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Intoxicate Me (Draco Malfoy)


DRACO X OC OOTP - Deathly Hallows Mature

Drama / Fantasy
Helen Wilder
4.9 32 reviews
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Chapter 1

Hey guys!

Please read the below author’s note carefully so you know what’s going on!

If you are here from Instagram, you probably would know what this is about.

I have decided to re-write Intoxicate Me (IM) on Wattpad!

I will be re-writing the first 30ish chapters (a.k.a fifth-year era chapters on Wattpad). When I started writing this book, I didn’t have a solid plot in mind, I did have a few ideas here and there, but I decided to add more elements so there is better characterization, no plot holes & better smut scenes in the new IM. I slowly will publish this new IM on Wattpad. My WP user is the same as my user on Inkitt! (@hellenwilder)

But for those who want to read the original, scruffy, first draft, here you are! I can absolutely say my writing improved drastically in the course of the 4-5 months I wrote this book. Here are all the 52 chapters! Please forgive me for any errors/plot holes, I tend to update at ungodly hours.

Also, I hope by the time I reach a sex scene in the new IM, Wattpad has already released a statement / new guidelines and the whole fanfiction purging ends.

If you have more questions, chat to me on my Inkitt message board!

Here are my socials! Feel free to contact me.

Instagram: @hellen.wilder

TikTok and Wattpad: @hellenwilder

Enjoy reading!

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