We are- a Fred Weasley fanfic

Chapter 3. The morning after

The following morning y/n woke up and went to make breakfast
When she was done she yelled "everyone wake up breakfast ready"
The she heard many footsteps and a
"Morning y/n"said Hermione
"Good morning Mione" said y/n
After that she herd a lot of arguing
Fred yelled back while George just went down the stairs casual like he didn't even care "Morning , ladies" said George
"Morning George "said y/n and Hermione in sink
"SHUT UP YOU IDIOTS" we heard Ginny yell and smacked Fred and Ron
"Morning everyone"said Harry
"EVERYONE SHUT UP AND GET TO THE TABLE IS TOO EARLY FOR THISE"yelled y/n and everyone immediately took a seat at the table
"So what are we having?"asked Ginny
"Pancakes and bacon and orange juice ,of course" said y/n
Everyone started eating and y/n took a sip of her orange juice and she suddenly felt a cold hand with metal and leather rings on it and she immediately started choking with the juice
"Are you ok y/n?"asked Harry
"Ye just fine"said y/n and she turned and death stared Fred who was smirking at her with a danderous eyesight
After everyone finished eating y/n started wading the dishes when Hermione asked "do you need help
"No is fine I got these"said y/n
And Hermione went to the living room to read a book
Every thing was ok until she felt someone watching from behind her
So she turned around only to see Fred looking at her smirking
"Are mental Fred?!" Said y/n without even making eye contact at him
"No love, I just wanted to see your reaction " said Fred
While getting closer to her to the point she could feel his breath on her neck and his hips close to her waist
"What Fred?"said y/n while rolling her eyes
"Your mine from now darling "said Fred in a dangerously deep and lovely voice . Y/n's breath stoped for a second then he picked her up making her wrap her legs around his waist and put her into the counter and started making coming closer till they're lips meet pot a second and he bit her lips and letting a soft moan into her lips until y/n said :
"F-Fred , we gotta stop cause someone might catch us "
"Your right darling I will see you later"
He whispered deeply into y/n's ear
After he left the kitchen with a wink and a soft and cute smirk
After y/n finished cleaning the dishes she went to the living room only to see Ron and Harry playing wizards game chess
"Hey guys what's up?" Asked y/n
"Nothing ,actually is pretty boring here" said Ginny
"Well how about a game of quidditch?" Suggested George
"Ye , sure who's in?"asked y/n
And everyone started getting up and went to get there brooms trim the green house
After a while when the game was over to a tie .
"Want to watch a movie" asked y/n
"Sure" said Hermione and everyone went to living room to watch the hunger games,Ginny went to sit with Harry ,
Hermione with Ron,
George took the armchair
So that left a small sofa where y/n Fred could be sitting .
Y/n took a sit the warped a blanked around her until Fred came and said while setting down gently
"Hello love ,looks like we are shearing a sit "
"Wow no shit" said y/n sarcasticly while Fred took a part of the blanket and stared cuddling with y/n .
Y/n put her head on his shoulder while he had his arms around her waist and for a second time slowed while they made eye contact.
And through half of the movie y/n feel asleep like that in Fred's lap, he looked at y/n while he gently brushed her hair of er'head while looking at her and gorge ruined the moment by saying;
"Go on mate, we all know you fancy'er"
"Oh, shut up gorge! We all also know that she will never fancy ME!" Said Fred while looking down at you.
"Ya, ya , keep telling that to yourself, we all know the way she looks at you, so calm down mate!"
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