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The note that changed it all


You fell in love with one of your friends you have known them since you were 11 and they were 13 you found out you had feelings for them but you didn’t want to tell him because your scared that your friend ship is going to change

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Jasmine lupin:

Your name is jasmine lupin and Remus is your dad and you are very nice you could be a girly girl when you want to and you also like wearing street wear. You are very Attractive.your friends go to you for advice and help when they need it.
-Jasmine is very positive
-Jasmine is very smart just like Hermione and she stays on top of her school work and her studies
- Jasmine is 5’1

Remus lupin:

Remus lupin he’s really overprotective over you because your his only daughter he also loves you very much all he wants for you is to be happy.
- Remus is very protective of Jasmine for many reasons
-Remus is always there for Jasmine and everyone else
- Remus supports Jasmine and her decisions
-Remus is 5’10

Your friends are:

Hermione Granger:

Hermione is like a sister that you always wanted but you could tell her whatever is on your mind and she’s also your best friend.
-Hermione is very smart
-Hermione studies a lot
Hermione always is there to cheer you or your friends up
- Hermione is 5’5

Ron Weasley:

Ron he’s funny he likes to annoy just like a sister and he is very shy sometimes but he could be serious with people
-Ron is nice
-Ron can get mad
-Ron is 5’9

George Weasley:

George is one of your guy best friend he’s always there for he is overprotective of you.
-George also loves to prank people
- George could get mad but hardly
- George is 6’3
George can be annoying sometimes

Fred Weasley:

Fred he can be annoying but he could be nice when he wants to but he’s mostly nice he’s really overprotective of you but you don’t know why he is also he is your guy best friend
- Fred is 6’3
- Fred loves to prank people

Harry Potter:

Harry he is nice he loves you very much and he is always there for everyone and he is also a great listener
- Harry thinks of jasmine as a sister
- Harry loves to spend time with his family which are his friends
- Harry is 5’6

Ginny Weasley:

Ginny is like a sister but she’s one of your best friends.
- Ginny is sweet
- Ginny is 5’3

Blaise Zabini:

Blaise is like a brother figure he wants the best for you and he can be overprotective sometimes
- Blaise has his soft side
- Blaise is 5’8

Adrian Pucey:

Adrian is your ex and he’s not as nice as he was when you and him were dating
-Adrian is not the same anymore
- Adrian is 5’9

Molly Weasley:

Molly is a mother figure to you she is always happy and she is always there for everyone she loves you like if you were her own daughter and she treats everyone like her own children
- Molly is great to talk with about your problems and girl stuff
- Molly is 5’3
- Molly supports everyone

Arthur Weasley:

Arthur is always busy with work but he still makes time to spend time with everyone he is very caring he loves everyone
- Arthur is an amazing father and is supportive
-Arthur loves Jasmine like he’s her own
Arthur is 5’7

You all are 18 in the story there might be some mature things in the book later on I’m not sure yet but I will give you warnings

The golden trio is 16 years old

Hopefully you enjoy this small introduction i will be writing the 1st chapter soon. Have a great day everyone.

Word Count: 652

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