Just the Beginning


“Well George, everyone has their ups and downs in their life, but really that’s just the beginning”

Romance / Drama
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Name - Nyctophilia Sage Ollivander
Parents - Athena Scamander/ Ollivander and Eliot Ollivander (these are made up names)
House - hufflepuff (I know most Ollivanders are in ravenclaw but let's pretend you got sorted into hufflepuff)
Pure bloods are not related in this
Love interest - George Fabian Weasley
That's all for now if you need to know anything else just comment:)
Harry, Hermione, Ron and everyone else are one year behind so they are in their 4th
year and Ginny and Luna are in their 3rd year
All characters and rights go to Jk Rowling

Nyctophilia doesn't like going by her full first name so she likes to be called, sage, or her last name Ollivander
In the story when it’s not really her point of view her name will be Nyctophilia, only her parents (including Molly and Arthur) can call her Nyctophilia
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