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Azulia Eves. Daughter of Jayne and Alexander Eves. Destined to be the next Queen of The Wizarding World. + Threesome,Toxicness,Aggressiveness,Language & Mature content + This is probably the most unoriginal fanfic that you have ever made lmao, Asides from that, this is a semi-slowburn fic and after all the crazy shit the spicy stuff are gonna happen next 🙈 + P.S If any of you are here from my titkok, Hi! If you know me irl no you don't. + Instagram; @zoea.leja Tiktok; @zoo-wee Wattpad; @zoo-wee

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Hello Lovelies!

So i will explain somethings about the story. To clarify I do NOT own these characters I only own SOME of the characters. -babynaomi Own Onyx Zabini and Lorenzo Berkshire. Here are the characters I own. And a reminder this is a
Harry Potter x Twilight x The Vampire Diaries fanfic.

-Tomas Florian
-Belle Florian
-Michelle Black
-Lesley Rayal
-Leonardo Rayal
-Jayne Eves
-Alexander Eves
-Noreen Hellister
-Samuel Hellister
-Scarlett De Rizal
-Delphin De Rizal
-May Reich
-Daniel Reich
-Torie Deline
-Charlo Deline
-Hanah Merrel
-Tayler Merrel
-Leyla Lockhart
-Rochelle Lockhart
-Lila Berkshire
-Louis Berkshire
-Julliet Celia
-Dylan Celia
-Juliana Ryan
-Carter Ryan

-Azulia Eves / Nyxilia Rayal
-Emmilei Rayal
-Ember Rayal
-Pixel Rayal
-Fangius Rayal
-Lucifer Rayal
-Alistor Rayal
-Sean Eves
-Anthony Eves
-James Cullen
-Trixy Riddle
-Matthieu Riddle
-Eleanor Black
-Alex Black
-Melody Lupin
-Remedy Lupin
-Desire Mikaelson
-Dessiree Mikaelson
-Daxinious Mikaelson
-Benjamin Florian
-Rosabella Florian
-Norael Hellister
-Chloe Hellister
-Elliot Harewell
-Jake Wright
-Andrew "Drew" Malfoy
-Samantha Malfoy
-Driana Malfoy
-Faye Mikaelson
-Michael Mikaelson
-Maise Mikaelson
-Helena Salvatore
-Zenix Salvatore
-Zeylix Salvatore
-Antonio De Rizal
-Hazel De Rizal
-Avery De Rizal
-Clarrise Reich
-Cole Chang
-Eliez Deline
-Sherlock Merrel
-Veronique Merrel
-Astrid Lockhart
-Astro Lockhart
-Lila Berkshire
-Harper Celia
-Tony Celia
-Peter Ryan

If your wondering why the name of Azulia had /Nyxilia Rayal the explanation of it is in the next chapter.

These are the characters I own.
And just to remind AGAIN @babynaomi own Onyx Emans Zabini and Lorenzo Louis Berkshire I just switched up the names and made Onyx and Blaise Siblings.

Clarrise Reich
Astrid Lockhart
Cole Chang
Maise Mikaelson
Faye Mikaelson
Veronique Merrel
Eliez Deline
Zenix Salvatore
Benjamin Florian
James Cullen
Rosalie Hale
Elliot Hellister
Harper Celia

Melody Lupin
Daxinious Mikaelson
Astro Lockhart
Benjamin Florian
Emmett Cullen
Maise Mikaelson
Hope Mikaelson
Peter Ryan
Avery De Rizal
Rosabella Florian

Eleanor Black
Remedy Lupin
Jasper Hale
Lunar Mikaelson
Hazel De Rizal
Tony Celia
Alex Black
Alice Cullen
Jasper Hale
Jake Hellister

Emmilei Rayal
Ember Rayal
Pixel Rayal
Fangius Rayal
Lucifer Rayal
Alistor Rayal
Sean Eves
Anthony Eves
Michael Mikaelson
Tiana Mikaelson
Andrew Malfoy
Driana Malfoy
Samantha Malfoy
Lorenzo Berkshire
Onyx Zabini
Astrid Lockhart
Sherlock Merrel
Antonio De Rizal
Desire Mikaelson
Norael Hellister
Chloe Hellister
Trixy Riddle
Matthieu Riddle
Zeylix Salvatore
Dessiree Mikaelson
Helena Salvatore
Edward Cullen
Isabella Swan

If y'all are confused about the Mikaelson' of who's child is who's here. :)

Niklaus & Caroline Children:
Desire Mikaelson
Dessiree Mikaelson
Daxinious Mikaelson
Hope Mikaelson

Kol & Davina Children:
Lucia Mikaelson
Faye Mikaelson

Elijah & Hayley Children:
Michael Mikaelson
Maise Mikaelson

Damon & Elena Children:
Helena Salvatore
Zenix Salvatore
Zeylix Salvatore

The Salvatore family are family friend's btw in case you guys are confused. :)

And in this story Voldemort doesn't exist, only Tom Riddle becuase why not?

The Eves,Mikaelson,Rayal and Cullen's are related.

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