he couldn’t. He could never replace her. She was so good, so damn good.

Fuck... Ohh...” Safe watched him do himself with a triumphant smirk. She knew it wasn’t working for him. His groans are way too stressed, they’re not as desperate as it was when it was her hand around his shaft. “Safe...fuck...” he muttered.

Safe leaned her upper body a little, cupping her ear as she faced it towards Fred. “Mhmm... go on, Freddie.”

Fred winced in pain due to his own overstimulation. He couldn’t do it the way Safe did him. “Ohh... Fuck Safe... please... please...

She quickly tied her hair into a ponytail and smacked Fred’s hand away from him. She kneeled between his trembling thighs. She tutted. “Poor you... You shouldn’t do this to yourself. You’re doing it all wrong.” she said watching his state.

He looked at her desperately, pleading for her to make her move. His mind clouded with lust, lust for her. “Please...” he cried.

She made eye contact with him as she gripped his thighs to push herself up a little and leaned closer to his twitching dick. “Watch.” she said.

Without breaking her gaze away from his drunken eyes she gripped his shaft and began stroking him again. She bent down to lick his ass and his G-spot. Fred moaned in so much pleasure. It didn’t feel like he had just overstimulated himself. He’s clouded, drunk with her tongue’s touch.

Yes... yes... don’t ever fucking stop again— ohm god!” he moaned. Safe was encouraged even more to increase her pace. How she’d dreamed of arousing this man for so long.

Also drunk with her lust for Fred, Safe had no recollection of why the damn hell she’s doing him a favor. They didn’t part ways well. She wondered why she’s pleasuring the man who gave her her first heartbreak.

Safe seemed to not only have a degree in healing magic and muggle medicine, she was also knowledgeable when it comes to Fred’s pleasure.

Fred threw his head back as his dick became tenser. His abs toning to his near release. “I’m gonna fucking cum... shit Safe... You’re so fucking good... ohh—” he groaned with pleasure using his low voice. He panted while Safe continued licking his perineum. His dick twitched as it released cum on his chest.

Heavy footsteps came down the stairs. Safe pulled herself away from Fred and wiped her mouth with the back of her hand. She stood up, leaned close to Fred’s ears.

Good night...” she whispered seductively to an exhausted Fred, who’s still out of breath from only sitting on the couch. She pulled away, grabbed the book and her wand, then apparated to Ginny’s room.

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