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The note that changed it all

Chapter 1 - Packing to go back home

You are packing to go back home and your so excited to see your dad because you haven’t seen him since winter break.

Fred comes in your dorm and says you ready to go almost because everyone is just waiting on you and you say yeah just give me a few more minutes I’m almost done and he sits on your bed looking at you just pack away until you finish and you say I’m ready now.

With that you go to the common room where all your friends are at and Hermione says finally and everyone agrees with her and you just let out a little laugh because your friends are your everything.

You guys get everything and you are waiting on the train to get there and so you all just talk and Ginny whispers to you I like someone and you look at her like tell me everything about this person but your also confused on who it could be. The train get’s there and you, Fred, and George are all in the same train cart and Ginny,Harry are in the same train cart and Hermione and Ron are sharing one too.

You sit next to George but he moves over so you can sit next to Fred because you told George that you liked his twin brother and you regret telling him. And so you get up to get something out of your trunk and Fred is just sitting down spacing out and George is just waiting for something to happen so then the train brakes a little to hard and you almost fell on Fred’s lap but you caught your self from falling onto him and George just looks at you with a smirk on his face.

So then you decide to sit down but next to George and he whispers to you next time don’t fall to hard and I turned to him all annoyed because I didn’t want to talk about what almost happened and then we got to the train stop so we all gathered are belongings.

I saw my dad and molly and Arthur waiting for us all to get off of the train and so we all walk over to our parents Remus was so happy to see you after a long time and so after you hugged Remus you had to say goodbye to your friends so you started off with Hermione and told her you will see her soon hopefully and then you moved on to Ginny she was tearing up a little bit because you and her are very close but then you said I’ll write to you whenever I get a chance to then next was Harry and Ron you both told them to be careful and that they better write to you and then you had to say goodbye to the twins you started with George and you told him don’t have to much fun without me and George then said I promise we won’t because most likely we will be bored out of our minds and then Fred was next he hugged you so tight but you felt so warm from his touch and he told you that he was going to miss you so then you said bye to everyone and you left with your dad back home.

It’s been 1 week since you got home and you and Remus have been doing some fun things but you missed your friends so bad so you decided to right to one of them and then to go one by one to write them each a letter so you had to start first with Fred

Dear Fred, hopefully you are not to bored without me being there. I have talked to my dad about going to the burrow for the rest of the summer and he said yes as long as he could come and visit me. I can’t wait to see you soon

So you called holly which she is your owl and you told her to send it to the burrow and so after that you felt tired so you went to get ready for bed and get changed and then you ended up sleeping with out yourself even knowing. And your dad came in and whispered goodnight to you and you heard him a little and mumbled goodnight and so with that he closed your door and you fell back asleep.
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