Not really dead // A Cedric x Edward story


Evelyn Willow Black was Cedric Diggory's girlfriend, but after he died in the tri-wizard tournament she couldn't take going to Hogwarts anymore. Nine months after Cedrics death, she left all her friends behind, with the exception of her best friend Amelie Granger, and moved to a small town named Forks, Washington. She gets there and meets the Cullen family when she see's Edward Cullen. Who is he and why does he look exactly like Cedric? Go along with Evelyn trying to figure out the mysterious Edward Cullen, and trying to get over the loss of her one true love. !!DISCLAIMER!! ALL CHARACTERS BELONG TO JKR AND SM!!!THE ONLY CHARACTERS I TAKE CREDIT FOR ARE EVELYN AND AMELIE!! ⚠️⚠️TW: Insomnia,ED, and Depression⚠️⚠️ ALSO I WANT TO SAY THAT THIS STORY IS NOT MUTURE YET BUT WILL LATER ON HAVE MUTURE THEMES BUT THERE WILL ALWAYS BE WARNINGS!! Started: January 4th 2021 Ended: not done yet

Romance / Fantasy
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Evelyns POV

I wake up panting and sweating profusely, with wet, puffy eyes. Not again I think. I look over to the clock and it reads 3:27am. This has been an every night occurrence since nine months ago, when he left me.

I can't ever sleep for more than three hours at a time without waking up from the nightmares if you can even call them that. Most nights I don't even try and sleep at this point.

I can't remember the dream I just woke up from but I know what it's about, what there all about. Him.

I decided yesterday that I'm leaving Hogwarts, it's just to much for me to be here. I haven't told anyone yet but I know my best friend Amalie will be heartbroken. She's told me that if I need to leave its okay and that she will come with me, but I don't want her to leave her little sister Hermione behind.

I've been looking into places to go but I'm not quite sure yet. What I do know is that I want a small town with little people and no magic.

I yawn and get up knowing I'm not gonna be able to go back to sleep. I sit at my desk and start writing the letter. Everyday I write Cedric a letter. I know he doesn't know about them and it's just a waste of time but it helps me.

Dear Cedric, 3:51am
I don't know why I'm still writing these letters. Everyone I've told except Amelie has told me there a waste of time and stupid, but I'm going to keep writing them for you in hopes that maybe your getting them. I slept a little bit today around two and a half hours before waking up. I'd say that's pretty good. I also had some food yesterday. It was only some salad but at least I ate. I hope your happy wherever you are. I finally made the decision last night to leave Hogwarts. I don't know when I'm leaving or where exactly I'm going but I have to do it. I can't keep looking at where you've walked, smiled, and laughed without feeling pain. Which I guess is probably normal right? Oh well all I know is that I miss you so much. I don't know how much longer I can take this pain. Hopefully getting out of here helps. Amelie wants me to go take a walk with her tomorrow since I haven't left the dorm except for classes all week, but I don't think I'm gonna go. I'll tell her to take Hermione. I don't try and be rude to her, I love her but it just hurts so much to do anything when you can't. I feel like this is all my fault. Everyone tells me that it's not and I couldn't have done anything when I wasn't even there but I know I could. I could have told you not to compete. If I told you not to you might be a little upset but I knew you would have listened and then you still would be here alive. Anyways I have homework to do before class starts. I love you Cedric, so much. I hope your happy. I miss you.
Evelyn Black

I give the letter to my owl, Cora. She is a Tawny Owl. She always takes my letters and flys them out. I don't know where she takes the to but I know that if I don't give her the letter she will get it one way or another. I always let her anyway because something in my head always tells me "Let her take it, she's bringing it to him."

I know it's impossible but I like to think that he's getting my letters and reading them. That he waits for them every morning to see what I said today.
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